‘No Suffering’ Review: Jennifer Lawrence Laughs in Raunchy Romantic Comedy

Jennifer Lawrence is hilariously raunchy and surprisingly relatable in this sweet sex comedy. don’t take it to heart The Oscar-winning actress was having bad luck in beautiful Montauk, New York. She owed a large fortune in property taxes and was about to lose her late mother’s house.

A desperate ad on Craigslist by a wealthy couple appears to be the easy solution to her financial woes. advertise? Dating a Buick with shy and introverted son. What started as a quick lure turned into a daunting task. The protagonist discovers that her hapless lust object actually wants romance and friendship first and foremost. They are forced to face uncomfortable truths that have been an obstacle to happiness.

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Maddie Barker (Lawrence) wakes up to find her car has been towed. Her spooky ex-boyfriend Gary (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) isn’t too happy about repossessing the property. He was just doing a job for the city, but felt betrayed and hurt by her unexpected abandonment. Maddie uses her charm to rekindle an old love. It almost works until Gary sees her latest one-night stand in his men’s thong.

Angry Maddie puts on roller skates to work as a bartender at the dock. Just minutes before opening, she refused to serve a wealthy tourist. Maddie despises the wealthy New York City elite who come to Montauk for the summer. That’s why her wealth taxes are so high. Maddie never left her hometown. She is determined to save her house at all costs. That meant buying a car, since Maddie spent most of her life making a living for tourists as an irate Uber driver.

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Her pregnant bestie (Natalie Morales) and goofy surfer husband (Scott MacArthur) found the solution on Craigslist — helping a shy butterfly break out of its cocoon and Get a sweet Buick in return. But is Mattie willing to sell herself to an inexperienced virgin for a car? Suddenly, she belittles her previous experience dating a loser. How difficult is it?

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Maddie heads to a stunning mansion on roller skates. Laird (Matthew Broderick) and Allison (Laura Benanti) Baker care deeply about their son. Nineteen-year-old Percy (Andrew Bart Feldman) has never had a girlfriend or any friends. He just sits in his room and plays video games. Percy didn’t even have a driver’s license. How could he go to Princeton and become a hermit? Maddie swears she’ll “try hard to date Percy.” His parents are ecstatic, but warn him that he will never learn the truth about their hiring of her.

don’t take it to heart Originally premised on its comedic glory. The problem is that Percy isn’t your normal raging hurricane of teenage hormone angst. McGrady bluntly wants to dig into his tights, but is quickly rebuffed. She was flabbergasted that an apparently horny guy didn’t take the opportunity to dance the horizontal tango. Every man she met couldn’t unzip his pants fast enough. Sensitive Percy finds her attractive but doesn’t want to engage in meaningless sex. His first time has to be with the one he loves. Maddie mistook carnal desires as the key to Percy’s character. She needs to be his friend before she can be his lover.

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Mattie is a strong character who will bulldoze her way to get her way, but will run like a rabbit at the first sign of real intimacy. She is so beautiful. Any heterosexual man with appearance, she can capture. Her problem is how to overcome the strong exterior. Percy also has this trait, but is not strong or expressive. He was a bullied kid with zero confidence. Dating a sexy woman older than him was simply unthinkable. He wants to understand why she likes him and not just jump in the sack. Lawrence and Feldman have great on-screen chemistry. When characters develop a real connection, they become more convincing.

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don’t take it to heart There are bursts of laughter when flipping the ages script. Rarely do you see an unabashedly sexual comedy about a young man being wooed by an older woman. The second phase of Maddie’s plan involves actual dating. She is severely punished by young women. Percy’s peers couldn’t believe he was with the “cougar.” That’s ridiculous in itself, since Lawrence isn’t even 30 yet. But cruel sarcasm and sarcasm on social media are harmful anyway. Maddie gets a taste of Percy’s high school experience. She realized why he was so timid and lacked confidence.

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don’t take it to heart The comedic momentum is lost in the third act. This is intentional, as the film attempts to take a more thoughtful turn. Provocative sex gives way to hurt feelings and apparent determination. Percy has a predictable reaction to her deception. Of course, McGrady has also grown a heart and conscience after her passionate pursuit. She likes Percy and cares about him. It’s more interesting to take a different strategy at this point. Percy has a certain maturity. Imagine if he had guessed her motives, knew it was too good to be true, but went for a ride anyway, maybe to find himself.

Two aspects of this movie won me over early on. Jennifer Lawrence goes all out with physical comedy. She made no secret of the indecent aspects of her character. The naked fight scenes will keep you on edge. There’s also the Hall & Oates rock soundtrack, beloved by ’80s fans. As I write this review, I’m still listening to “Maneater”.

don’t take it to heart is a production of Columbia Pictures, Saks Films, Odenkirk Provisiro Entertainment and Excellent Cadaver. Sony Pictures will release it in theaters on June 23.

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