Peter Griffin Brings His Chaos to Arrakis in First Look at ‘Family Guy’ Season 22

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  • First look Family loverThe upcoming 22nd season reveals new members of the Griffin family, including Meg’s unexpected pregnancy and Peter’s failed flight attempt.
  • The trailer also features the show’s signature cutaway gags, showcasing Peter poking fun at actor Timothée Chalamet’s cast in Dune.
  • While season 22 has been confirmed, ongoing protests by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA may affect the future of the show, as series creator Seth MacFarlane and the cast have walked out in solidarity with the writers.

The Griffins are coming back, as Fox and 20th Television have released a first look at the upcoming 22nd season of their animated sitcom. Family lover. The preview shows some new hijinks from everyone’s favorite Rhode Island family, as well as some of the series’ signature cutaway gags.

The preview was posted on the YouTube channel of Fox’s Animation Domination, and shows what could be one of the most important episodes of the season, as Griffin’s daughter Meg (Mila Kunis) looks pregnant. Dr. Hartman (Seth MacFarlane) to check Meg’s contractions during the test, just start reciting the actual grammatical contractions, as usual. Family lover Fashion. Of course, any preview of the show wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of old man Peter (MacFarlane), who is seen in another clip with fireworks, an eagle, and a blower on his body in an apparent attempt to fly. Like what’s inside family lover, However, the plan doesn’t work, and Peter ends up in the house.

One of the cutaway gags shows Peter eating his underwear in what he calls a “non-sexual situation” – during an execution in prison. The highlight of the cutaway gags, though, is clear when Peter describes “the most unprofessional movie since they came out.” Timothée Chalamet in Don. ” The scene then pans to an animated Chalamet delivering a monologue about the desert planet Arrakis, only to be blown away by a gust of wind, then Peter is forced to pull Chalamet, angrily saying that he “shouldn’t be in a movie with wind!”

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In addition to MacFarlane and Kunis, Family lover Also the voice of the star Alex Borstein As Lois Griffin, Seth Green As Chris Griffin, Patrick Warburton As Joe, and Arif Zahir A Cleveland. MacFarlane created the show and also serves as an executive producer under his Fuzzy Door Productions banner. Although MacFarlane will sign a joint deal with NBCUniversal in 2020, Family lover Still the 20th Fox and TV production.

will Family Guy Is the future affected by the attack?

While season 22 of Family lover Having been set in stone, the immediate future of the show, like most productions, may be called into question by the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA attacks. With the studio unwilling to agree on fair working conditions, MacFarlane and the cast of Family lover Walk out in solidarity with the writer. MacFarlane’s other animated films, American Dad!, also stepped out.

Family lover was renewed for seasons 22 and 23 earlier this year. At the time of his departure in May, it was reported that MacFarlane had completed all his duties family lover, Although it is not clear if this refers to only season 22 or season 23 as well. American Dad! There is reportedly a lot of work to go next season. However, the progress of both could depend on when the studios return to the negotiating table.

Season 22 of Family lover will premiere on October 1, 2023 on Fox, and the following day on Hulu. The first feature can be seen below:

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