Mission: Impossible: The Top 10 Best Villains in the Series Ranked

this Mission impossible The franchise has been an action movie staple since its debut in 1996. The series centers on the deeds of Ethan Hunt (Ethan Hunt) (Tom Cruise), a brave agent of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF). The franchise has become one of the most popular and recognizable in modern cinema, with six films now in theaters and counting, with intricate plots and memorable characters.

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Moreover, the villain in the play myocardial infarction The franchise has played a large role in the success of the series. Each film features a new and interesting adversary, from rogue agents to international terrorists and criminal masterminds. These villains often have personalities, goals, and backstories that make them as memorable and iconic as the protagonists.

10 Sabine Morrow

Sabine Morrow (1)-1

Introduced in Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolSabine Morrow (Lea Seydoux) is a minor character and villain in the film. She was a French assassin who only received diamonds as payment, working for Kurt Hendricks (Michael Enqvist), the main villain in the film.

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Killing Moreau was a mistake, as she has a lot of potential to grow into a powerful villain in the series. Shrewd and perceptive, she saw how Ethan Hunt’s crew tricked her into giving up the code to thwart their goals. Although Sabine is portrayed as a vicious assassin, due to her limited screen time, very little is revealed in the film about how she actually executes this killing.

9 Franz Krieger

Franz Krieger (1)

exist Mission impossibleEthan Hunt recruits Franz Krieger (jean reno) to clear his name by trying to steal a list of secret agents. Krieger is a skilled helicopter pilot, a former member of Mission Impossible Force, and a former crew member of Ethan Hunt. However, he ends up betraying Hunter because he secretly works for Jim Phelps (Jon Voight), the film’s main villain.

He’s initially portrayed as a bad guy, but it’s revealed that he’s actually working against his own gang to protect the world from their dangerous plans, making him a complicated character indeed. Also, thanks to Raynor’s stellar performance, Krieger no longer seems to be a secondary and one-dimensional character.

8 Sean Ambrose

Sean Ambrose (1)

Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott), who appear in mission impossible 2, A former IMF agent who now works with a group of terrorists to obtain a deadly virus.

Although Ambrose is the film’s main antagonist, he’s certainly a pretty bad one in the series. Also, Ambrose was too naive not to see Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandie Newton) was playing him by joining him, lacking any innate creativity in his use of Chimera virus tactics.

7 Kurt Hendricks

Kurt Hendricks (1)

Appearing in the fourth part, Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolThe late actor Michael Nyqvist stars as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedish-born nuclear strategist who seeks to spark a global nuclear war, bringing new life through destruction. era of peace.

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Hendricks was a master manipulator, able to convince the Russian government to launch nuclear missiles at the United States. He’s also a formidable physical opponent, which shows in hand-to-hand combat and can hold his own in a fight with Ethan Hunt. Still, Hendricks isn’t a particularly formidable opponent capable of outwitting Hunter.

6 John Musgrave

John Musgrave (1)

John Musgrave (billy crudup) wasn’t promoted as a villain, so many fans don’t remember him, but he was actually the mastermind behind the entire plot of the third movie. Musgrave was originally introduced in the third installment as a former IMF agent and mentor to Ethan Hunt. Later, he used his influence at the IMF to provide information to Irving Davidian.

Musgrave is a skilled manipulator who orchestrates an elaborate plot to pose as a traitor to the IMF and collaborates with Davidian in order to take advantage of Rabbit’s Foot. Still, he’s the antithesis of Davidian, as Musgrave lacks quick thinking and is quickly murdered by Julia when Ethan outwits him in their final confrontation.

5 Max Misopolis

Max Misopolis (1)

Max Misopolis (Vanessa Redgrave) was hired by a wealthy and powerful arms dealer, Jim Phelps, and his team to facilitate the exchange of stolen lists of undercover agents in exchange for a large sum of money. Mission impossible Movie. She also happens to be the mother of White Widow Alana Misopoliste in the fifth installment (Vanessa Kirby).

She is the only female main antagonist in the series (so far). Misopolis is a formidable foe and a skilled manipulator who can use her wealth and power to convince anyone around her that it is vital to success in her industry.

4 Jim Phelps

Jim Phelps (1)

Jim Phelps is the head of the IMF on a mission to recover a list of undercover agents who have fallen into the wrong hands. Mission impossible. However, as the film progresses, it is revealed that Phelps has betrayed the team and teamed up with the enemy.

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Since Phelps was head of the IMF, his deceitful skills were on display when he obtained the names of agents he wanted to sell to arms dealers, while at the same time fabricating his own death to avoid being implicated. There’s no doubt that Phelps is far smarter than most of the series’ villains thanks to his cunning preparation, but he’s not quite ready to deal with Ethan’s expertise.

3 Owen Davidian

Owen Davy (1)

Introduced in the third issue, mission impossible 3Owen David (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a ruthless arms dealer whose goal is to find and sell to terrorists a strange biological weapon code-named “Rabbit’s Foot”. Later, he kidnaps Ethan Hunt’s wife and demands that Ethan retrieve an item of value in exchange for her release.

Davidian wasn’t the main person behind the war mission impossible 3, but he is the main antagonist because he actively opposes Ethan. In addition, Davidian has many steps planned and shows that he is prepared to use any means necessary, including murdering innocents and using torture, to advance his agenda. On the downside, Davian relies on John Musgrave (billy crudup) as an insider because he lacks the resources to bring down the IMF on his own.

2 solomon lane

Solomon Lane (1)

first introduced in Mission: Impossible – Mystery NationSolomon Lane (Sean Harris) is a former MI6 agent and leader of a rogue group known as The Syndicate, which works to destabilize governments and create chaos around the world.

Because of his intelligence, ruthlessness, and unpredictability, Lane is considered one of the greatest military villains. He’s a master of deception and manipulation, as seen in the way he uses Ilsa Foster’s loyalty and sense of duty to convince Ilsa Foster to work for the Syndicate, and he’s always better than Ethan • Hunter and his team are one step ahead. Plus, Lane’s backstory adds depth to his character, making him more than just a one-dimensional villain.

1 August Walker/John Rucker

August Walker (1)

Appearing in the sixth part, Mission: Impossible 6: FalloutAugust Walker (Henry Cavill) is a CIA assassin tasked with stopping a global catastrophe with Ethan Hunt and his team. However, he was later revealed to be a double agent and an ally of the Apostles, a group formed from remnants of the Syndicate.

Walker is a formidable opponent because he is crafty and can fool the IMF team and Erica Sloan by how he uses craftiness, as well as his physicality. He was also the first to actually put Hunter in danger of dying in a fight.despite not appearing again in myocardial infarction In-universe, Walker remains a well-known villain with many iconic moments.

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