‘Retirement Plans’: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Starring by National treasure Star Nicolas Cage, Retirement plan is a crime-comedy film directed and written by Tim Brown. The upcoming film follows the story of Ashley and her young daughter Sarah who are forced to find Ashley’s estranged father Matt after they get into trouble with some criminals. Unfortunately, Matt just happens to be living as a retired beach bum somewhere in the Cayman Islands.

This comedy is Cage’s fourth film released this year (not including his films). The Flash), after being released recently Renfield And to come Sympathy for the devil. While we have seen the actor in various comic roles, even as an assassin, the character of a retired man who lives as a vagrant is perhaps for the actor. Therefore, it is definitely worth it, especially if you are a Nic Cage fan. So hurry up, grab your favorite tropical drink, and get ready for a virtual trip to the sunny Caymans this summer. But before that, check out our quick and comprehensive guide to everything we know about it Retirement planIncluding movie release dates, maps, performances, and characters.

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When did the retirement plan come out?

Retirement plan It is scheduled to be released on August 25, 2023 in theaters across the United States of America.

Where can you find a retirement plan?

Retirement plan The character is released so the only way to see it is on the big screen. However, in the coming months, the crime comedy may be released digitally and may be available on demand and/or on popular streaming platforms.

Watch Trailer for Retirement Plan

Take a mental picture of Nicolas Cage in a Hawaiian shirt looking like a grumpier version of Yes The Big Lebowski. Now look Retirement plan trailer. The two-minute trailer gets right into the plot without much delay, so you already know what’s coming. In a quick sequence of high-speed action scenes, we learn that Matt’s daughter (Cage) is in trouble with some criminals and needs her father’s help to protect his own daughter, Sarah. When she saw him fighting the men who chased her, she began to doubt her father’s true identity. Cage excels equally in both action and comedy and when put together, it can make for maximum entertainment. And that’s what the trailer is Retirement plan Looks promising. While it will certainly be Ashley’s story about trying to save her family and discover the truth about her father, it appears that the story of the vagrant father will be the highlight of the film.

Who creates the retirement plan (and where is it taken)?

The crime-comedy film is written and directed by Tim Brown. A television and film producer, Brown is best known for directing films, 3 days in Havana, Ugh, Buckley’s chanceetc., and the production of the package Blood and water. In addition Retirement planHe is also directing the upcoming film, Snow diamond. Brown also serves as an executive producer for Retirement planalong with Andrew Chang-Sang And John Hillswith William G. Santor, Doug MurrayAnd Nicholas Tabarrok Serve as a producer. Retirement plan From Falling Forward Films and Productivity Media, with cinematography by Mark Irwin and music composed by Roger Suen. Photography for Retirement plan Held in a location located in the Cayman Islands in 2021, so you can expect a real view of the beautiful sea of ​​the Caribbean.

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Who is in the retirement plan?

Nicolas Cage's retirement plan
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Join Nic Cage in the Retirement plan A solid group of cast members, including the face of film and television. Cage stars as Matt, an ex-assassin who now retires to the beautiful waters of the Cayman Islands and becomes a beach bum, quietly living his past until his daughter seeks help. Cage is set to appear in three upcoming films, Dream situation, ArcadianAnd Long legsAll expected to be released in 2024. Joining him is his daughter Ashley Ashley Greene of Twilight Fame. Besides Twilight Film series, Greene has also been featured in films such as: A bombAnd wrong placeand horror movies such as Later And Christie. Child actor Thalia Campbell of Phantom Pups And A million little things The celebrity is considered Sarah, Ashley’s daughter and Matt’s granddaughter.

In the opposition, Jackie Earle Haley The star is Donnie, a crime boss who hunts down Matt and disrupts his peaceful beach life. Haley is best known for playing Freddy Kruger in the 2010 remake A Nightmare on Elm StreetAnd for outstanding performance in All the king’s men, ChildrenAnd keep watchand so on. Sons of Anarchy And Hellboy Movie series Ron Perlman Played the role of Bobo, Lieutenant Donnie, in his third film appearance this year. Perlman will next appear in an upcoming crime thriller the instigator And Thiefboth planned for release in 2024. The cast also includes Avatar: Waterway Actor Joel David Moore As Fitzsimmons, one of Donnie’s men. Other cast members include Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Grace Byers (Kingdom), Rick Fox (All up), Lynn WhitfieldAnd Dax Ravina (Daniel must die), who will all star in various supporting roles.

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What is the retirement plan about?

Nicolas Cage Retirement Plan-1
Image via Falling Forward Films

This is the official summary for Retirement plan:

Ashley and her young daughter Sarah must seek out Ashley’s estranged father, Matt, for help when they find themselves in the middle of a criminal enterprise that threatens their lives. He is living a retired beach life in the Cayman Islands when they track him down but soon crime boss Donnie and his henchman Bobo are spotted. As Ashley spends more time with Matt, she learns that he has a past that she knows nothing about.

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