Netflix’s Top 10 Best Action Heroes Ranked

If there’s one streaming service (especially action streaming) that has made a name for itself, it’s Netflix. Over the years, the service has developed an absolutely impressive library of fighting game and shooter movies and shows from all regions and all industries. If you like their movies with more punches, kicks and headshots than average, then you might be a little confused as the service has acquired a bad reputation for its killer row of historical figures .

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With all of the great action movies and shows of all time, naturally comes the great action heroes of all time. While audiences are currently in an era where intellectual property itself is often more important than protagonists, Netflix has carved out a pretty good bench for itself and has filled the void admirably. One can only hope that these characters find the iconic status they once did for action heroes of old.

10 Ito – For Our Night Comes (2018)

Joe Taslim stands in front of two men on fire with a shotgun in 'Our Night'
Image via Netflix

exist night comes for us, Ito (Joe Taslim) is a triad enforcer who refuses to kill a young girl in the middle of a job. Targeted for betraying his boss, he must rely on all his underworld connections and fighting skills to keep himself and the girl alive.

raid Casts a long, giant shadow over action movies, and it’s as easy to see as ever The night comes for us. While less focused on sharp choreography and more on splatter, night comes for us Thanks in no small part to its parent film, much of its cast and crew are shared with both attack Movie. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Taslim (raidSergeant Jaka) brings his terrific performance, and any fan of those films will enjoy seeing him in this one.

9 Takeshi Kovacs — “Altered Carbon” (2018-2020)

Joel Kinnaman, Altered (2018 - 2020)
Image via Netflix

exist altered carbonTakeshi Kovacs (Various) is a political operative slash-mercenary living in a cyberpunk dystopia who finds himself embroiled in various mysteries where he usually has to fight through punching or shooting to solve these mysteries.

Kovacs is an interesting example, as he ended up being played by four separate actors over the show’s two-season (and one special) run due to the show’s “re-pocket” gimmick. Of these four, Joel Kinnaman Kovac easily stands out, endowing him with a rare momentum and handling action scenes with extraordinary flair. None of them are bad guys, however, and overall Kovacs is a solid action hero that deserves recognition.

8 Geralt of Rivia — The Witcher (2019-present)

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Image via Netflix

exist that wizardBased on the popular Polish fantasy novel (and CD Projekt RED video game), Geralt of Rivia is a silver-haired monster hunter who travels from town to town on a job killing magical creatures.

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that wizard is a show widely panned by IP fans, but everyone will agree Henry Cavill A near-perfect Geralt. From his imposing stature to his surprisingly charismatic performance, Cavill’s Geralt ends up being an element of the show that no one can complain about.One can only hope that the upcoming third season will transform him into liam hemsworththe result is almost as good.

7 Kate – “Kate” (2021)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in
Image via Netflix

in the movie Katewhose header characters are gaijin An assassin working in Japan finds himself poisoned with polonium by a yakuza boss. She must race against time to find out why she was marked for death before the poison claimed her.

It’s certainly unconventional for an action movie to center around a terminally ill protagonist. It subverts the essence of the standard action movie, making the hero’s failure almost a foregone conclusion. Kate It’s especially interesting from this perspective, because its protagonist is completely watch Mary Elizabeth Winstead Destroying people in this movie is incredibly satisfying, even for those who haven’t had a long-term crush on her scott pilgrim.

6 Trevor Belmont — Castlevania (2017-2021)

Trevor Belmonte, Cepha Bernardez and Adrian
Image via Netflix

exist Castlevaniaadapted from the long-running Konami video game series Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) is a down-on-his-luck monster hunter who finds himself in trouble when Dracula begins invading the world around him.

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Animating motion is always difficult to do well. Done poorly, it’s either completely anemic, leaving the audience barely comprehensible, or overly animated, leaving the audience almost too much to process. Castlevania Finds a perfect middle ground, which allows it to portray Trevor perfectly. While Trevor may not have the most egregious physical feats, he’s one of the most likable action heroes on Netflix’s bench.

5 Andy — The Old Guard (2020)

Charlize Theron in The Old Guard
Image via Netflix

exist old guardAndromache of Scythia, an ancient immortal warrior turned modern-day mercenary, finds her skills tested when the CIA discovers what she and her fellow soldiers are capable of and goes hunting.

It’s a bit difficult to make a fairy action movie without hard restrictions, alas Highlander. old guard, However, it makes up for what it lacks in dramatic tension with plenty of flair. charlize theronAs always, she delivers an incredible performance, throwing her full weight into the film’s bombastic action sequences and re-establishing herself as the queen of the genre.

4 Helmsman – “The Helmsman” (2017)

Frank Grillo as Wheelman
Image via Netflix

exist wheelman, Frank Grillo Play as a getaway driver who finds himself in possession of a stash of stolen money. Stalked by the true owner of the money, and fearful for his daughter’s safety, he must find a way to escape alive.

While this plot summary may sound familiar to fans Nicolas Winding Refn, wheelman no drive. where ryan gosling Whereas the movie opts for slow shots and romantic vistas, Grillo’s film opts for car chases and shootouts. Grillo, as always, handles it brilliantly, proving once again that he is one of the most underrated modern action stars.

3 Matt Murdock — Daredevil (2015-2018)

Charlie Cox as Daredevil
Image via Netflix

exist Daredevil, The first product of Netflix’s short-lived collaboration with Marvel, charlie cox Matt Murdock stars as a blind lawyer by day and a superpowered martial arts vigilante by night.

Although Netflix is ​​no longer DaredevilEven though they’re the home of the new season, it’s still important to remember that they were its original home, and their involvement certainly had a big impact on the show. Fortunately, part of that effect amounts to allowing for incredibly violent and visceral action sequences. While Cox’s performance in the quieter moments is perfectly acceptable, it’s his performance in the show’s famous single-cam action scenes that really shines.

2 David Martinez — Cyberpunk: Edgerunner (2022)

David Martinez with a gun in Cyberpunk: Edgerunner
Image via Netflix/CD Projekt RED

exist Cyberpunk: Edge RunnerDavid Martinez is a teenage boy living in the dystopian Night City who, after his mother dies, discovers an experimental piece of cybernetic hardware and surgically installs it into himself. This thrusts him into a world of rogues, mayhem, and death, threatening everything around him.

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edge runner Is a very atypical action series, David is not a typical action protagonist. For the most part, he’s a sensitive teenage boy, not a natural jerk. On the other hand, however, it makes David instantly likable and likable. When the series does have him do more damage, it feels almost like a tragedy, as if he’s deteriorating from the character he started out in, and the unusual and interesting angles of the genre make David stand out.

Chris Hemsworth,
Image via Netflix

inside extraction dualism, Chris Hemsworth Tyler Rake stars as a mercenary who specializes in rescuing kidnap victims with his (sometimes flaming) fists and gun.

this extraction The movie does relatively little with characters and stories, but definitely not lightly on the destruction of people by Chris Hemsworth.Although it’s definitely different from his more humorous, character-oriented style Thor character, it’s amazing to see these movies keep getting ahead of themselves with the way Hemsworth ended his life. Tyler Rake may not be a great personality, but as a way of promoting wild action, he’s completely unbeatable.

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