Reddit reports 10 unpopular views on ‘Black Mirror’

Often touches on technology and always criticizes/satirizes society in a really funny way, charlie brooke The series has attracted the attention of many people over the years.a new one black mirror The show is coming to the small screen this month, and audiences can’t help but express their excitement.

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While the latest sixth season has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers, the show’s ability to wow audiences around the globe is undeniable. While some opinions about the famous sci-fi show are nearly universal, others are not.From the unhyped ‘White Christmas’ to the excellent ‘Day of the Maze’, these are the most controversial content from Reddit users black mirror need.

10 ‘White Christmas’ isn’t worth the hype

Jon Hamm,
Image via Netflix

In this Christmas special, the plot revolves around Matt (Jon Hamm) and Porter (Ralph Spall), two men at a strange and mysterious icy outpost exchange eerie stories about their past existence in the outer world.

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According to cattails17, this episode was not That Worth the hype it gets. “It’s a good show, but nowhere near my top five,” the user wrote. Featuring impeccable acting and great delivery, “White Christmas” is generally considered one of the best stories ever written. black mirror, although it doesn’t seem to be meeting some expectations. The episode explored toxic masculinity and had arguably one of the most controversial endings to the series.

9 Viper Assault is awesome

Pom Klementieff, Attack on the Viper
Image via Netflix

In the season five episode “Striking Vipers,” the concept of virtual reality was brought to life in an interesting way. Follow two old friends, Danny (Anthony mackie) and Carl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), this creative series invites viewers on a wild ride as they reconnect through a fighting game.

“Why isn’t anyone talking about attacking vipers?! That was a great episode!” Ill-Asparagus-4974 noticed someone start discussing “unpopular episode points”. There is no doubt that this episode’s innovative interpretation of modern love has brought food for thought to the audience.

8 “Fifteen Million Merits” is indeed underestimated

Daniel Kaluuya and Jessica Brown - Findlay's Fifteen Million Merit in 'Black Mirror'
Image via Netflix

Starring a talented British cast Daniel Kaluuya and Jessica Brown Findlay, “Fifteen Million Merits” is actually one of the most poignant episodes of the series, as it powerfully mirrors reality TV and class hierarchies. The audience tails Kaluuya’s Bing as he tries to help Findlay’s Abbie enter a singing competition show. All of this in a world where people’s lives are about riding exercise bikes for money.

Not only did Stephiemarie93 think the episode didn’t get the credit it deserved, but that it would have been “a better episode to introduce Black Mirror”. On the same topic, throw0012 also agreed that the mere thought of “living indoors with no natural light or fresh air, with artificial screens on my face all the time” gave me an “uncomfortable feeling” that they had for a long time Can’t get rid of.

7 Season 5…not so bad

Andrew Scott,
Image via Netflix

Airing just three episodes (“Striking Vipers,” “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” and “Smithereens”) and featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, season five was Black Mirror’s shortest, Also the general consensus in the fandom seems that it might as well be the weakest of the bunch.

Nm9299 commented on Reddit that their unpopular opinion was that the show’s fifth season “wasn’t as bad as a lot of people thought” and that their only complaint was “wish it had more episodes”. Another user, andra_quack, gave “Smithereens” a particularly positive review, adding that it’s a “super underrated” show and “has a really good Black Mirror twist”.

6 Disappointing third season

Bryce Dallas Howard looks at his phone in 'Black Mirror' nosedive
Image via Netflix

If the previous statement shocked some viewers, this one sure as hell stunned most: On Reddit, it is believed that black mirrorThe third season was a big disappointment (despite it featuring iconic and shocking episodes in the series like “Spin Down,” “Shut Up and Dancing” and “San Junipero”).

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For Safire and other users who agreed, the problem with season three is definitely the writing: “Everything about season three feels like they took the money from hiring good writers to hire some well-known actors,” A Reddit user pointed out.

5 ‘Alligator’ Deserves More Love

Kiran Sonia Sawar in Crocodile episode of Black Mirror
Image via Netflix

In the third episode of the fourth season, the insurance agent “Crocodile” (Kieran Sonya saval) investigates a small traffic accident using a tool that probes people’s memories to help establish the facts. However, it eventually turned out that one of her witnesses (Andrea Riseborough) is hiding something.

While the episode isn’t usually loved by too many people, GeckoNova admitted it was actually their favorite, describing it as “very tense and brutal.” The sobering protagonist, Mia, is as ruthless as a crocodile, hence the name. There is also a popular saying “crocodile tears”, which is very applicable.

4 Kenny deserves better

Alex Lawther
Image via Netflix

“Shut up and dance” is one of the most memorable and disturbing episodes of the series thanks to the shocking plot twist at the end. It follows a teenage boy (Alex Lawther) was manipulated by hackers to commit a crime after being caught masturbating to seemingly questionable media.

While Lowther’s character is certainly a threat (especially to kids), some users on the platform feel that, in gigaLion’s words, he “doesn’t deserve what he’s getting” and “needs help.” In another thread, telehax argued that “hackers are still bad guys” and that “Kenny’s punishment is disproportionate”.

3 Maze Day is great

Maze Day Zazie Baez
Image via Netflix

starring Zazy Baez, One of the most controversial episodes of the latest season is “Maze Day,” about intrusive paparazzi trying to get the perfect shot of a young movie star caught up in a hit-and-run accident with dire consequences.

Henry James seems to be one of the few people on the show who actually “likes werewolves.”While some viewers aren’t particularly fond of the supernatural elements in the new film black mirror Others in the story, such as Eramthgi Neht, felt that audiences simply missed the point: “Mazey being a werewolf was a ‘deserved’ deal. The paparazzi tried to paint her in a disgusting, horrible way until they left too Got it.” Walked far enough to actually come across something repulsive and terrifying. “

2 The series does not require technology

Imani Jackman,
Image via Netflix

black mirrorThe use of technology has always been quite prominent, so most people will immediately associate the two. What many seem to forget, however, is that not all episodes are set in dystopian societies and employ highly advanced technological devices.

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On Reddit, Nice-Advisor5359 opines that “Black Mirror doesn’t need flashy technology to be enough.” In the words of Temporary_Self_3420, “A lot of people don’t look critically at the media they watch, they only see the surface, and in black In the case of Mirror, it’s ‘tech’.” Speaking of which, creator Brooke even went so far as to stress (via Insider) that the show was never about “bad tech.”

1 ‘San Junipero’ is overhyped

San Junipero Black Mirror Arcade Session
Image via Netflix

Possibly the most controversial (and the most mentioned on the platform, which, interestingly, may thus make it the least popular) is the over-hype of everyone’s favorite series, “San Junipero.” It is centered around Yorkshire (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly’s (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) visit the titular town of Surf and Sun, where their lives are changed forever.

From “I’m not that obsessed with San Junipero” (Ok-Mammoth5337 review) to “San Junipero is not bad” (in Celaya’s words), the platform seems to be rich in shows Colorful and joyful agreed. episode. “I don’t like shows with happy endings in this show. I love disturbing plot twists,” said a weeping Amidask.

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