Most Successful Actor in the ‘Teen Mom’ Series

teen mom and its predecessor, 16 years old and pregnanthas been captivated music video A generation has a history of more than ten years. 16 years old and pregnant Released in 2009, the film follows six teenage girls who unexpectedly become pregnant with their first child.Reality TV is so popular that teen mom A follow-up was made that same year to see how moms go about their lives. Viewers have seen the highs and lows of new moms trying to care for their newborns while graduating high school, paying bills and finding jobs.

Being a teen mom is not easy. Despite the ups and downs and the immense hardships faced by the cast, viewers were able to follow the transformation of the mothers from unprepared to successful mothers. Here’s an overview of the actors who have made huge strides professionally and used their platforms to expand their personal interests.

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farrah abraham made millions


The most successful mom in the history of the series so far, farrah abraham Whether you agree with her decision or not, her net worth is estimated at $5 million. Her MTV career was cut short in 2017 after she starred in an adult movie, but that didn’t stop Farah from creating success.she was one of the first mothers 16 years old and pregnant And definitely the most controversial.she sued Viacom They fired her and received an undisclosed amount of money.farah appeared on the show ex on the beach Season 2 and continues to earn income by being an influencer and from subscription sites like OnlyFans and Cameo.Recently she revealed that Tik Tok She will be on comedy tour.

Chelsea Houska (DeBoer) builds more with her MTV salary


Chelsea Hauska is another lovely favorite Teen Mom 2 And using her success on the show to create a life of luxury. Her net worth is estimated at around $2 million and she currently has a whopping 6.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s well paid on MTV, but her influencer status also helps drive those numbers up. She has not been with the father of her first child, Adam, since appearing on the show.she is currently married Cole DeBoer, they just welcomed their third child in 2021.Chelsea also co-founded Aubrey saysa home improvement company that designs homes by HGTV exhibit, De Boers House. Ten years later, Chelsea left the team to focus on other endeavors.

Maci Bookout expands business with coaching and real estate


Maci reservation Is an OG fan favorite teen mom sky. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 known as March McKinneyAfter that, she continued to increase her salary with her family, including her three children and her husband taylor mckinney. March and Taylor are building a real estate empire, buying three properties in Tennessee. She was also a youth softball and wrestling coach, becoming the first female coach at a major wrestling club. Maci will appear in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Kailyn Lowry’s talk made her money


one of the stars Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry Contributed a lot to her self-growth. The former teen mom, who currently has five children, one of whom she just confirmed she gave birth to in secret, has an estimated net worth of around $1.7 million.karin won’t come back Teen Mom: The Next Chapter And said she makes more money from podcasts than from appearing on the show. She currently hosts three podcasts; Coffee Caravan, baby mama no dramaand barely famous. She also sells clothing and has published five books.Her current published works include pride is better than mercy, love is bubble gum, Hustle and Heart, Hustle and Heart Coloring Book for Adultsand a love letter.

Mackenzie McKee cashes in on fitness passion


Mackenzie McKee from Teen Mom 3 She has definitely made a name for herself after earning money from the show. Her estimated net worth is $1.3 million, but it could be higher due to her influencer status on social media.since her time teen momshe launched her own fitness program called mac body Help someone with diabetes like her. She also participated in four NPC bikini shows and wrote a Straightening My Crown: Overcoming My Royal Mistakes.she won’t come back Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Leah Messer writes and narrates her recipe for success

Teen Mom Leah Maisel 9032-800x445

Another OG, Leah MesserHis net worth is estimated to be just under or close to $1 million.Leah has twin daughters with her first husband teen mom, Corey Simswith another daughter and her second, now ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.She published a memoir in 2020 titled Hope, Grace and Faith. She also briefly worked as a motivational speaker and sold cosmetics for MaryKay and LipSense. she will return to mtv Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

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