‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’: Tom Cruise Refuses to End Episode One on a Cliffhanger

One of the greatest achievements Mission: Impossible – Partial Death Rethink It is true that the film does not feel As if it was only half of the full story. After the thrilling climax where Tom CruiseEthan Hunt’s motorcycle leaves the mountain — you may have heard of that — and parachutes onto a moving train, a frantic battle for control of the key to the corrupt AI’s heart, which Hunt finally captures before he and his colleague Benji. push (Simon Pegg) drive to plan.

Unlike the previous example, Fast X, the film does not leave our characters in danger, they have a definite end. Ethan and Benji are safe and together, Ving Rhames‘ Luther Stickell is off the grid working on shutting down artificial intelligence systems, and Hayley AtwellYour Grace joined the IMF by talking with Mr. Eugene Kittridge (Henry Czerny) at the peak.

Speaking to Total Film, the director Christopher McQuarrie Confirmed that it was the producer and actor Cruise who were the driving force in the decision to give the story a beginning, middle, and end, saying that Cruise was kept up at night worrying about whether the audience would be satisfied with the way the story ended. Story.

Tom Cruise rides a motorcycle next to Christopher McQuarrie
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Sleepless for Tom Cruise

Emphasizing how long the process took, and how late it was that day before they concluded, McQuarrie added that the farewell seen between Ethan and Grace was more than two years after the film began filming, revealing that Cruise was wearing a suit. wig to cover his new hairstyle for Calculation of death part two. About the film’s climax, he said:

“Where we end the film is where we’ll always end. How we end the film was a huge mystery to us. It kept Tom awake at night throughout production. He would come in all the time and say, ‘This can’t be a cliffhanger, it has to be satisfying.’ The audience must have a feeling to finish.

“Tom keeps looking at that place and he’s all worried about whether it’s going to be a satisfying conclusion or whether it’s going to feel open. We’re constantly revisiting it, constantly improving it.”

“If you leave it with a cliffhanger, it feels a little bit like we’re expecting you to come back,” the director added at the end. “We don’t want that feeling, the feeling that we can achieve – and we hope you feel – is that we dare not to return. We want to leave you thinking, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens. Next.'”

Mission: Impossible – Deadly Reckoning Part Two Will hit theaters June 28, 2024 – SAG-AFTRA and WGA pending. Part It’s currently playing in theaters, and you can watch our interview with McQuarrie here.

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