‘RHOA’: Kim Zorciak May Return After Divorce from Chloe Bierman, But Actors Should Protest

Kim Zolchak met her now-estranged husband, Chloe Biermanduring Season 3 real housewives of atlanta. The former couple had two children and got married within two seasons of the hit reality show “Bravo.” During that time, Zorciak’s appearances on the show dwindled to focus only on her home life and her interactions with co-stars were minimal.outside Shirley Whitfield, she does not have a close friendship with anyone on the set. The blonde beauty dropped out midway through the fifth season after arriving late to taping and leaving early because she had to go home with her family. Bierman is not far behind. She returned as a friend in season ten and exhibited the same behavior, pointing out that her co-star was jealous of her marriage and family and insisting that she was above the drama. Her partner accused her of superior attitude. After her spinoff series was canceled in 2020, cracks began to appear in her marriage. Now, with her marriage over and financial troubles mounting, fans are speculating she’s begging to return. But has she severed her bridges? Rooya Executives and actors? Given her performance on the show, the current cast members working with OG should show some resistance should she plead to return (which could be imminent).

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Kim Zolciak Past “RHOA” TV Show

Kim Zolciak RHOA Season 10 Reunion
Image via Bravo

Kim’s relationship with real housewives of atlanta Overall rough. The way she left the series was decidedly not good, not long after she got into a legal battle with her old friend, Nene Leakes. The two were filming a friendship-themed spinoff, and one of Kim’s daughters filmed some bugs she found in NeNe’s bathroom. “Roachgate” sparked a lawsuit in 2018, when Nene sued Bravo for a hostile and racist work environment, and Kim referred to Nene’s home as a “cockroach nest.” The statement was one of a long list of allegedly racist things Kim said to her during filming, and NeNe decided it was time to take it to court. Of course, Kim Jong Un vehemently denies the allegations.

In season 10 reunion special, Kim spends time on defense andy cohen Actors Discuss the Racial Impact of Her Cockroach Comments At the end of the episode, she tearfully asks Andy why he hasn’t asked her any positive questions. Alas, the poor woman has forgotten what reality TV is about: drama. Andy knows this well and responds in kind. This situation, combined with her missing several important trips and events throughout the season, left a bad impression on others. housewife’ Mouth. She can only manage to maintain her relationship with Sheree. She and NeNe did briefly reconcile during the time of Nene’s husband’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent death. That rapprochement friendship was shattered again last year when NeNe brought up the roach-gate in its lawsuit against Bravo.

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‘RHOA’: Does Kim Zorciak deserve her peaches back?

Don't be late for the party Kim Zolciak
Image via Bravo

Grievances of Kim’s return due to status quo of divorce and financial difficulties real housewives of atlanta Loud enough for everyone to hear. Production-wise, having her back would definitely liven up the show’s current stalemate. She and the cast have been teasing the idea in social media posts, but are they wise to do so given their past history? Her notorious behavior back then made them all very sad. She doesn’t show up when things are going well with her home life, and who’s to say she’ll do the same when she returns to the series? Not to mention her arrogant and childish behavior in the final season. No one is jealous of her, which implies insult. They just didn’t want a man to accompany their daughters on their trips, and wanted Zorciak to invest as much time and effort into filming the show she’s paid big bucks for. She acted holier-than-thou on the show, and now that her “perfect” life is in shambles, she wants to crawl back on the show. This is hypocritical and unfair. Clearly, her return has financial implications. She’s broke and needs money.

Besides Shirley, why would any of them want to work with her again? They shouldn’t be doing that, because the second thing in her life gets better, she’ll fall into that naughty behavior all over again. Not to mention, once she was no longer an actress, she was openly critical of these women and the direction of the show. After all, teaching an old dog new tricks is hard. Instead of going back to a comfortable life, Kim should focus on taking care of her personal affairs.

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