Mission: Impossible: 10 Badass Female Characters Ranked

It has been nearly 30 years since the first Mission impossible The installment is out, and it’s still going strong. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 Coming out in July, it’s the seventh installment in the franchise’s long-running action franchise.

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However, despite the engrossing plot and action sequences, the actors also acted boldly Tom Cruise, the series is still loved for its well-written and likable characters. Plus, the female characters in Mission: Impossible are a big draw and why fans keep coming back to the show, despite the film’s setting in a male-dominated industry.

10 Claire Phelps

Claire Phelps (1)

First appeared in 1996 Mission impossibleClaire Phelps (Emmanuelle Béart) is a member of Mission Impossible Force and the wife of the force’s director, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight). As the first in a series of the same name, Mission impossible Follow Ethan Hunt as he searches for who he accuses of ordering the killing of most of the IMF’s staff.

Claire is brilliant, quick thinking, and very adaptable as a woman in the espionage industry. She’s a complex character who sometimes lets her emotions guide her, as her relationships with her husband and Ethan show, but that doesn’t stop her from acting morally.

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9 julia mead

Julia Mead (1)

In the third issue, mission impossible 3, Julia Mead (Michelle Monaghan) was introduced as Ethan Hunt’s fiancée and later wife. Julia, a nurse, is unaware of Ethan’s secret life as a spy. When he is forced out of retirement to rescue his former protégé, he is forced to reveal his identity to Julia.

In Julia’s few small appearances on the show, she shows resilience in the face of danger. She’s also smart and insightful, which makes her quickly realize that Ethan is hiding something from her in the third movie. In addition, Julia is also a compassionate person who cares deeply about Ethan and is willing to support him. She’s an unforgettable heroine who defies the clichés of the troubled teenage girl, thanks to a combination of factors that also make her a strong female character.

8 Lindsay Farris

Lindsay Farris (1)

first introduced in mission impossible 3Played by Lindsay Farris Keri Russell, is a field agent working for the Mission Impossible Force, captured and killed by the film’s main villain, Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Lindsay is a relatively minor character in the film, but her presence still has a major impact on the plot and themes of the film. Her personality isn’t explored in depth, but she’s portrayed as a capable, loyal agent willing to take risks to accomplish her mission, making her every bit as tough and resilient as her male counterparts.

7 Alanna Mitsopolis, aka “The White Widow”

White Widow (1)

Introduced in the 2018 film, Mission: Impossible 6: FalloutAlana Misopolis (Vanessa Kirby), also known as the “White Widow”, is a black market arms dealer operating in the European underworld. She also happens to be Max’s (Vanessa Redgrave), the main villain of the first film.

The White Widow is portrayed as multifaceted and complex. She uses her wit and charm to influence those around her. Additionally, she demonstrated her loyalty and compassion by risking her life to save her brother and assist the IMF in its goals. All of this makes her a formidable competitor in this male-dominated field.

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6 Sabine Morrow

Sabine Morrow (1)

Sabine Morrow (Lea Seydoux) is a secondary character Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. She was a French assassin who worked for the film’s main villain, Kurt Hendricks (Michael Enqvist), and only diamonds are accepted as payment.

Although Sabine is presented as a ruthless assassin, there is little in the film to show how she does so, despite her devious, ruthless attitude and insight. Sabine’s information is her most valuable asset, and she uses it well to win her favor, making her a very powerful player in the game.

5 Max Misopolis

Max Misopolis (1)

The main villain in the first installment of the series, Max Mitsopolis, a former British Army colonel turned powerful arms dealer, hires Ethan Hunt and his The team stole top-secret CIA files, but she betrayed them and tried to sell them. Submit to highest bidder.

Max is described as a cunning, ruthless man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. She is also an expert at manipulation and can use her wealth and influence to influence anyone around her, a key factor in thriving in this industry. Also, because of her masculine-sounding name, intelligence agencies focused the search on men, despite the fact that a woman was in charge.

4 Nia Nordorf Hall

Image-0 (1)

In the second installment of the series, mission impossible 2Nia Nordoff Hall (Thandie Newton) is a skilled thief and former lover of the film’s main villain, Sean Ambrose. She was recruited by Ethan Hunt to help him infiltrate Ambrose’s organization and retrieve a deadly virus that Ambrose planned to use as a biological weapon.

Nia is portrayed as a brave man who doesn’t mind taking risks. Despite her rough exterior, Nia is vulnerable on the inside, especially in her relationship with Ambrose. She was another tough female criminal who succeeded and established herself despite being outnumbered by men.

3 Lei Zhen

real thunder (1)

Zhen Lei (Maggie Q) is an IMF agent who teams up with Ethan Hunt to try and free Lindsay Faris, Hunter’s kidnapped protégé in the third film. After her death, she continued Faris’ quest to pursue the arms dealer.

Although not revealed in the film, Jen is clearly part of Ethan’s inner circle, as she is on the same level as Benji (simon pegg) and Luther (Vin Rhames). She has access to the most private information and joins Ethan on the most dangerous missions, further evidence of her high rank. When she returned she was greeted by director Theodore Brassell (Laurence Fishburne) and a group of armed agents at the end, a reminder of what an important agent she was.

2 jane carter

Jane Carter (1)

Originally introduced in part four of the series, Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolJane Carter (Paula Patton) was part of Ethan Hunt’s team as a skilled field agent on a mission to retrieve a nuclear launch code in Budapest.

Jane used her technical expertise to support the team during the mission, displaying her intelligence and resourcefulness. She also displays unwavering strength and restraint in difficult situations, though she still lets her feelings cloud her judgment at times when receiving revenge. Also, Jane is a genuinely kind person who often puts the needs of her comrades before the mission itself.

1 Ilsa Faust

Ilsa Faust (1)

first appeared in the fifth volume, Mission Impossible 6: Mystery Nation, and reprized her role in the sixth film, Mission: Impossible 6: FalloutIlsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) is a British intelligence agent who initially appears to work for the criminal organization Syndicate. However, it was later revealed that she was working undercover to dismantle the Syndicate from within.

Because Ilsa is a double agent and obviously very dangerous, Ilsa can both benefit from and endure from the criminal world and the intelligence world. Ilsa’s high-profile assignments give us insight into her level of influence. She is also strong and independent, showing up regularly in motorcycle races and never backing down from any challenge, making her just as tough as her male colleagues.

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