Outpost Review: A Great Horror Movie Debut From Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Joe Lo Truglio

Comedians turning to horror are certainly nothing new. Jordan Peele had doubts about him, but he is now one of the most acclaimed horror directors of our time. Now, joe screwed it up of brooklyn nine nine and Very badly fame dips its toe in the horror movie pond with its directorial debut advanced. Who would have thought that Charles Boyle, the lovable, innocent and sweet character from brooklyn nine nine one day he would write, direct and produce his own horror film. Well, he did exactly that, and while advanced not exactly at the same level Go outPeele’s sensational directorial debut, advanced It’s still a scary good time, leaving us wanting more from the comedic actor.


Lo Truglio’s strong sense of direction and writing make advanced a compelling directorial debut. The development of his tension is immaculate and the way in which Lo Truglio plays with our psyche and that of the character is admirable. advanced, It does, however, get a little sluggish at points and sports a pretty crazy third act, but these dips don’t detract from the otherwise engaging indie horror flick.

advanced follows Kate (Beth Dover), an abused woman who turns to her best friend, Nicki (Ta’Rea Campbell), for help moving on and healing from her traumatic relationship. Nicki’s brother Earl (Ato Essandoh) hires Kate as a fire ranger in the mountains of northern Idaho, allowing Kate some peaceful solitude. However, it isn’t long before Kate’s trauma begins to haunt her, and her isolation forces Kate to deal with reality.

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Joe Lo Truglio’s directorial debut

A comedian’s sense of timing and the buildup of tension seem to be a perfect fit for the world of horror, and Joe Lo Truglio only proves that point true. after observing advanced, it’s clear that Joe Lo Truglio easily cements himself among Jordan Peele, Kevin Smith, and Zach Cregger as one of the best comedians to have gone about directing a horror movie. Como Lo Truglio immediately fills the audience with heightened anxiety as he sets the scene. Abuse is a very sensitive subject, and instead of hitting the audience over the head with a scene witnessing the abuse, advanced it focuses more on PTSD and the psychological trauma it causes its victims.

Joe Lo Truglio has a keen sense of horror direction. He brilliantly builds audience suspense with a satisfying and terrifying payoff, as well as some pretty gruesome visuals. The story and the way it unfolds is a testament to Lo Truglio’s writing, and even if some of the dialogue can seem a bit corny and sometimes questionable, outposts A solid story and delicate subject matter more than make up for it.

Lo Truglio’s wife, Beth Dover, also known for her comedic roles, makes a grand debut in the horror genre with her gripping performance. Beth Dover delves into Kate’s psyche and trauma to deliver a tough but completely broken character who slowly seeps herself into madness. Joining Beth Dover is an equally compelling cast of actors with Ato Essandoh, Dylan Baker and Dallas Roberts all giving their all to profound effect.

nature is not peaceful

Outpost Review 2023
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In the opening minutes, Lo Truglio places his audience in Beth’s mind and plays on one of humanity’s greatest anxieties: having a room full of people staring at you. This is, of course, a hallucination, which only seems to get crazier and more visceral as the movie progresses.

Speaking of said hallucinations, these visions work very well to keep the audience hooked and on the edge of their seat throughout the ride. Audiences will find themselves, just like Kate, grappling with reality, which will lead to some pretty spooky scenes and some shocking plot twists towards the end of the film. At some point, the movie slows down a bit, however, hallucinations and traumatic visions will pull the audience back in.

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Outpost has a crazy third act

Outpost 2023
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For the most part, advanced it’s kind of a slow-paced kind of movie where Kate slowly seeps into madness. Lo Truglio does a decent job of showing Kate’s dissociation from reality, which will keep audiences hooked throughout the film.

However, the film’s third act quickly shifts gears and portrays the characters in a whole new light. From there, the movie is violent, fast-paced, and just plain manic. Sadly, this drastic change in pacing is a bit jarring, and upon first viewing it can be incredibly disconcerting. However, for some, as the third act progresses, audiences will learn to just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

advanced theatrical and on-demand releases May 19 from Gravitas Ventures.

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