Release date, plot, cast, and everything we know about Ethan Coen’s ‘Driving Dolls’

this coen brothers It has been a staple of American independent cinema since the early 1980s.together, both Joel and Ethan Cohen Expanded, satirized, and perfected gangster movies, film noir, and even Westerns. They’re critical darlings, every actor’s favorite director, and winners of multiple Oscars, including Best Picture for their dark western, Old Men. When the two decided to break up, most fans didn’t know what to do. But last year’s awards season, fans were delighted to see Joel Cohen triumphantly and independently return in his own way. Macbeth’s tragedy starring denzel washington and Frances McDormand. Now it’s Ethan Coen’s turn to flex his muscles with his new movie, drive away doll (2023).

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For anyone looking for details on Ethan Coen’s latest movie, you’ve come to the right place.Read on for everything we know so far drive away doll.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on June 24 to include the first trailer.

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When is the release date for Drive Away Doll?

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drive away doll It will be released to US audiences on September 22, 2023 via Focus Features.The movie will open with an action sequel Consume 4bles Comedy from Lionsgate and excerpts from Headlines stupid money From Sony Pictures.

Will Drive-Away Dolls be released in theaters or on streaming?

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As of now, the only way you’ll be able to see drive away doll On September 22, it will be on the big screen. The film will eventually air on Peacock, the streaming service owned by Universal Pictures, but no specific date has been given.

Is there a trailer for Drive Away Dolls?

trailer for drive away doll Originally released exclusively ahead of theatrical release wes andersonof asteroid city. The trailer was released online shortly thereafter on June 23, 2023.Part of the trailer is Joyce Harris and the Dawnbreakers“My Magic Is Working” doubles down on the shenanigans that the movie is sure to be rife with, while teasing the film’s villains played by some very familiar faces.

Who is the cast of “The Driveaway Doll”?

Geraldine Viswanathan as Marianne, Margaret Qualley as Jamie, Beanie Feldstein as Suki
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Ethan Coen employs some of the best actors in Hollywood. Margaret Cooley, Geraldine Viswanathan, Beanie Feldstein, Pedro Pascal, Coleman Domingo, bill camp, Matt Damonand Joey Slotnick All ready.qualley started starring alongside her Justin Theroux About this underrated HBO series, leftovers.She later starred in detective period productions nice guy (2016) Side by side ryan gosling and Russell Crowe. In 2019, she was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as a famous Broadway dancer, and she has achieved great success in the film and television industry Ann Regin In the miniseries on FX, Foss/Verdon.In the same year, she also brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio exist Quentin Tarantinoof once upon a time in hollywood.Most recently, she was nominated for a second Emmy for her lead role in Netflix’s maid and will star in poor thing and and go through Yorgos Lanthimos.Viswanathan is known for his roles in the anthology comedy series miracle worker beside Daniel Radcliffe.She also starred in such blocker, Broken Hearts Galleryand rumble.

Feldstein received his first critical acclaim for playing the docile but lovable best friend Julie in the Oscar-nominated film, lady bird.Later she starred in Smart booking Two high school girls have their first crazy night before graduation. Pascal is best known for his television work.He first gained mainstream attention for his work game of Thrones He later played a district attorney in the show on a mission to capture or kill drug lord Pablo Escobar drug lord.he is currently starring in star wars derivative series, mandalorianand HBO’s latest critically acclaimed series, the last of us. Domingo starred in another hit HBO series, Euphoria, where he played Lu’s sponsor.He also starred in such if beale street could talk, Black Bottom by Ma Raineyand Zola. Kemp is known for his roles in the Netflix series “The Gatekeeper” and as a chess mentor. queen’s strategy beside Anya Taylor Joy.He has also directed several critically acclaimed films such as lincoln, clownand vice.Damon has worked with many outstanding directors, including Gus Van Sant, Clint Eastwoodand Martin Scorsese.He previously worked with Ethan Coen on the remake of the western true courageappearing side by side Hailee Steinfeld and jeff bridges.Slotnik has appeared in several TV series such as Bite/tuck, Family Guyand office.

What is Drive Away Doll about?

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This is the official synopsis of the Focus Feature drive away doll:

This comedy follows Jamie, an unruly free spirit, bemoaning another breakup with his girlfriend, and her demure friend Marian, who desperately needs to relax. In search of a fresh start, the two take an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee, but things quickly go awry when they encounter a group of incompetent criminals along the way.

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Who is making drive-thru dolls?

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director drive away doll It’s Ethan Coen.Ethan Coen debuted with his brother in 1984 simple blood. This neo-noir thriller tells the story of a Texas bartender who finds himself embroiled in a murder plot when his boss discovers he is having an affair with his wife. The film catapulted the brothers to fame, and their dark crime drama is followed by a slapstick comedy about an infertile couple who try to steal their child, Bringing Up Arizona, showing their ranges. They won their first Oscar for what might be their most famous film, fargoA midwestern noir about a man who attempts to kidnap his wife but fails. Although Joel and Ethan collaborated as equals in writing and directing, Ethan didn’t get his first official directing credit until 2004 for the crime comedy, lady killer.The pair have since directed the Oscar-winning film Cormac McCarthy adapt, Old Menalso inside lewin daviswhich becomes Oscar Isaac Become an awesome Hollywood star.The last time they worked together was on the Netflix anthology film song of buster scruggs, starring Tim Blake Nelson, Brendan Gleesonand Liam Neeson.

Ethan Coen also co-writes drive away dollwith his wife, Tricia Cook. Although this is Tricia Cook’s first time writing a feature film, she’s no stranger to the industry or the world of the Coen Brothers.The husband-and-wife team began working together in 1990, when Cook was working as an editor on his films miller crossing, starring Gabriel Byrne and albert finney A power struggle ensues between two rival gangs.Cook has worked as an editor on several Coen Brothers films, such as barton funk, the one who doesn’t existand o bro, where are you?.She has also worked with other directors, including mary harlan In the movie, notorious betty page, which tells the life story of the famous pin-up girl.cohn and cook also with Tim Bevin, Eric Fellnerand Robert Graff.The music of the video is composed of Carter Burwell and Ali Wegner (dog power) is the cinematographer. drive away doll Produced by Working Title Productions.

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When and where was “The Doll Who Drives Away” filmed?

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drive away doll Production began in August 2022, with filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Portions of the film were also shot in Hopewell, Pennsylvania, and are currently in post-production.

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