‘Nimona’s main characters, ranked by likability

Based on the popular graphic novel, nimona Tells the story of the dynamic duo of the titular Nimona and exiled ex-knight Ballister Bordheart. Nimona is always looking for excuses to cause mischief and mayhem, while Daredevil is still trying to solve the mystery and clear her name after being framed for the Queen’s murder. Together, the two set out on a journey back to the kingdom to clear Dauntless and ensure that they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go.

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Futuristic and medieval combined world nimona The book is full of interesting characters ranging from happy and full of heart to dark and grim souls. Even in addition to the main duo of Nimona and Boldheart, there are many other important citizens of the kingdom, each of whom has an important influence on the current story and mystery.

9 director

Frances Conroy to play director in 'Nimona'
Image via Netflix

dubber Francis Conroy, the dean is the leader of the elite knight academy and became the de facto leader of the entire kingdom after the death of Queen Valerin. She’s a character fueled and defined by her love of Gloris’ ideology, which keeps the kingdom sealed off and safe from the outside world, destroying anyone and anyone who threatens the commune.

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As the film goes on, the director’s efforts to uphold her flawed ideology grow more and more despicable, from killing the queen for Barrister’s title, to trying to kill Ambrosius in order to suppress the truth. Of all the main cast’s roles, she’s the only one who doesn’t show any real signs of remorse or positivity, playing the film’s true ideological villain.

8 Sir Toddise “Todd” Sulbride

Baker Bennett as Todd Sureblade Standing at Nimona with a group of knights
Image via Netflix

Sir Todys “Todd” Sulbride voiced by Baker Bennett, a knight of the Academy who was hostile to Ballister due to his poor birth even before his banishment competition relationship. He relished the chance to defeat Ballister after he was banished from the kingdom, always willing to go into battle with an overconfident attitude.

Todd is the typical low-IQ bro archetype, but transformed into a futuristic medieval setting, creating all sorts of great comedic moments at his expense. He’s far from a likable character that’s truly worthy of audience support, but Bennett brings the would-be frat boy to life in the best possible way, filling him with every screen appearance. Comedic fun.

7 Glores

Still from the movie

dubber Karen RyanGlores is a legendary heroic knight who established an elite academy of knights more than a thousand years ago after defeating the “great black monster” and surrounding the kingdom to protect it. Glores’ legacy is felt throughout the kingdom, and her bravery and heroism is what the kingdom strives to be.

For much of the film, Gloris is more of an overarching ideology than an actual character, but in key flashback sequences, we see her origins play out in real time. We see that, as a young child, she was initially Nimona’s best friend, but after the adult townspeople feared and rebelled against Nimona, calling her a monster, Glores joined the townspeople and betrayed Nimona. The character’s opposition to Nimona hits the audience extra hard as they see what great friends they are, yet the mob changes Glores and thus the world forever.

6 Amazapan Davis and Nate Knight

Indya Moore as Alamzapam and RuPaul Charles as Nate on newscast in Nimona
Image via Netflix

dubber India Moore and RuPaul, Amalzapam Davis and Nate Knight are the kingdom’s iconic newscasters and TV anchors who carry the news across the kingdom. Even at the height of the kingdom’s turmoil and pain, the duo provided insight into the state of mind of the entire kingdom on-air.

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While the concept of a news anchor in a futuristic medieval world has a lot of comedic potential. Nimona, the movie doesn’t give these characters many standout moments. While these characters are constant throughout the film, and could be seen as personifications of the evolution of the Kingdom’s thoughts on our main characters, they serve more as containers than anything else.

5 squire diego

Julio Torres as Squire Diego from the film

dubber Julio TorresDiego is an attendant of the elite knights, shy and reclusive, preferring to hide behind the scenes. He soon became the main focus of Ballister’s investigation, as he was the one who gave Ballister the fake weapon used to murder the Queen.

A member of the elite knights, Diego is more timid and coy than the honor-based noble knights, preferring to pass the buck to those closest to him rather than handle it himself. His shy nature and inability to speak up indirectly led to Ballister’s expulsion from the kingdom, and despite his good heart, the character was incapable of doing what was right.

4 Queen Valerin

Lorraine Toussaint as Queen in 'Nimona'
Image via Netflix

dubber Lorraine ToussaintQueen Valerin is queen of the entire kingdom, and she wishes to usher in a new era where anyone can rise up and become an honorary knight. Her plans to make the kingdom better were unfortunately interrupted when she was assassinated at the investiture of Ballister and Ambrosius.

Although she gets relatively little screen time compared to most characters, the queen has an overwhelming sense of grace and caring for the entire kingdom and its people. The choices and decisions made by the Queen don’t just follow the ideology set by Gloures, but it feels like a true leader who is committed to improving life across the kingdom, rather than hiding.

3 Ambrosius loin of gold

Eugene Lee Young as Ambrosius Golden Lion in 'Nimona'
Image via Netflix

dubber Eugene Lee YoungAmbrosius Goldwaist is a modern-day descendant of Glores, champion knight of the entire establishment, and lover of Ballister Boldheart. While to the public he is the embodiment of Gloures’ continued glory and power, he finds it difficult to live up to his ancestral legacy and balance this with his own personal desires.

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Ambrosius is a multi-faceted character who faces a mental block throughout the film as he must seek out his still beloved lover for the murder of the queen, filled with regret and grief. Ballister is the only person he can really talk to about his feelings and experiences, and while he still loves Ballister, he puts his duty to the entire kingdom above his own love and affection. Ending up constantly finding a middle ground, and hesitating to blame Ballister entirely, and finally becoming a hero in his own right, not just Glores’ namesake.

2 Ballister Boldheart

nimona social features
Image via Netflix

dubber Riz AhmedBallister Boldheart is a former academy knight who rose from nothing to become a respected knight, the embodiment of progress and glory anywhere in the kingdom. His glory as a knight is quickly cut short when he is framed for the murder of Queen Valerin at his investiture, forced to live a life of seclusion, and then meets the mischievous Nimona, who decides to help him Prove your innocence.

Ballister plays a great, down-to-earth, relatable character who adapts audiences to a fantastical futuristic medieval world, a character who finds greatness from humble beginnings. The audience immediately cheers him back to success and keeps the glory alive, as we witness the murder through no fault of his. His friendship and connection with Nimona even furthers his positive namesake, as the two bond in a warm and honest way that makes them all the more likable.

1 Nimona

Chloe Moretz as Nimona poses in front of chains
Image via Netflix

dubber Chloe Grace MorrisNimona is a titular irascible shapeshifter who forces herself into Ballister’s life, insisting that she be his aide in his evil deeds against the kingdom. While initially disappointed by Ballister’s continued good nature, she still relishes the chance to sow chaos in the kingdom while attempting to exonerate him and keep the kingdom in trouble.

Nimona is a character who has been wrongly persecuted and belittled by the entire kingdom for over a millennium, leading directly to her comedy, Bugs Bunny demeanor, and love of chaos. Playing by her own rules and philosophies, she stands in stark contrast to the kingdom’s honor-and-glory-based mentality, and creates a hilarious, energetic character who seizes every opportunity she gets. While some of her actions may have been considered overly mean, her annoyance to the entire kingdom was ultimately justified, and her antics were made all the more serious in hindsight.

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