“Manifest” spends too much time on this role and never follows up

netflix appear Follow the passengers of Flight 828, who left Jamaica in April 2013 and somehow, against logic, returned home in November 2018. They were young and had no explanation for what happened because from their perspective, absolutely nothing unusual happened on the flight that would explain the years of their disappearance. Yet, as one might suspect, returning to a life you were thought to be dead—and allowing your loved ones to live on without you—isn’t easy. This is exactly what happened to Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), she discovers that her boyfriend and future fiancé, Jared (JR Ramirez) is married to her best friend Lourdes (Victoria Cartagena). Soon, the situation was resolved and Lourdes quickly left and ended the situation. But, despite taking up more time and having a bigger impact on the first season, one issue that was never fully resolved was the infamous Danny (Daniel Sunyatta).

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Who is Danny in The List?

Daniel Sunjata as Danny in Manifesto
Image via Netflix

when ben stonejosh dallas) took his son Carl home (Jack Messina), he found his wife Grace (Athena Kakanis) has also created a new life for himself in his absence with their daughter Olive (Luna Bryce) …with her boyfriend Danny. Through flashbacks, we learn that Danny and Grace remained in a relationship for most of the time when Ben and Carl were presumed dead. Danny actually stayed with Grace and Oliver when it was announced that their plane was returning. He decided to leave because he saw how complicated the situation had become. Ben and Grace quickly pick up where they left off – well, as far as possible – only to be slightly complicated by Ben’s jealousy of Danny and Grace’s lingering affection for him some.

That said, Grace is loyal to Ben, whom she’s been dating for nearly a decade, and who she wants to fight for in their complicated marriage. In the end, Oliver had the hardest time letting go of Danny. During their years as a family, Danny became Oliver’s father. So while Grace chose Ben at the end of season one – which was cemented in season two when she realized the child she was carrying was Ben’s and not Danny’s – all involved Everyone agrees that Danny and Oliver should continue their relationship. Only, this will never happen.

What happened to Danny after the first season of The Manifest?

Daniel Sunjata as Danny in Manifesto
Image via Netflix

After Grace was summoned and the child’s paternity was revealed, Danny’s name was not mentioned again. Regardless, he no longer exists, has been completely erased from Grace and Oliver’s past. That’s pretty frustrating, especially since season one spent so much time with the character and his complicated relationship with his family. Danny and Oliver’s relationship garnered so much attention that, had the actors been available, they could have kept it off-screen, mentioning and commenting on him in passing. (Just like we often see/hear about Ben and Michaela’s dad.)

Looking back now, watching everything involving Danny feels like a complete waste of time because it added nothing to the show. This could have strengthened Ben and Grace’s relationship, but it just complicated things, especially learning how serious they were and how they would have had the baby if Grace hadn’t miscarried. Danny’s presence weakened Ben and Oliver’s relationship, which is likely why he didn’t return, but it helped Oliver’s development in season one as she struggled with the passenger’s sudden return.

His absence late in the show is puzzling

Daniel Sunjata as Danny in Manifesto
Image via Netflix

So we don’t know what happens to Danny at the end of the show. But even more confusing than disappearing after the first season is the fact that he didn’t revisit the character in any capacity in the final season. After Grace’s death, Eden is kidnapped by the evil Angelina (holly taylor) – Ben checked out appear Season 4 Part 1.Drenched in his grief for Grace and his search for Eden, he leaves Oliver and Carl (now aged, by Ty Dolan) without their parents.Then, in appear Season 4, Part 2, after Zeke’s death, Ben and the other passengers are put in a detention center, leaving his children alone (Matt Long), also. When Ben does escape, he willingly chooses to go back, making difficult choices, ignoring his family’s hardships, and trying to prevent the passenger’s lifeboat from sinking. As such, both occasions are perfect times to revisit Danny, especially as the show revisits moments and characters from past seasons before the passenger’s evil death date.

Danny loves Grace with all his heart and considers Oliver his daughter. As he explained early in season one, he can deal with losing Grace in his life, but he can’t lose his relationship with Oliver. So, confusingly, neither of these circumstances brought Danny back into Oliver’s life. When Ben and Mikaela are dragged to a detention center, she’s forced to come forward, essentially becoming Eden’s mother. She has to work to maintain the home, and since Carl cannot go out, he is not recognized. She was struggling, suffering unspeakable trauma, with no support. Quite frankly, it’s nice to see Danny back to help her, given the relationship between them in season one. It’s even possible to see Danny bond with and support Carl and Eden because of his past love for the late Grace.In fact, frustratingly appear A lot of time was spent on the role early on, to no avail. The opportunity is there, and it will do a lot for the characters and the show (and provide some much-needed relief from some of the trauma the Stone kids are going through).

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