Netflix’s The Village: The Ending Explained

Much like the meaning of Noh (a Japanese dance theater art form), which provides an emotional vehicle for characters in movies, Netflix’s village Provide a cathartic experience to the audience through the character’s journey.directed by Fujii MichihitoThis Japanese drama was doomed from the start to be a tragedy, with young protagonist Yu Katayama (Yokohama Meteor) was treated mercilessly by a society that refused to recognize him as a worthy member. In many ways, the garbage disposal plant or environmental center, as the center of the once scenic village of Kamon, reflects the character of the village’s residents, who are proud of the progress made by the facilities built on the village. . The basis of corruption and crime.ending village “Netflix” only cements the ultimate fates of its characters, who keep finding themselves in a losing battle as their past and present constantly create friction.

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“The environment of the village determines the fate of the characters

Kuroki Haru and Nakamura Shido in
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village Located in the mountain village of Kamon, it is now home to a large landfill and a waste processing plant, its main attractions. Yu Katayama, a young resident of the village, has become an outcast from all directions because of his family history. Yu, who works at a waste treatment plant, is mercilessly bullied by his colleagues, especially his manager, Toru Ohashi (Ichinose Wataru), and also village chief and factory owner Ohashi Shusaku (Gu Tianxin). Yu’s life is further troubled by his mother’s alcoholism and gambling addiction, combined with massive debts forcing him to get involved in illegal activities at night at the factory. Along with other workers at the factory, money owed to the gangster Maruoka (Tetsuta Sugimoto), to help dump biohazardous waste into landfills. The crime was carried out under Toru’s supervision and with Ohashi Shusaku’s consent. Amidst all the pain, Yu’s old friend Misaki Nakai brought Yu a ray of hope (Kuroki Haru), recently returned from Tokyo.

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When Yu’s mother gets into trouble after losing all her money at a casino, another key figure in the village emerges. On the way back to pick up his mother, You met policeman Xiaoji (Shido Nakamura) is a friend of Misaki and Yuu. Xiaoji walked towards Yu with a rare friendly gesture, and Misaki also joined the ranks of the two of them. Under the witness of curious Yu witnesses, Yoshi and Misaki break into a performance of Noh, a staple form of classical Japanese dance theater that Yu himself practiced and witnessed his father perform as a child. Later, Xiaoji expressed regret that the children in the village gave up this art form. Nevertheless, he invites Misaki and Yu to the Noh festival. When he got home, he found that both his mother and younger brother Ohashi had visited him. When Xiaoji questions the need for the plant in the village, Ohashi is quick to assert that not everything is dictated by necessity. Xiaoji’s memories of Kamon village are fond, long before this terrible plant grew on the mountain.

Yu finds Misaki’s companion

Yokohama Meteor stars as Yu on Netflix's The Village.
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In the evening, Yu and Misaki attend the Noh festival and witness Yoshikichi performing in traditional Noh costume and the traditional mask worn during Noh performances. Misaki pointed out that everyone’s understanding of Noh is different. Despite the beauty of the art form, Yu seems to have a tragic memory that drives him away from it. When Yu arrives at work the next day, Misaki asks him to be a guide on a children’s tour where she plans to start making the factory more family-friendly. However, Toru is against the idea, stating that Yu doesn’t meet the requirements because his father is a criminal. Although such remarks angered Yu, he avoided confrontation and charged forward, knowing full well that his own existence was powerless. Misaki is well aware of the struggle Yu has endured for so long, and she assures him that she will be by his side as he moves on. Unlike others, she understands that other people’s mistakes cannot be blamed, not even his father’s.

To Toru’s dismay, Yu accepts Misaki’s offer of a new role and quickly becomes popular with the kids due to his public speaking demeanor. However, when Misaki tells him the story of the play “The Pillow of Kuantan,” Yu worries that his change of luck may only be temporary. Kandan’s Pillow tells the story of a man who experiences a reversal of fortune by sleeping on a magic pillow, leading to a life of 50 years of glamorous living, only to wake up one day to find himself back in the hotel where he slept years ago . Experiencing happiness for the first time in a long time, he wonders if his experiences are all part of a dream that might disappear.

Yu became a local celebrity in Jiamon Village

Yokohama Meteor stars as Yu on Netflix's The Village.
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Yu’s luck continued to favor him as he got the chance to appear in a TV show featuring a children’s tour. Despite opposition from the villagers, Misaki and Ohashi’s support helps Yu grab a TV seat. Ohashi also canceled Yu’s night shift because he didn’t want the factory starlet to be found involved in illegal activities. Yu’s sudden attention makes Toru not only jealous of Yu, but also attracted by Misaki, and takes extreme measures. During a late-night unprovoked visit to Misaki’s house, Toru shows Misaki photos of Yu disposing of biodegradable waste, trying to convince Misaki that Yuu is a criminal like his father. When Misaki doesn’t trust his strategy, he tries to impose himself on her while filming the ordeal on his phone. Fortunately for Misaki, Yu arrives in time to save her from Archer’s crimes. However, he ends up being the victim of Toru’s wrath, as Toru finds it difficult to understand that Yu has become the Chosen One.

