Reddit’s 10 Great Actors Who Should Have Been Bigger Movie Stars

Most of the time, talented actors manage to earn a name in the industry and carve out a memorable path for themselves in Hollywood, taking part in exciting projects that bring them even more visibility. On the other hand, there are others who, despite their undeniable talent, don’t get the chance to realize their full potential.

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from Justifiedof Timothy Olyphant arrive cobra kaiof William Zabka, Reddit users debate which lesser-known actors are the most promising and should have a chance at a bigger career in the film industry.

10 Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant,
Image via FX Productions

The American actor made his stage debut in 1995 as Tim Hapgood in the off-Broadway play Monogamy, for which he won a Dramaworld Award.Additionally, the American actor is in the HBO drama deadwoodHorror film scream 2 and the 2007 action film killer.

When fans were asked which actors should be movie stars, one user mentioned that the actors next to walton goggins, saying that the two “did so much charisma in The Wire, I could see them finishing the movie alone.” According to a Reddit user, while Olyphant was fairly well-known as an actor, he ended up There is potential to achieve even more in this industry. ZenithRepairman described him as “absolutely magnetic”.

9 Elias Koteas

Elias Koteas, The Prophecy
Image via Miramax

some 62 year old canadian actors Elias Koteas‘ The most popular character is the main character prophecy and Casey Jones in 1993 ninja turtles (There is a new movie coming out this year).he also starred in the fallen and mass action crime chicago police department. Since leaving the show, the talented actor has kept busy with TV and film roles, including Charles Billingham in the 2021 episode guilty party.

Reddit user foozalicious has been arguing that the actor “should be bigger,” and many seem to agree. They also commented that they “love every single one of his roles.” While Koteas has starred in some hit projects, Reddit users don’t think the actor has had the chance to reach his full professional potential. “I’ve followed his career since the early days and have been waiting for him to take off,” wrote ignoresubs.

8 billy zane

Billy Zane in Titanic
Image via 20th Century Studio

As for billy zaneviewers may recognize him for his role back to the Future and Philip Noycemovie of deathly calmalso twin peaks and huge james cameron beat Titanic, which is based on real-life events. While the actor is no longer appearing in big projects as often, users on the platform believe he has what it takes to be a “real” Hollywood star.

On the platform, bflobblizzard couldn’t help but point out that they “read a good article a while back (can’t find it now) about how Billy Zane had all the makings of a superstar but never quite reached the top level. They also added that the actor seemed “very calm” about it, emphasizing that Zane “seems to be a good guy.”

7 Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway, Lost (1)
Picture from ABC

Recognized for his role on the groundbreaking ABC sci-fi series lostAmerican actor and producer Josh Holloway Also in 2011’s Mission impossible installments and appeared in western dramas yellowstone parkavailable for streaming on Peacock Premium.

Holloway also seems to be a popular answer to the question: “Who is a lesser-known actor who should have had a better career?” AloeMyChildren wrote on the platform: “Josh Holloway ) aka Sawyer from Lost. Everyone loves that guy.” BroomHill1882 acknowledged in their reply that they regretted that “nothing came to fruition”.

6 Guy Pierce

Guy Pearce in Memento
Image via Newmarket Films

made famous by aussie soap operas Neighbor, Guy Pierce, His career spanned 30 years and he played some well-known roles in films such as LA Confidential and Christopher NolanWell received commemorate. While the actor has been around for a while, Reddit users believe his career could have been more fruitful.

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Sharpe predicted that Pierce would become “a household name, but that never really happened,” and according to Sharpe, the actor has had a “decent career,” though not as big as users thought. However, Super901 believes he is actually an Australian superstar, with Katillan agreeing that the talented actor is “a household name” in their country.

5 Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Ghostbusters 2.
Image via De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

Moviegoers may be familiar with actors, producers, writers and directors Bruce Campbell for its work in the popular Sam Raimi horror series evil Dead, in which he paid Ash Williams.campbell’s debut was in the short film in the woodsreleased in 1978.

As sd_glokta puts it, “Bruce Campbell was supposed to be an A-list action comedy star, but it didn’t happen.” While some users were sad that the actor didn’t have his big break, others were actually relieved that it didn’t happen . “As a huge B-movie fan, I’m almost glad Bruce didn’t completely break out. I think he’s going to be as good as a John Carpenter movie in the ’80s, but I’m grateful that we have something like Crazy Cop.” movie,” commented mikeyfreshh.

4 robert foster

El Camino - Robert Forster
Image via Netflix

Although he was nominated for an Oscar for the movie “The Wizard of Oz” jackie brownlate robert fostersadly passed away in 2019 Actors who are highly mentioned on the platform.he also participated breaking Bad Universe as the character Ed “The Vanisher”.

“An absolute historical figure. He was always so reliable,” wrote Brendan Little. In his reply, Hildar had nothing but good things to say about the actor, as they “have been honored to have worked with him for about a year.” In their words, “He was an absolute gentleman. ​​​​​​​​​​He is a human gem.”

3 billy crudup

Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson in 'Almost Famous'
Image via Columbia Pictures

almost famousThe unforgettable Russell Hammond, who was inspired by eaglesglen frywas given life billy cruduphe is also involved in other exciting projects such as warder and too big to fail. The actor’s new futuristic TV show, Hello Tomorrow!currently streaming on Apple TV+.

While Crudup has been around for a while, users on the site certainly believe his work deserves more recognition and praise, as well as more exciting opportunities. TheBoyWonder13 wrote: “He’s definitely attractive on Almost Famous and has been great on every other show he’s been in.”

2 Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman in
Image via 20th Century Studio

and bullet train Among his latest projects, the 31-year-old actor starred in the famous percy jackson live-action adaptation Rick Riordanbook of the same name, and the film adaptation of the book Stephen Chboskyof the perks of Being a Wallflower.

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Logan Lerman Whether on the big screen or on the big screen, he is not an unfamiliar face. However, Reddit users believe that the actor has the potential to be even more popular in the industry than he is currently. “Honestly, I think Logan Lerman is going to be stronger than he is,” admits Thatoneasian9600. “Of course, Percy Jackson shows up, but I don’t think he’s a bad character. But I Thought he was great in “Falling in Love,” “Rage,” and especially “Kids as a Wallflower.”

1 William Zabka

William Zabka as Cobra Kai
Image via Sony Pictures Television

Known for playing Johnny Lawrence in the movie Johnny Lawrence. Karate Kid and derivatives cobra kai series, american actor William Zabka And one of many actors that Reddit thinks could reach a higher level in their careers.

Jack-Cremation revealed on the platform that what broke their heart the most was how Zabka was stereotyped after his role on the hit series. “I think Zabka is unfortunately cast as the mean, blond bully kid,” they explain. “He played a bit like Johnny Lawrence in ‘Back to School’ and then he broke Audrey’s heart in ‘European Holiday’,” JLDcorby added in his reply, “Seeing him in Cobra Kai , I’m even more convinced of his idea: he’s always been very talented.”

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