‘No Regrets’ Better-than-expected Domestic Box Office Opening Weekend

Glad to have you back, J-Law. jennifer lawrence’Returning to the big screen this weekend in the form of don’t take it to heartis a big, expansive, raunchy coming-of-age comedy from Sony and Columbia Pictures that the studio hopes will be a catalyst for an R-rated theatrical release as audiences readjust to a post-pandemic world. Initial signs are very positive.

Lawrence will play Maddie Barker, an Uber driver living in Montauk, New York. When Maddie’s car is repossessed, her financial problems escalate, pushing her to the brink of bankruptcy. However, a silver lining came when she saw an ad for an interesting, unconventional job opportunity on Craigslist. The proposal comes from a couple concerned about their 19-year-old son Percy and his apparent disinterest in dating and intimacy. In exchange for Maddie dating Percy and introducing him to the world of adult relationships, his parents promised her a Buick Regal, offering a potential solution to her financial woes.

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As the weekend approaches, don’t take it to heart The premiere was originally expected to be around $12 million. Beyond those predictions, however, the risqué film also contains the following: Andrew Bart Feldman as Percy, Matthew Broderick as Percy’s father, and laura benanti As Percy’s Mom is currently projected to debut at around $15 million.

Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie in
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Lawrence shows her all

The film has an approximate 67% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and, more importantly for the studio, an 88% audience approval rating and a 4-star PostTrak rating. While critical reception has been somewhat mixed—although Collider found the film well worth seeing, lauding Lawrence as a “comedy giant” in it—there is almost universal agreement that the film stands on the strength of its female lead. .

Lawrence has been out of the limelight since her original breakout years, and finally she’s silver linings Playbook. Considered someone so funny and down-to-earth, it’s almost surprising that this is her first outright comedy film – and that’s likely where she’s headed.

Her portrayal of Maddy is layered, nuanced, broad and subtle, and most importantly, she fully embraces and embraces the character — and no scene encapsulates that more than when Maddy and Maddy are in the middle of the film. Percy decides to go skinny-dipping at midnight. We’ve seen scenes like this before – two characters get into trouble and some drunk kid steals their clothes.

As pictured, the aftermath was horrific, with Lawrence dashing out of the sea in her birthday suit and proceeding to beat up three children who had the audacity to ruin her day. It was this display of fearlessness and no ego that made her a star. There will be more of these in the future.

You can view the trailer don’t take it to heartshowing now in theaters below.

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