Not even Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley can save this sci-fi flop

In 2021, after a decade of writers’ wrestling and months of extensive reshoots, a young adult fiction series is finally being brought to the screen, only to be quickly forgotten.Equipped with such tom holland and daisy radley and based on a very successful book, Chaos walk Potentially one of the teen dystopian classics, it flopped during production and flopped at the box office. So how did this epic story come about? Chaos walkwith such great material and a great cast, and it turns out to be… isn’t it great?

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What is the basis for “Walking in Chaos”?

Tom Holland, Chaos Walking

Movie Chaos walk Adapted from the best-selling trilogy of the same name by the American and British novelists Patrick Ness but seems to be based only on the first book, titled never let go of the knife. The novel tells the story of Todd Hewitt (Holland), a boy who lives in Prenticetown, a small town on an alien planet where the Only men, whose every thought is broadcast outside their heads for all to see. Dubbed “The Noise,” the mysterious phenomenon is allegedly caused by Earth’s violent native species “Spackle,” which unleashes a bacteria that infects all males and kills all females. Even animals make noise, like Todd’s loyal dog Munchy, so the two are able to communicate. When Todd is sent out of town by his adoptive father and discovers that a girl named Viola (Ridley) has no noise, he slowly begins to realize that all may not be as it seems. When Todd and Viola are hunted down by mad preacher Aaron (David Oyelowo) and Mayor Prentice himself (Mads MikkelsenYes, I told you the cast is good), Todd realizes that everything he’s learned is a lie, and Viola may hold the key to revealing just how corrupt Prenticetown and its leaders really are.

Although Chaos walk The series consists of three books, 500 pages each, and even a basic plot synopsis is enough to generate some interest, right? Lionsgate apparently thought so too, and picked up the film rights in 2011. April 2012, Charlie Kaufman was hired to write the script, and worked with the screenwriter Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and become john malkovich Now on board, it seems Chaos walk On the way to success.Come the following September, the famed filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (back to the Future, Forrest Gumpetc.) are negotiating to direct the film.Unfortunately, both venerated names left Chaos walkby 2014, jamie linden and many other screenwriters were brought in to revise the script, and in 2016, the director Doug Liman Locked in to take the helm of this already troubled ship.

Why is Chaos Walking so late?

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley
Image via Lionsgate

Despite a rocky start in pre-production, series darlings Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley joined the cast in 2016 as two leads, alongside stars such as legendary villain Max Mikkelsen, Cynthia Erivo, and Nick Jonas It soon followed suit. Chaos walk All the pieces needed to kick off the next hit teen franchise are now in place (or so they thought), with principal photography taking place between August and November 2017.Long story short, six years of pre-production and three months of filming don’t seem to be paying off, and after test screenings, Lionsgate believes Chaos walk “Can’t be released.” The film required extensive reshoots in 2019, which were delayed due to the popularity of Holland and Ridley, who were filming at the time Spider-Man: Far From Home and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerrespectively. Chaos walk finally crawled across the finish line for a 2021 release and made about $30 million on a $100 million budget.

Why did Chaos Walk fail?

Tom Holland in Chaos Walking

To be fair, when Lionsgate bought the rights to the film Chaos walk 2011 was a golden age for YA fiction adaptations, and dystopias in particular.the studio thinks there might be a next Hungry Games It’s on its hands, and there’s really no reason not to believe it.However, after a chaotic production that took 10 years to complete, the YA moment kind of lost steam, let alone Chaos walk It was quietly released a year after the global pandemic.

Furthermore, the central idea behind Chaos walk It would be very difficult to portray on film. Even in the books, noise is a confusing concept, as a stream of consciousness, as a pictorial display of memory, or as a weapon if need be. In film adaptations, almost every performance has to be done in two parts, one with the physical performance and another with the noise superimposed on the recording. In film, noise has seemingly endless capabilities, like conjuring fences or realistic projections of real people. Preacher Aaron’s epic role is greatly reduced in the film, his noise somehow looks like flames, and Todd’s noisy babble becomes tiresome, bordering on comical by the end of the film ( Take a picture every time he says) “Yellow hair!”). However, the film adaptation takes excessive liberties in every way, and its eerie portrayal of noise is just the tip of a very complicated and disappointing iceberg.

How does the movie compare to the book?

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley in Chaos Walking
Image via Lionsgate

Chaos walk Some major changes were made to the source material, making the final product almost unrecognizable as the same story. Now, Patrick Ness, author of the books, who is also credited with writing the screenplay, says “movies are remixes” and some things had to change when adapting such detailed source material. That’s fair enough, but some of the things the filmmakers chose to omit dramatically changed the story, and they left out some inherent elements in the book that would certainly be fun on screen.

For example, one big change in the movie is that there are no noises for the animals. In the book, Todd’s dog Munchy can communicate with him simply, which makes both readers and Todd form a strong bond with this little companion. Manche’s bewildered plea for help made his death all the more heartbreaking when he was later brutally killed while protecting Todd from Aaron. In the movie, Munch doesn’t speak, but just goes with the flow, being dragged by Todd through the forest until Aaron drowns him in the river. Munch is valiantly portrayed by a terrier named Winston – who certainly doesn’t get paid enough for the show – but depriving the dog of his voice makes the moment of his death less interesting to the audience and to Thor. The influence of morality has been greatly weakened.

As previously mentioned, the character of Preacher Aaron is also almost completely undercut in the film. In the book, the twisted man is bitten and stoned by an alligator in his search for Todd and Viola, whereas in the movie he’s just… there? Chaos walk Cut out some of the book’s most intense scenes, which take place between Aaron and Todd, with the former gradually torn apart but refusing to die, hoping Todd sacrifices his morals and kills him. Not only does this relationship in the book provide terrifying imagery that would be great in the film, but it also presents a fascinating moral dilemma about what it means to be a man. Aaron was eventually killed by Viola, who stabbed Aaron in an attempt to save Todd and prevent him from doing it himself.

All the depth in the film is sacrificed for some weird additions, like the movie where Tom Holland walks naked into the river and punches an octopus so that he and Daisy Ray Deli can have it for lunch. . Other important elements are similarly omitted, from Todd’s deep relationship with his father to Viola’s being shot, and the fact that Mayor Prentiss doesn’t die but becomes the leader of another town and nearly dies. In the film, the plot is inexplicably changed, with the villainous Mayor Prentice serving as Todd’s mentor, and Todd’s entire journey of self-discovery is basically cut to serve him and An unfulfilled romance between Viola.

Ultimately, although Chaos walk It definitely pales in comparison to the book it’s based on, and we can appreciate the arduous journey the cast and crew have had to make it happen. At the same time, we can also admit that the production team seems to be more inclined to gather a group of high-profile actors than to fine-tune a script that is obviously anachronistic. Basically, it’s too bad the film neglects to delve into the book’s rich themes of gender politics, colonialism, and redemption in favor of showing us Tom Holland’s ass instead.If the adaptation was more faithful to the book it’s based on, perhaps Chaos walk Could have joined the ranks of other great dystopian powerhouses instead of being a failed starship that burned up before anyone could see it.

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