Reddit’s 10 Most Realistic TV Shows

Not all TV shows captivate viewers with their stunning realism. Among the variety of television shows, there are some that stand out for their ability to bring viewers into storylines and characters that reflect real life.

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From gripping dramas such as electric wire nostalgic high school narratives such as Geeks and GeeksThese authentic television shows offer an immersive experience that is familiar and deeply resonant to viewers. In this thread, Reddit users list the TV shows they think are closest to real life.

10 “The IT Crowd” (2006-2013)

IT crowd 2 by 1

IT crowd Around the people in the IT department. It shows the everyday life of the characters and the challenges of working in IT support. It highlights the stereotypical office environment, especially in the IT field.

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While the show exaggerates the situation, it does capture the realities of life in IT departments. Reddit user Asha_Brea named IT crowd As a TV show at its most realistic, describing real life situations, including discrimination against the uneducated and dealing with ignorant people. In general, the play’s humor stems from these related descriptions.

9 “The Office” (2005-2013)

Cast of NBC's 'The Office' Gathers in Dunder Mifflin
Image via NBC

Voted one of the best gritty comedy series, office follows the lives of office workers managed by boss Michael Scott (steve carell). Throughout the show’s run, viewers watched many office interactions, relationships, and hilarious moments.

Ultimately, the show’s portrayal of office dynamics is resonant, especially when it comes to work-life balance. Reddit users such as jmstrum named office As the most realistic TV series. After all, the show uses a pseudo-documentary format to give viewers a sense of realism and capture many relatable moments.

8 “Rosanne” (1988-1997)

Picture from ABC

Aired from 1988 to 1997, Roseanne The daily life of the Connor family, starting with matriarch Roseanne (Roseanne Barr). The show also revolves around the life of her husband Dan (John Goodman) and their three children.

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Reddit users, such as theyusedthelamppost, named Roseanne As one of those shows that they consider realistic. The show truly portrays working-class families and the challenges they face, such as unemployment, health care, and raising children.

7 “Freaks and Geeks” (1999-2000)

Cast of Freaks and Geeks

One of the best shows on IMDb with only one season, Geeks and Geeks, Set in the 1980s, the story revolves around a group of teenagers who are cast as “geeks” and “geeks.” In its only season, the show explores friendship, self-discovery and developing as a teenager.

Geeks and Geeks Shows a realistic portrayal of teenage life, including insecurities, embarrassment, and peer pressure. Reddit user avir48 said the show “feels like going back to high school”. As such, the show offers a nostalgic glimpse into teenage and high school life.

6 “Golden Convenience” (2016-2021)

The actors of

Golden Convenience It revolves around the lives of the Kim family, a Korean-Canadian family who run a convenience store in Toronto. The series explores the challenges immigrant families face, including intergenerational conflict, cultural clashes, and the discovery of self-identity.

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The issues discussed in the program Golden Convenience Be real to the audience.A Reddit user said they can confirm Golden Convenience is “pretty accurate”. After all, the show touches on the joys and complexities of immigrant life that will resonate with many viewers who have been through similar situations.

5 “The Intern” (2001-2010)

Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff and Donald Faison in

Scrub There is a lot of experience working in a hospital. The show follows the lives of young medical interns, including JD Dorian (Zach Braff), Elliot Reed (sarah chalk) and Christopher Turk (Donald Faison).

The series showcases working life in the medical field, including its hectic nature, ethical dilemmas, and the emotional toll experienced by doctors and nurses. Reddit user Maninhartsford said “realism Scrub Being praised is the feeling of being a doctor. “Despite its blend of comedy and drama, it gave viewers a real look at the medical profession.

4 ‘gentlemen. Robot” (2015-2019)

Elliot Anderson walks down the street, looking distrustful of Mr. Robot.
The picture comes from the US network

starring Rami Malek As a volunteer hacker named Elliott, Mr Robot Elliott gets entangled with a group of hackers led by Mr. Robot to take down a corrupt corporation. The show explores many issues, including the impact of technology on society.

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Mr Robot Maps the reality of hacking, cybersecurity, and the aftermath of a digital world. Reddit user TriscuitCracker said the show was “very realistic for hacking.” Although the show has fictional elements for dramatic effect, it primarily explores real-world technical issues as audiences understand them.

3 “The Vast Sky” (2015-2022)

Cast of
Image via Syfy

The play is set in a future where humans colonize the solar system, vast Bring the audience the ultimate sci-fi experience. vast Explores the characters’ coping amid political tensions and unravels the story of the fragile peace between Earth, Mars and the Martian belt.

Even though the show takes place in the future, it’s still committed to realism.For example, Reddit user aha diner explain Vast”He has been praised by scientists and those in the space community for describing what the physics and constraints of such a world “would look like”. Therefore, issues such as scarcity of resources, political conflicts and their impact on the audience are even depicted in the play.

2 Generation Kill (2008)

Two soldiers walking with guns in Generation Kill - 2008
Image via HBO

Based on the true story of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps in 2003, Generation Kill An account of the experience of the Marine Corps navigating through the chaos and uncertainty of war. Viewers watched the tension and challenges Marines faced in combat.

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In addition to being based on true stories, the play also gave the audience a true picture of war and its impact on people. Reddit user CrashRiot said Generation Kill “As far as realistic modern war dramas go, it’s unmatched.” Another added that it was also “very faithful to the original” and one of the “closest adaptations” they’ve seen.

1 “The Wire” (2002-2008)

Dominic West as Detective McNulty in The Wire.
Image via HBO

electric wire Realistic and multidimensional portrayals of law enforcement, the drug trade, politics, education and the media. Viewers watch the complex dynamics within each sector and how they relate to each other.

The show portrays the authenticity of all these sectors, especially as they delve into systemic issues of poverty, corruption and character flaws. Reddit username is electric wire As one of the “most realistic” shows they’ve ever seen. After all, their unflinching portrayal of all these challenges is thought-provoking.

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