‘Mission: Impossible’ – Dead Reckoning’s Shay Whigham and Greg Tarzan Davis Perform Insane Stunts

whenever a new actor signs on Mission impossible movie, you know at some point they’re gonna take a page out of the movie Tom Cruise Manual and try to perform some stunts yourself.This confirmation comes from franchise newcomer Greg Tarzan Davis and shea butter Whighamthey start to participate in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 A daring chase scene in Rome, Italy.

In an interview with Collider during the film’s premiere, Whigham chats with our Editor-in-Chief Steve Weintraub about how he steered the wheel and started driving through the streets of Rome, while Davis was surprised and panicked and texted his mom so she knew who to blame if things didn’t go well. When Davis joined the conversation, he confirmed he was “terrified.” When he realized there was no stunt driver on set to take the wheel, he broke down, which you can watch above or read the description below:

Collider video of the dayscroll to continue content

“We’re here to make a film, right? I know we have to, you know, go with the flow, get behind Tom[Cruise]stuff like that. We’re sitting in our seats having a conversation, and all of a sudden they put a camera on the hood , and they’re like, “Okay, we’re going to start driving. ’ So I was just on the phone expecting a stuntman to come in, and he started the car, and I was like, ‘What…? I was like, ‘What happened? ’ He said, ‘Honey, I’m driving! “He was driving and nearly killed me, and I texted my mom and I said, ‘Mom, listen, if anything happens, blame Shay!'”

Tom Cruise to play Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible dead reckoning part 1
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Davis didn’t hesitate to admit he was “scared as a kid,” adding that he was also “very, very impressed” with his partner Whigham in front of the camera. Additionally, Whigham revealed that he didn’t do much to prepare for the car stunts, but what helped prepare him was the fact that he was “a good driver with a lot of passion”. And, while he has to do the stunt driving himself, there’s always a stuntman who teaches him “some incredible stunts.”

how Mission impossible With such an impressive location?with a name

Whigham also told Collider that Cruise and Mission impossible director and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie Being so ahead of the curve on stunts, because they’re both producers on the series, they know and prepare the craziest stunts “years in advance”, even before the cast is in place. Meanwhile, the actor credits the duo for being open to suggestions and letting the actors do their own thing: “It makes it so, once we get in there, with someone like (Jasper) Briggs, writing on the page It’s not just that he just goes after Ethan Hunt and brings him in. If I bring something to it, they’re going to love it, they’re going to allow it to happen.”

Tom Cruise rides motorcycle on set with Christopher McQuarrie
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Last but not least, Whigham talks about how to produce Mission impossible The film series was able to film in flashy and busy locations such as the streets of Rome and the Dubai airport which was used as a filming location Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 location before its official opening. Whigham also spoke of his gratitude for filming in these locations, saying, “The Spanish Steps are one of my favorite places on the planet because (John) Keats and (Percy Byshey) ) Shelley. Those are two of my favorite poets, so it has a real history to me.” On how they were able to film in these locations, the actor explained that there is a name that is Irresistible:

“I mean, it’s back to Cruz. If he calls the prince, things will happen. If he calls the mayor of a beautiful city like Rome, I think they’d rather let us open.” Watching Fiats screaming in the street.”

We’ll still have to wait a few more weeks to finally see how Whigham’s stunt at the wheel works, but for now, we can safely accept early reactions that suggest Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 It was worth the wait. The film will premiere in theaters on July 12.

For more on the film, watch our conversation with Tom Cruise.

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