Reddit’s 10 weirdest experimental films

Have you ever wanted to experience something truly bizarre and inexplicable? Then you’ve come to the right place. Reddit users have been discussing some of the strangest experimental films recently. After an in-depth discussion, we’ve picked 10 extremely weird movies that Reddit thinks you need to see to believe.

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Fair warning, things are about to get weird. From deadly tires to singing corpses, these experimental films will take you places you’ve never imagined – and probably never want to revisit. But that’s part of the thrill, isn’t it? Explore the uncanny depths of human creativity. So grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for a bizarre ride.

10 “Pi” (1998)

In Pi, 1998, a bald man presses a pen to his forehead.

PI, recommended by Reddit user gravybrains, is a mind-bending film from Darren Aronofsky about a mathematician’s obsession with finding patterns in the universe. Join Max as you go down the rabbit hole in search of the mysterious 216-digit number that may unlock the secrets of the stock market.

With dizzying black-and-white cinematography and a goosebump-inducing soundtrack, Pi will make you question what’s real and make you see the world through the lens of paranoia. Fasten your seat belt and let’s have a crazy ride!

9 “Blue Velvet” (1986)

Blue Velvet (1986) starring Dennis Hopper and Kyle MacLachlan
Image via De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

blue velvet—David Lynch’s surreal, unsettling film will really annoy you. When college student Jeffrey discovers a severed human ear, he teams up with the detective’s daughter, Sandy, to solve the mystery. As Geoffrey is drawn deeper into a dangerous web of intrigue, he discovers that a dark and terrifying underworld exists in his hometown.

Filled with bizarre events, bizarre characters, and a chilling score, Blue Velvet is a hallucinatory psychological thriller that will leave you haunted long after you finish. Not for the faint of heart, but a must-see for any serious movie buff. Reddit user lonelygrasshopper said: “That’s true of anything Lynch does, but Blue Velvet is sure to make some people wonder.”

8 The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (1989)

chef, thief

Peter Greenaway’s weird 1989 flick will leave a bad impression on you. A surreal and disturbing satire set in a lavish French restaurant that explores themes of food, sex and death. The unsettling images and strange events will haunt you after the end credits roll. Not for the faint of heart or weak stomach!

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OriginalStretch Recommended by Reddit The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover the_nil responded: “This movie is kind of like a mind worm. I think about it a lot.”

7 Inland Empire (2006)

Inland Empire

david lynch’s Inland Empire is a mind-bending psychological thriller that will leave you scratching your head. Lynch shot for more than three years without a traditional script, employing a “stream-of-consciousness” directing style. The result is a bizarre, unsettling, and utterly surreal cinematic experience.

Drawing from Lynch’s other works, like The Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive, “Inland Empire” is a rabbit hole of odd scenes, staccato dialogue, and eerie music that combine to create a hauntingly Uneasy dreams. Like most David Lynch movies, this one, suggested by Reddit user Unusual-Dirt789, is definitely weird.

6 Rubber (2010)

tire robert going to town

eraser is a strange movie. This 2010 horror-comedy centers on a telekinetic tire named Robert who comes back to life and goes on a killing spree. As absurd as the plot sounds, the movie is hilarious in a contrived, bombastic way.

ZuberiGoldenFeather agreed with Reddit user Giveofaux, saying: “I would say that Dupieux is really underrated for his other work, I still see references to rubber sometimes in movie subtitles.”

5 Bubba Hotep (2002)


Bubba Hotep One of the weirdest B-movies ever made. In this 2002 comedy-horror film, Elvis Presley didn’t actually die in 1977. He switched identities with an Elvis impersonator and now lives in a nursing home. Sound weird? It just got better. Elvis teams up with a man who identifies himself as JFK to fight an evil Egyptian mummy terrorizing nursing home residents by sucking their souls out.

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Many Reddit users RecklessCoherence, Alone_Woodpecker-240, and SolemanG loved the movie, with one user even saying, “liked it because it’s such a funny movie and not enough people saw it.”

4 Titans (2021)


titanDirected by Julia Ducournau, is a bizarre psycho-physical horror that will warp your mind. This quirky French film centers on Alexia, a woman who has had titanium plates implanted in her head following a childhood car accident. Her strange connection to cars led her to commit disturbing acts of violence and even get pregnant from a Cadillac. Yes, you are not mistaken.

To Reddit user hound_of_love’s suggestion, AlienPet13 replied: “Come here to recommend a. Very weird movie, but very funny.” Just to show how weird funny movies can be.

3 Liquid Sky (1982)

Liquid Sky - 1982
Image via Cinevista

liquid sky This is a bizarre 1982 indie sci-fi film that has to be seen to be believed. This cult classic takes you to a strange parallel universe in the New York club scene of the early ’80s. You follow Margaret, a model who gets her energy from sex, and her girlfriend Adrian, whose new lover is an alien who feeds off the energy released during orgasm.

“Saturday Night Live’s Stephen should comment on Liquid Sky: This movie has it all: androgyny, daylight makeup, space aliens, drugs, killer orgasms, Chinese takeout and German scientists. Etc. That. What is it? Great soundtrack,” says Reddit Kino Los Angeles.

2 The Happiness of Katakuris (2001)

Katakuri's Topic on Happiness
Picture from Songzhu

Katakuri’s happiness is a 2001 eerie Japanese horror-comedy from director Takashi Miike about a family who convert their home into a hotel. When guests start dying in strange ways, the family bands together to hide the bodies and save their business.

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With its wacky musical bits, absurd scenes, and morbid humor, “The Bliss of Katakuris” is an oddly endearing film. The strange things that happened in the hotel were portrayed in such an exaggerated and over-the-top way that people couldn’t help laughing. Reddit user KitsunesWolf4240 even said: “The Bliss of Katakuris (2001) I loved every second of its weirdness.”

1 Alpha City (1965)

alpha city

In this 1965 French New Wave film suggested by Reddit user clemenbroog, you visit a strange retro-futuristic city where emotion is outlawed. Residents take daily medication to suppress feelings like love and creativity.

When an agent from “Outland” infiltrates the city, he falls in love with a rebellious woman named Natasha and helps foment an artistic rebellion. This surreal Kafkaesque film is a cult classic that delivers an ominous warning about totalitarianism and the importance of human freedom.

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