Original ‘Ahsoka’ Star Urges Fans To Watch ‘Star Wars’ Animation For ‘Crucial Backstory’

a Star Wars Fans are patiently waiting for the premiere of the two episodes Ashok Next month, the original voice behind the fan-favorite character has some advice for those who may be meeting the Jedi hero for the first time. There are animated features for both The Clone Wars And Rebels Star Wars, Ashley Eckstein is encouraging viewers to re-watch these titles so as not to miss the characters’ “important backstories”. Ahsoka debuted in 2008 as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, and met with a cold reception from fans, however, the character would become beloved as she matured into a Jedi Knight.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Eckstein urged new fans not to skip Ahsoka’s live-action adventure, saying, “I recommend it to anyone who’s excited for what’s to come. Ashok series, I recommend you take the time to see Clone WarsAnd watch Rebels Star WarsAnd even Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. Because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on an important piece of history that you really need to know to enjoy it. Ashok series, which is very exciting.” The character plays an important role in The Clone WarsThere is her appearance in The rebels ending a devastating battle against her former master. Ahsoka will also appear in three of the six Tales of the Jedi Episode.

While Eckstein is excited about what the future holds for Ahsoka, she reminds fans that without the context of the character’s journey and growth throughout. Star Wars‘ Moving subjects, they will experience only half as much as the effect. She continued, “We’re going to get a lot of new and amazing stories, but without that backstory, and a full understanding of who Ahsoka is, and even who the other characters are, you’re not going to have the richness or the depth. The understanding and appreciation of what’s going to happen in a series that doesn’t have a backstory, so I’m very grateful that Clone Wars And The rebels And Tales of the Jedi on Disney Plus.” The actor added, “Every chance I get, I tell fans, ‘Go watch it and drink it before you watch it. Ashok set. It’s going to be really important.'”

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka holding the lightsaber in the Ahsoka trailer
Image via Disney+

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Want to see?

If you are too short on time to binge 133 episodes of The Clone Wars and 75 episodes of The rebels before Ashok‘s premiere on August 23, however, do not worry, as Dave Filoni The promised audience “We never want to create a situation where you feel like you have to see these things because then you’re gone. I don’t know how the fans feel, but – do you have to see it? The Clone Wars to understand Ashok? No, you don’t have to see that.” Collider also has you covered, as you can check out a list of the 10 essential episodes of The Clone Wars To see first Ashok The premiere is here.

Ahsoka debuts the first two episodes on August 23. Check out the trailer below:

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