Miracle Workers: Doom cast and character guide

The end of the world is coming, but this time, we will welcome it. July 10, TBS original series miracle worker returns for a fourth season.This time, the anthology series tends to mad max Aesthetics, whose latest season is officially titled Miracle Workers: End Times. With the background of the end of the world, end It tells the story of newlyweds Sid and Freya who venture into the era of the suburban lifestyle and put down roots in a small area called Boomtown. However, things don’t go as they hoped, as they soon find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Despite all that life throws at them, the two keep going, supporting each other along the way.

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Miracle Workers: End Times The road ahead of the premiere was a bit bumpy. The fourth season was originally scheduled to premiere earlier this year, with an initial release date set for January 16.Three shows on TBS and TNT have been delayed due to TNET’s programming reshuffle, including end, Lazarus Projectand cube. Since the latter two premiered, end The end of May got a new July release date.

Season 4 is coming, and we’ve compiled a guide for the main returning cast and who they’re serving Miracle Workers: End Times.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Sid

Daniel Radcliffe as Sid in 'Miracle Workers: End Times'
Picture from TBS

Daniel Radcliffe Will play Sid, a road warrior who just married Freya. While Sid loves Freya and is excited to start the next step in their lives together, he soon realizes that not even the end of the world is up to the challenges that lie ahead. Sid and Freya soon settled into suburban life, struggling to make ends meet. So Sid finds a new job at a thrift store, determined to make sure he and Freya can earn a decent living. It may not have been his original intention, but it will help pay the bills (hopefully).

Daniel Radcliffe shot to fame playing Harry Potter in the film series, a role for which he is most recognized.However, Radcliffe has since established himself as a versatile actor, most recently starring in “Weird Al” Yankovic For Roku Strange: The Al Yankovic Story.He is also known for the following features swiss army, now you see me 2and adapting hornwait.On TV, he’s recurring in a new Netflix series scheduling and guest starred in shows including the newly updated Digman!, rick and morty, The Simpsonsand more.

Geraldine Viswanathan as Freya Exaltada

Geraldine Viswanathan as Freya in Miracle Workers: End Times
Picture from TBS

Geraldine Viswanathan Play as the awesome Freya, a warlord, wasteland conqueror and new homeowner. Like Sid, Freya is surprised by the challenges of married life, but that doesn’t stop her turbulent heart. From what we’ve seen before, Freya is more likely to worry about her and Sid’s financial woes. But one little fact about her also makes her proud: her parents belong to the ultra-wealthy 0.001%. Now, whether Freya will seek help is another matter, though she and Sid plan to figure things out on their own first.

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Steve Buscemi as Maurice “Trashman” Rubinstein

Steve Buscemi as Maurice Rubinstein in 'Miracle Workers: End Times'
Picture from TBS

steve buscemi Take on Maurice Rubinstein, Boomtown’s resident trash expert, “Trashman.” As his name suggests, Morris owns and operates a thrift store, a boomtown version of a pawn shop. Even though the whole world was crumbling, Morris still created a strong business. Confident and holding himself in high regard, he’s proud of how he expanded his trash empire and made a name for himself. Morris also doesn’t really seem to care about his employees, more worried about his image and potential tax breaks. He’s Sid’s new employer, and he doesn’t seem to be taking kindly to him.

If you watch any movie or TV show, chances are Steve Buscemi popped up at some point.Throughout his career, Buscemi has become a household name, starring in various iconic films such as Reservoir Dogs and Big Lebowski Smaller indie games such as king of staten islandand animation functions, including baby boss and Hotel Transylvania.In television, Buscemi is best known for starring in the HBO series seaside empire As Nucky Thompson.He has appeared on the show in various capacities such as The Sopranos, 30 rock, horace and peteand Portlandiawait.Buscemi will star in the next film vacation friends 2.

Jon Bass as Scraps the War Dog

Jon Bass as Scrap in 'Miracle Workers: End Times'
Picture from TBS

Jon Bass Play as the best boy on the cast, Scrapps the Warhound. Scrapps takes most things in stride and just enjoys his life and seeks out perks whenever possible, which includes napping and defecating wherever he pleases. Scrap is Sid and Freya’s faithful war dog, and they’ll feed him Scrap whenever they can. It’s unclear how long Scraps has been with the couple, but given his relationship with them, he’s likely been a part of their lives for a long time.

Jon Bass is breaking out in his career, most recently starring in the film among the beasts, which was released earlier this year.He has had recurring guest star roles on several television series, including gray anatomy, She-Hulk: Lawyer, super pumpingand Room 104.Some of his other works include molly’s game, baywatch (2017), and American Horror Story.His next upcoming project is the movie bad schaberswhich will be filmed in December 2022.

Karan Soni as TI-90

Karan Soni as TI-90 in Miracle Workers: End Times
Picture from TBS

Karan Soni Play as a killer robot named TI-90, whose original purpose is to destroy humanity. Something weird is going on in Boomtown, and the TI-90 may or may not be involved. He’s not exactly threatening anyway, because – like many people – he likes to use any excuse to party. In a post-apocalyptic world, you can have as much fun as you can. TI-90 and Freya also become familiar, and TI-90 struggles to understand the relationship between Freya and Sid.

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Miracle Workers: Last Days Guest Cast

Lori Adefopp, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages
Picture from TBS

Although that’s everyone in the main cast Miracle Workers: End Timesthe fourth season will also launch lori adefoup (BBC ghost) as a guest star. Adefopp was one of the main cast members of the first two seasons, playing Rosie in the first season and Maggie in the second. Erin DarkeThe actor who previously appeared in the third season is also reportedly returning, this time playing a character named Holly.The full guest lineup announced Miracle Workers: End Times include Quinta Brunson, Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle Mooney, Ego Nwadim, Paul Tompkinsand Lisa Loebwait.

Miracle Workers: End Times It will premiere on TBS on July 10, 2023.

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