‘Our latest Emmy nomination shows that game adaptations are getting respect

It doesn’t take a fan of video games to tell you that Our last thing, HBO’s adaptation of the Naughty Dog game series of the same name, is something special as its first season draws to a close. Joel Miller’s Cross Country Journey (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) in America the destroyed Cordyceps made for interesting, riveting, and often sad viewing. It should not be a real surprise then, the series was nominated for a few Emmy awards. By “few,” it’s more appropriate to say 24 nominations in total, something that many televisions just can’t claim.

But what is this crown moment for Craig Mazin And Neil DruckmannAdaptation of real means? To be clear, it’s a big sign of change in both the movie and game industries, and it can’t be overstated.

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‘Our final Emmy nomination represents a seat at the table

Ellie and Joel look in the same direction in The Last of Us.
Image via HBO

Since video games entered the mainstream in the past decade, there have been countless film studios and television lineups to create adaptations, although many of them are for the benefit of cashing in on intellectual property. Over the course of the late 20th century and into the 21st century, we’ve seen a variety of video game adaptations in the live-action space. There was head-scratching and laziness Super Mario Bros., Paul WS AndersonThe effort to make Mortal Kombat, Resident EvilAnd Monster Hunter The series into blockbusters, as well as many recent adaptations such as Our last thingParamount’s television iteration HelloYes Simon McQuaid– Restoration of the lead Mortal KombatAnd the upcoming rendition of Twisted metal For Peacock. Even the Naughty Dog There is no schedule The series has made its way to the silver screen, there Tom Holland starring Nathan Drake protagonist.

That is only in the practical area. Animated films are just as prevalent, if not more so, in 2023 The movie Super Mario Bros raking in profits that will be worth an endless supply of extra lives. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s enduring mascot, even had two successful movies of his own. The difference between these two examples is that they fall into the often mocked stereotype that video games are only for children, and the assumption that there is nothing much to gain in the title or contribute to the cultural vocabulary. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as games have sparked social and cultural criticism for decades.

Difference with Our last thing It is the same writing that made the game series popular on the big table that translates almost to television, thanks in no small part to the dedication of the cast, crew, writers, directors, producers, and Druckmann’s direct involvement as a collaborator. – Creator of the game. As for the first argument, the television community that isn’t big on video games for the most part has realized that an art form that was once considered a children’s favorite can also make for memorable and unmissable television. This has been strengthened with the number of viewers, a Our last thing drew 30.4 million viewers, HBO’s highest mark since the season last of. Game of Thrones.

‘The Last of Us’ has been impressive

the-last-of-us-keivonn-woodard_0 (1)
Image via HBO

Our last thing Rightly awarded for its achievements to the dress of the Emmy in various categories from the outstanding lead performance for both Pascal and Ramsey, to the outstanding drama series, down the list of distinguished guests for seven separate actors, make-up, music composition, title design , sound editing, and more. One must assume that the first season of this adaptation will win more than a few times when the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards may begin in September, but what does this mean? Of course, not every success of game adaptation can be attributed Our last thingThe success of. This is true, but the success of the show has shown both viewers not interested in the game and executives who are looking for future projects in which video games can be translated into television and movies and become something special.

Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic tales set the bar for what future adaptations could do, and there’s plenty of room for other IPs to make their mark in the space. HBO’s presentation of one of the most memorable video game series of all time has opened the door to more possibilities in the coming years and has opened the eyes of everyone who still converts video games in movies and TV as just a cash grab or method. To keep the children entertained on weekends. Our last thing Become a milestone that may continue into the next season, but its success shows that it doesn’t have to be the last. Not all games translated into movies or TV will meet this high score, however Our last thingEmmy nominations give those future nominees a seat at the table to be recognized and given the utmost attention.

‘Our latest success is a great testament to the gaming space

Image via Santa Monica Studio

It is not fair to look at only one side of this important opportunity Our last thingThe nomination will certainly influence the video game industry as well. Thanks to the advancement of technology, games have become more cinematic than they have ever been before. Breathtaking landscapes are accompanied by incredibly realistic character movements and facial expressions. AAA voice actors bring the writer’s vision to the fore through intense dialogue and speech that can set a fire in the player’s gut. Many games incorporate a cinematic quality into their presentation as much as possible, something that has been ongoing since the beginning but has gotten better over time. For the game community, the great success of Our last thing has led to the feeling of finally being accepted. For as long as video games have existed, there has been an ongoing debate about whether they are an art form or just entertainment, but the conversation certainly seems to have quieted down recently. It is difficult to play games like God of War: Ragnarok, Loss of judgmentOr Death Stranding And do not know that these topics are punched above the weight level of the assumption of mindless entertainment.

Our last thingThe recognition of several Emmys (and let’s be honest, a hypothetical win in some categories, at least) should only provide more inspiration for game developers to invest a large amount of money and talent into the game in an effort to create a cinematic experience. fans will remember for years to come. And if these games end up being adapted into TV or even feature films, the potential will be there to hit that sweet spot and create something universally loved regardless of whether it’s simply played or watched. We can see the game pipeline with this movie taking shape, as the number of video game adaptations has ballooned in recent years compared to what we saw happening on the production schedule just ten years ago.

Will all these projects achieve critical acclaim? Of course not, but the willingness to take a chance is one of the most inspiring things the gaming community has seen, and if they have anything to say about it, there is a long list of sets ripe for adaptation thanks to years of abundance. and character development. From the growth of high imagination Elder scrolls Series for social consciousness and drama (manic) now of Metal toolsFrom the Hero’s journey of symbols The Legend of Zelda with indie lovers like Hotline Miami Or Disco Elysium (The latter was picked up by Amazon Studios). The gaming industry is on top of a veritable gold mine of content ripe for adaptation, and this will only increase as the years go on and more series and standalone games make the jump to the movie to become a critical and commercial success.

The gaming industry certainly stands in the fiscal interest as well. Many fans of HBO Our last thing Was so impressed by the final product that they dove into the game series for the first time. Nintendo’s product sales increased significantly after its release The movie Super Mario Bros, and even as a longtime video game lover myself, I can attest to the fact that few things reignite interest in a game series more than seeing it thrive in other forms of media. Additionally, having friends and acquaintances get excited about the same moments you’ve experienced in televised games and movies is a testament to the perceived adaptability of gaming. There has been a backlash between the gaming and film/TV industries that has grown stronger in recent years. , and both the industry and the fans of their content stand to benefit. Studios and streaming platforms make their profits, inspired viewers are forced to buy the game that started it all, and the bridge between viewer and player gets a little shorter each time.

Hats off Our last thing showrunners and all members of the production from top to bottom of the series ‘Emmy nominations. Regardless of the final result when it comes to victory, the series has already won hearts and minds, and the future looks bright for video game developers who wish to cross the boundaries of consoles and PCs to reach new levels. Our last thing opened the door; All that’s left is for projects to wade through it and show the world what stories they can tell.

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