Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story review: This Netflix prequel is a feast

So now… as if we’ve been waiting Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story Always.Triple is delightful, if not downright royal glamor bridgeton –poetry. Bridgerton When it hit Netflix in 2020, it first wowed audiences, flattering viewers with an often shirtless, brooding Regé-Jean Page. The second season took a similar approach, chronicling the romance between Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey, shirtless, and some) and Lady Kate (Simon Ashley), completely in overthinking mode.

but with Queen Charlotte, Series creator/showrunner/writer Shonda Rhimes (gray anatomy) has created something even more extraordinary: an unforgettable and riveting six-episode prequel that complements the flagship series and will impress you with its layered storytelling, depth and heart.

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Perhaps Mrs. Whistletown, Bridgertonof The curious scribe summed it up best: “This treasure will rival the Queen’s cherished crown jewels.” This is certainly the case here. India Amarteifio (wasteland forever) in the title role, queen charlotte happened decades before the event bridgeton, But we’ve occasionally delved into the series’ timeline, following several storylines — one involving an older Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) we already know and one involving Lady Agatha Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Ledger Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell), a strange clue to Lady Violet’s past.

But the core of the series is wonderfully rooted in the past, the rise and power of Queen Charlotte.This is the story of how the young queen and King George III (whose marriage was very successful to Corey Mylchreest) were both a brilliant love story and a momentous social change, creating Regency high society – known as the Ton – and inherited characters from Bridgerton. That is to say, queen charlotte Stands out, but not for the reasons you might think.

Not your usual cute faceTon

The Story of Queen Charlotte Bridgeton

the first episode queen charlotte Discover the many battles our beloved protagonist faces. To ensure the fate of their family and their country, her brother Adolphus (Tunji Kasim) arranges for Charlotte to marry King George III. Charlotte was only 17 and didn’t like the idea, but they got into the carriage anyway.

At the palace, Charlotte had other plans. She retreated to the garden, thinking how to get over the palace walls. A burly young lad captivates her with his infectious smile and it’s all about, well, bridgeton –y. It didn’t take long for Charlotte to realize who this guy was. (Hello, George.) Captivated, she agrees to marry a man she’s never met — until, about 10 minutes ago. Happily ever after.

Not quite. Of course the wedding is grand. The royal treatment and more. honeymoon? Not that much. It’s best to experience it all for yourself, but Charlotte soon realizes that she and the king will have different residences. George is also suddenly emotionally distant, perhaps aloof. Why? Then there’s all this fuss about her being pampered by countless servants, chief among them Brimsley (Sam Clemmett, in good shape), who dedicated his life to His Royal Highness. He was always walking at least six feet behind her, which was a farce. Well, Charlotte is her own woman. She won’t want it. Nor can she bear the feeling of being cut off from the man she married. What the hell happened?

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Shonda Rhimes and director Tom Verica do a great job of bringing us into this time period and setting up Charlotte’s plight from the start.To our delight, other Bridgerton characters appear. Young Agatha Danbury (Arsema Thomas) is featured prominently throughout the amusing scenes, if not at times distasteful, especially between her and her much older husband, Lord Danbury (Cyril Nri). During the period, her marriage to Charlotte was very similar to Charlotte.Over time, the two young women bonded, establishing what we later found in Bridgerton. about that…

queen charlotte travels through time

queen charlotte young and old

once queen charlotte Footholds where the viewer can get a glimpse of what’s going on Bridgerton real time. It’s clearly a thoughtful but welcome attempt to keep viewers informed before the hit show returns for a third season. When Eloise found out that her dear friend was–Jesus! — Mrs. Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews), Ton’s gossip hound.

Lady Violet mentions to Lady Agatha that the two have not spoken for some reason. Sure, Kate and Anthony got married, but there wasn’t much talk about Bridgerton’s kids other than that. As the showrunner leads viewers through six episodes, Lady Violet ponders her past and must come to terms with her first impressions of a fairy-tale girl and family ties that are suddenly called into question.

Meanwhile, Golda Rosheuvel chews the scenery at every turn as the elder Queen Charlotte, ashamed that her countless children don’t have an heir. Between her spoiled son and stupid daughter, she doesn’t seem to understand what she’s doing wrong as a mother. In fact, she’s great. Or so she believed. Brimsley – God bless the man – is still with the Queen.Hugh Sachs reinterprets his Bridgerton The effect is here.

On that note… we see no more tender relationship than that formed between a loyal steward and His Majesty in the past – young Brimsley with the Queen and Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) with King George. Keep an eye on these two. They’re one of the series’ shining triumphs.

Why this queen feels cheated by the royal family

The Story of Queen Charlotte Bridgeton

exist queen charlotte For a while, the young queen fretted over setbacks in her marriage. It doesn’t help that George’s shrewd and manipulative mother Augusta (Michelle Fairley) is also overprotective. What is she hiding? What is George hiding for this? Watch and revel in how well the series reveals this intrigue, then go back and show things through George’s point of view in later episodes.

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The big reveal gives this romance more weight than any other romance we’ve experienced bridgeton, India Amarteifio’s portrayal of the young queen is excellent. She loses herself in the role, and so does Cory Milkis, giving us a truly complex character for which Charlotte must suddenly fight and pledge allegiance.

How and whether young girls deal with these issues is for the audience to experience, but every scene that Amarteifio and Mylchreest occupy is believable and filled with a burning desire to solve the problem.Their on-screen chemistry is amazing, recalling the harlequin orgasm we felt in the first season Bridgerton. Also enjoyable is how well the series incorporates historical events, as it’s a treat to find King George III exploring astronomy here. It all went well.

queen charlotte it’s the best Bridgerton batch. It also manages to shed light on the plight and prerogatives of the royal family. crown, and of course, harry and meghan Focus in spades, but with something refreshingly bold and uplifting Queen Charlotte. Perhaps this is the compelling thread of humanity that runs through the entire tapestry from beginning to end. Very doubtful this will be the last we see of the clan. In fact, it would be a shame if more wasn’t seen. This show deserves the royal treatment.

Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story Comes to Netflix May 4.

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