Martin Scorsese almost directed this Steven Spielberg classic

1993 was arguably the best year ever. Steven SpielbergThe profession of. Recover from love now but at the time of disappointment Hook, He breaks new ground with special effects and entertainment with a hot blockbuster Jurassic ParkJust finished the year with another movie that was his peak and personal Schindler’s list. But that almost didn’t happen. In 1991, after a decade of ups and downs, Martin Scorsese Follow his important and personal works, Goodfellaswith the revenge thriller Cape Fear For great financial success. But That Almost didn’t happen as well. Oddly enough, the histories of these two films are intertwined, as Scorsese is at one point determined to point out. Schindler’s list And Spielberg got stuck doing it Cape Fear. How is history resolved? easy The director exchanged films.

‘Schindler’s long journey to the screen

Schindler's list

At the time of its release in 1993, Schindler’s list has been in development for over 10 years. Schindler’s Ship, the book produced for the film’s source material, was published in 1982 and immediately caught the attention of Spielberg. As detailed in Joseph McBride‘s Biography of Steven Spielberg, Spielberg was sent a review of the book by Universal Studios executives Sid Sheinberg, Said, “It would make a helluva story.” Is it true?” in jest. He convinced the studio to buy the rights to the book, but McBride reported that Spielberg was reluctant to direct the film. When meeting the survivors of Schindler’s attempt, Leopard face, in the 1980s Spielberg said it would take him ten years to make the film. But the guilt began to weigh on Spelberg, and he had doubts.

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screenwriter of the film, Steve Zallian, Believe that Spielberg did not think he was ready. In 1994 he said Entertainment week” (Spielberg) does not have children yet. He must understand the Jews. He kept taking it out.” Although other directors, such as Crying in the dark Director Fred Schepisi reportedly told Spielberg, “Give it to me, I don’t think you have the courage not to use a crane and dolly.” This speaks to Spielberg’s fear that he has too much commercial sense to attempt such a difficult problem. Spielberg said entertainment week, “Survivors would come to me in Poland and say, ‘Strange choice,’ and I had a sinking feeling in my heart, (worrying that) the world would not accept it. Schindler’s list From me.” But with the project still on his mind, Spielberg began to turn to his friends.

During its development, Spielberg met with several directors about making Schindler’s list. McBride’s biography reports Spielberg talking to two famous filmmakers with direct ties to the Holocaust, Billy Wilder and criminal cases Roman Polanski. Wilder, who left Austria in the early 1930s, lost his family in a concentration camp and considered the film a possible tribute to their memory. Polanski lived in one of the ghettos and lost his mother at Auschwitz, but he refused. Schindler’s listJust to make later Pianist. Spielberg continued to offer films to his contemporaries, including Sydney Pollack And Brian De Palma (who turned it down,) but found no one willing until his friends Martin Scorsese.

Spielberg’s regrets and uncertainties

Liam Neeson in 'Schindler's List'

“I think Marty will do a great job with it,” Spielberg said Entertainment week In 1994. He felt that his friend, and the director of such a brutal film Roads, Taxi driver, And Raging Bull, will be able to capture the terrible violence that is the truth of the story. Scorsese was attached and hired Zallian to write the script, after two previous attempts. It was a long time before Spielberg regretted letting the film go. As he recalls, “I was given the opportunity to do something for my children and my family about the Holocaust.” And, as McBride details, Spielberg began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the rise of Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazism after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but how would Scorsese feel after spending time on the project?

“I’m worried that I won’t be able to do justice to the situation.” In a recent interview with Deadline, while premiering Killers of the Moon FlowerScorsese discusses his initial involvement with Schindler’s. “I was going to direct it. But I had reservations at some point.” In the late 80s, Scorsese came out of his personal passion for movies The last temptation of Christ, But his passion was met with conflict and it began to take its toll on him. After arguing with many religious figures about the interpretation and retelling of the story of Christ, Scorsese became concerned that he had the right to tell the story. “I know that there are Jews who are not satisfied that the author of Diary of Anne Frank Scorsese did not claim that his actions were sincere but more logical, “It was an old story that the journey had to be carried out by the Jewish people through that world, and I think Steven also learned that.” with both directors interested. In returning to the project, there is still agreement.

An almost clean transition between Spielberg and Scorsese

A Little Girl Walking Alone in Schindler's List
Image via Universal Studios

Despite being friends, the two directors couldn’t just sign on for a movie like Cars, so Spielberg agreed together. In order to regain the rights, Spielberg jointly agreed with the author Michael Crichton and CAA representatives Michael Ortiz To make the film out of the unreleased, Jurassic Park, with Spielberg attached directly. He took the deal with Universal, who still has the right to Schindler’s list, and offered his old friend Sid Sheinberg the set to direct the Holocaust epic. Sheinberg, not stupid enough to make a movie about dinosaurs directed by the guy who did Jaw And Raiders of the Lost Ark, agree to the agreement. There is still one problem, what to do about Scorsese?

Fortunately, Spielberg developed a remake of the 1961 Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck thriller. Cape Fear, and his heart just wasn’t in it. When Spielberg said, “I wasn’t in the mood; It’s as simple as that… I couldn’t find it in me to make a horror film about a family persecuted by a maniac.” He offered the film to Scorsese in exchange for a return. Schindler’s list, and Scorsese accepted. Not only was Scorsese beginning to feel nervous about directing a historical drama, but reportedly wanted something more conventional after two deeply personal projects. The last temptation of Christ And Goodfellas, both a reflection of Scorsese’s spiritual and literary upbringing. The deal was made, and the director continued to make the final film suitable for each.

What could be?

It is not ridiculous to think that the director did not change the project two excellent films will still be made. Scorsese went on to create more than one historical epic Gangs of New York And SilenceAnd Spielberg explored the darker side of his psyche while still creating excitement Ethnic report And Munich. But maybe not! Entertainment week Report script for Schindler’s Developed by Scorsese and Zallian has a lot of content, and it was Spielberg who opened it up not only focusing on Schindler himself. Meanwhile, as reported in the previously cited Far Out article, Spielberg wanted Bill Murray to play the revenge-seeking prisoner, which Scorsese duly cast De Niro. In retrospect, there are no regrets, with Scorsese telling Deadline, “If I did (Schindler’s list), it will not be hit that it becomes. It may be good, that I Can tell you I have some ideas. Most of them are there. I have a different ending. I admire the film very much.”

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