Proper Meat Review: A Sexy, Mind-Blowing Homage To Filmmaker Stuart Gordon

If you know anything about writer/director Stuart Gordon, you know that his work, particularly on stage, was ‘out there’. After becoming a film director in 1985, Gordon soon began to generate enthusiasm for his offbeat work. What followed was a series of daring, sometimes controversial departures, beginning in 1985. resuscitator to 1987 dolls then came dagon in 2001. The Spanish film was loosely based on a short story by HP Lovecraft and kept Gordon in the public eye, though he had written a lighter fare as Baby we shrink and the Baby I shrunk the kids tv show.


Fans mourned Gordon’s death in 2020, but they like a lot of the hijinks that take place in the new horror-thriller. proper meat, it seems that the spirit of man is alive and well. We have director Joe Lynch (a spook show) to thank for that. proper Meat, which recently premiered at the Tribeca Festival, is an adaptation of another HP Lovecraft romp, The thing on the threshold.

Written by Dennis Paoli (resuscitator, from beyond, dagon), starring Heather Graham (The Hangover, Boogie Nights), Judah Lewis (The babysitter, I see you), Johnathon Schaech (Prom night, that thing you do!) and Barbara Crampton (Jacob’s wife, The Young and the Restless), who is also one of the producers. The result: you’ll laugh, wince, cover your mouth in surprise. Hell, you’ll want more.

A Wild Premise Gets A Modern Setting

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Director Joe Lynch reportedly felt that H.P. Lovercraft’s original story would be a stellar springboard for a modern story. He loved Dennis Paoli’s adaptation, which gave the story a gender twist, much like the recent one. dead ringers Redux starring Rachel Weisz. Instead of the original characters Edward and Daniel, we get Dr. Elizabeth Derby (Graham) and her colleague, Dr. Daniella Upton (Crampton). Ultimately, it makes for a wildly fascinating, if not completely offbeat, story of a woman in crisis.

After being locked in the psych ward for “murdering” her young client (Lewis), Elizabeth desperately pleads with Daniella for help. Flashbacks and voiceovers follow as we trace the events that led to Elizabeth’s downfall. Those events are as creepy as they are erotic. From the start, Elizabeth’s first meeting with a young client is sketchy. The guy is a mess and he claims that he “has this power over me.” We’re led to believe that “he” is the boy’s father and later, when Elizabeth makes a house call, it’s best not to worry about why some things don’t make much sense at first, because the second half of the movie will keep you glued to it. the screen: we found out there’s something really twisted i miss friday things going down Bottom line: the spastic young man in trouble will soon occupy the spirit of another entity and well, that guy is horny. Skirt down/skirt up time for Elizabeth et al.

This movie knows how to take itself every time. No seriously and somehow ends up absorbing you. The first 15 minutes feature heated sex, a beheading, lots of blood, and surreal terror. You can’t help but see what looks like a train wreck from a movie going off its own rails. But that’s the twist: proper meat It’s not a train wreck at all.

Let’s get physical and gory, shall we?

proper meat film
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proper meat recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and left audiences speechless with delight. The second half of the film really finds its footing, providing a welcome mix of humor and horror. Wit isn’t that important at first, but once it kicks in, proper meat takes an inventive turn.

As Elizabeth continues to tell her story of grief to Daniella, naturally, the ordeal turns terrifying. We’re not that privy to who or what exactly the body swapping is or why. We are receiving hints that this is most likely an ancient ritual that is still unfolding. That may not be so important after all. By the time Elizabeth has swapped her body with her patient several times, it seems that the fiery spirit loves the female form. (However, it’s hard to believe that he, assuming it’s him, hasn’t swapped bodies with other ladies in the past.) Her sexual desire is intact. Always a staple for a horror thriller.

Once again, it’s best not to overthink or be too preoccupied with some of the weird choices in the dialogue. Everything feeds back here. Graham, Lewis, and Crampton are effective in their roles. Lewis, in particular, shows a good range, twisted as it is. The direction is based on some of Stuart Gordon’s styling. The gore is on purpose, well, bloody and over the top. By the time you’re in the last 25 minutes of the movie, you can’t take your eyes off this crazy spectacle. Of the project, director Joe Lynch once noted that he wanted not just to make “a modernized love letter to Lovecraft, but the kind of provocatively entertaining ‘sin-ema’ (he) thinks (d) audiences are salivating.”. Well, salivate, friends.

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