Paddy Considine’s Emmy Snub for ‘House of the Dragon’ is a Red Wedding-level tragedy

Nominations for the 2023 Emmy Awards are finally here. While HBO produced Game of Thrones Prequel series The house of the dragon Nominated for Best Drama Series Unsurprisingly, the popular fantasy series was Shut off completely. believe it or not, The house of the dragon It didn’t receive a single acting nomination despite fans and critics praising the series for its well-written characters and captivating performances. HBO also won big with nominations in 2023, with shows like inherited, BarryAnd White lotus flower The operation sweeps the display category with multiple nominations for the same category.

It’s very surprising, because so many actors deserve to be nominated. Join in the role. The house of the dragon. Matt Smith A wonderfully cunning adversary like Prince Daemon Targaryen, Rhys Ifans Pulling off the brilliance of Ser Otto Hightower’s handling with infinite precision, and both the younger and older versions of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower are gratefully executed. Milly Alcock, Emma D’Arcy, Emily CareyAnd Olivia Cooke No defects. However, as incredible as the whole show was, the omission of one particular performance stood out even more than the Essos Manticore.

In a year full of laziness, Paddy Considine Not nominated for an Emmy-worthy performance of King Viserys the Peaceful in The house of the dragon is the biggest Game of Thrones– related sadness since the Red Wedding.

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Who is King Viserys Targaryen in ‘House of the Dragon’?

Image via HBO

The reign of King Viserys Targaryen first began about one hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, the long history of the Targaryen dynasty before it was overthrown by the Lannisters and Baratheons. Long before the Mad King instigated that historic coup, the Targaryen’s had reigned supreme, with one of the best examples being King Viserys the First, otherwise known as King Viserys the Peaceful. He is not like the other kings that we have seen in Jehovah. Game of Thrones The universe before. King Viserys is gentle, kind, and a loving family member to his wife Aemma (Sian Brooke), his daughter Rhaenyra, and even his troubled brother, Daemon.

For all intents and purposes, Viserys Targaryen was a really good king. Well… at least he is Try A good king. You see, what makes Viserys one of the most interesting leads we’ve seen in this franchise is how vulnerable and human he is. He is not a drunkard like Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) nor a selfish ruler like Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). He is an ordinary person with reasonable thoughts and desires who finds himself in the unfortunate position of leading Westeros to peace and prosperity.

Throughout the eight episodes of King Viserys’ stay, he is forced to make nearly impossible decisions as king – decisions that affect not only the safety and preservation of the world, but also his family. The first episode of the series makes this very clear when Viserys is forced to decide the terrible fate of his pregnant wife. This decision was so difficult that fans of the show initially saw that this was Viserys murdering Aemma, although this was the only decision that at least one life could be saved. These decisions get tougher as the season goes on and over the years, such as banishing/reinstating his brother and choosing between new wives his daughter’s age.

What makes these impossible decisions so manic is that Viserys is making them all in limited time. In a cruel twist of irony, a seemingly trivial amputation courtesy of his Iron Throne left Viserys infected with leprosy. As he grew older, his body began to deteriorate as he tried in vain to wipe out what was left of his war-torn family. Although he may not have been able to achieve such a goal while he was alive, but at the end of his life he saw that the once proud king finally rested in peace.

Paddy Considine delivers career-defining performance in ‘House of Dragons’

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As Hollywood seems to forget in the midst of the ongoing Writers Strike, writing a story and characters is the first step in creating a compelling figure like King Viserys. The house of the dragonThe production ‘s take more impeccable writing through some sensational directing and production design, experts show the progress of Viserys’ age and illness. All these elements combined are undeniably important, but the real secret ingredient is the man behind the mask, so to speak.

Paddy Considine has had a remarkably diverse career, with the two-time BAFTA award winner delivering compelling performances in Dead man shoes And in America While still nailing his comedy act in Hot Fuzz And Death of Stalin. We see both used to incredible effect in The house of the dragon. A violent, brutal, brutal fantasy series, it’s mostly comedic, and Considine captures the emotional turmoil that Viserys experiences in abundance throughout the show. However, Considine’s comic experience also makes Viserys’ gentle and friendly approach more believable.

Although where Paddy Considine shines the most is the smart acting decisions he makes when portraying Viserys at various points in his life, something that could have been done by the show’s more significant time jumps. When we first meet Viserys, he is a confident and charismatic king who is quite popular among his subjects (which is very unusual in Game of Thrones universe). As he grew older and sicker, the cute charm began to fade.

‘Succession’ and ‘The White Lotus’ Hogging up the best supporting actor in a drama series

Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, apologizes to his children in Succession
Image via HBO

What makes Considine’s absence from the Emmys so sad is how the category in which he should be placed is held by only two shows despite eight channels. inherited is represented by Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, Alan RuckAnd Alexander Skarsgård While White lotus flower‘ Nominees include F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli, Theo JamesAnd Will Sharpe.

First, there is an argument to be made that at least half of those appointed have leadership roles rather than support. Second, what’s the point of having 8 nominees if they’re only going to represent two shows? This decision is not only a waste of a worthy performance like Considine but also a support for other actors who deserve to be recognized and despised.

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