New ‘Blue Beetle’ Images Show DC’s Newest Hero Ready for Action

Every superhero needs a powerful suit to help them defeat any threat that might stand in their way, and blue beetle Ready to meet audiences later this summer.Thanks empire magazineaudiences can get to know the newest DC character about to debut on the big screen with a whole new perspective. Solo Maridunya will play Jaime Reyes, a teenage college graduate whose life is about to be turned upside down when he is granted powers beyond imagination. This origin story will serve as the first step in Jaime’s journey, making him a future regular in the DC Universe.

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After Jaime graduated from college, he decided it was time to return to his hometown. While he hopes life will be peaceful after going through the hurdles of earning his degree as a brilliant teenager, nothing is normal anymore after his encounter with the Scarab. An ancient alien technological device materialized armor around him, turning Reyes into a blue beetle. If the new grad wants to stop The Unbreakable, he’ll have to use his best skills (Raoul Marques Trujillo) so as not to cause permanent damage to their communities.

Even more dangerous for Jaime, if he doesn’t learn how to be a hero fast enough, his family could be caught in the crossfire. Damien Alcazar will play the protagonist’s father, while Adrianna Barranza The hero’s grandmother will be depicted. Family seems to be such an important aspect of Reyes’ life that protecting them at all costs will be one of his top priorities as an amateur hero.Even though the future of the series is always in flux, it looks like Jaime is here to stay, as it has been confirmed that the character may reappear in the future, even if his films aren’t officially considered part of canon Warner Bros. ‘ current plan.

blue beetle
Image via Empire Magazine

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The Future of the DC Universe

When it became clear that DC needed to start thinking about a new direction in character shaping, james gunn and peter safran Hired by the studio to oversee their upcoming projects related to the brand.The first official movie related to the new universe will be Superman: Legacystarring david collenthwaite As a new version of “Superman: Man of Steel”. However, that doesn’t mean this will be the end of the Maridueña blue beetle’s trail. It remains to be seen which upcoming project will give new heroes a chance to continue their character development.

You can check out Collider’s interview with Xolo Maridueña below blue beetle In theaters August 18:

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