Toru’s anger leaves Yu in a bad state, but Yu somehow manages to make it to the next day’s TV coverage. Yu covered her scars with makeup and impressed everyone with her natural charm. In no time, he became everyone’s favorite, especially for his role in bringing more attention to the village and its local attraction, the Environmental Centre. At the same time, it is revealed that Toru has been missing since the day he had an altercation with Yu. Suddenly, things start to go from bad to worse as Misaki’s younger brother Keiichi (Sakuma Ryuto), found biohazardous waste at the landfill and decided to report it to Kokichi, who attacked the landfill at night. Previously, Daqiao had handed over responsibility for the mess to Mr Yu after it was discovered that the water around the landfill had been polluted by illegal dumping.

Ohashi pretends not to know about these illegal activities in front of his younger brother Xiaoji, and begs Yuu to save the worsening crisis. Kokichi, however, points to the wrongdoing because he had seen the same pattern a decade ago when some residents of the village protested the establishment of the factory. The protesters were ostracized and bullied, and one of the protesters, Yu’s father, murdered an official before setting himself on fire. A proper investigation was not conducted, and soon after, Xiaoji decided to leave the village. When Ji decides to confront his brother about the illegal dumping, Ohashi still refuses to admit the mistake. Moreover, he was indifferent to the progress of the missing son’s case.

Meanwhile, Ohashi’s new manager, Yu, finds himself haunted by the past again, as Maruoka threatens him not to let the police know his name. Recent events reminded Woo of Katan’s pillow again, and he witnessed his dreams shattered. To make matters worse, the police found Thor’s body from the landfill. This discovery made Yuu lose his cool for a while, but he found a way out when he realized that Keiichi already knew the truth about Toru’s death. Yu decides to have Qing lie to the media that he saw Che being taken away by men for his involvement in illegal activities. But Yu’s intimidation scares Keiichi, causing an accident and Keiichi loses consciousness.

To make Yu even more distressed, Misaki tells him that she will be leaving the village, despite Yu begging her not to. Back at the police station, because Tolu’s mobile phone was recovered, Xiaoji found out the truth about his brother’s death, because he had photos of You participating in the illegal dumping of garbage and a video of Tolu trying to violate Misaki’s land. Eventually, the events of that fateful night are revealed, and it becomes clear that Misaki was the one who killed Toru in order to save Yuu. Later, Yu saves himself and Misaki by dumping Toru’s body in a landfill.

What happened at the end of The Village?

Ryûsei Yokohama stars as masked Yu in Netflix's The Village.
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Unable to accept his actions, Yu goes to the bridge and confesses his crime. But when he heard from Xiaoji about the evidence found in Che’s phone, he was surprised to find that Daqiao had already found out the cause of Che’s death. Yet an even bigger shock hit him when he saw Ohashi expressing relief over the death of his son, who had been causing him pain. Ohashi suggests that they stick to their version of the story to defend themselves and cover up Yu’s role in Toru’s death, which makes Yu wonder if similar cover-ups have been used to cover up the truth behind his father’s death. Daqiao laughed and revealed that in order to protect the village, the sacrifice of his father was required. He then goes on to suggest another sacrifice in the form of Misaki and asks Yu to place all the blame on her.

Furious and distressed by Ohashi’s suggestion, Yu suffocates Ohashi to death and then sets the house on fire, just as his father is rumored to have set his own house on fire. Unbeknownst to You, the fire eventually engulfed Xiaoji and Ohashi’s elderly mother, as well as Ohashi. Just when You was about to leave the burning house, Xiaoji came to the scene and yelled helplessly, just like You felt, he knew that there was no turning back on the road he had already embarked on.

although village Not much is said about Yu’s fate after the tragic climax, Keiichi is seen leaving the village for good in the end credits, which might imply that given that he has lost the hero Yu, there is no reason for him to stay. As someone who cannot stand wrongdoing, Keiichi’s departure may also have sealed the faith of the village, where salvation remains a distant dream, like Yu’s. netflix village Images of the Noh art form and waste treatment plants are used as two contrasting images of the present and the past. In this context, the tragic ending serves as a warning beacon lest society continue to ignore its past in favor of superficial notions of progress.

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