‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Revenge porn plot plays out on social media; Lisa Bloom reportedly contacted by Melody

Social media is hot this week Love and Marriage Huntsville fan.Recently, there has been a lot of noise Melody Sally and Martell Holtex-mistress and current off-screen girlfriend (allegedly), Arion Curry. Shari and Curry never had a good relationship, for obvious reasons, but three years later the conflict is still there, a little too much. The feud is hotter than ever, and now that legal action is underway, fans are wondering just how much will be shown on the reality TV show.

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Martell Holt’s revenge porn episode

Melody Shari and Martell Holt LAMH reunite
Image from OWN

Everyone agrees that any woman who decides to have a serious relationship with Martell is putting her mental health at risk. Next to the word “infidelity” in the dictionary should be a picture of the man. After Martell’s numerous infidelities, Melody leaves him. After a brief reconciliation, it was discovered that he impregnated his mistress Ariana Curry. In 2020, Mel completed and officially filed for divorce. Fast forward to 2023 and the two are in the middle of a hostile custody battle. Rumor has it that Martel threatened to release a sex tape they made during their marriage.

Needless to say, being a pathological liar, he denied that these threats ever occurred. But he also confirmed that these things did happen and said he sent screenshots of the tapes to Melody in an attempt to stop her from discussing him on social media. He promised he wasn’t threatening to release the footage, but it did exist, and he did text that he would release it if she didn’t stop what she was doing in the custody battle. What he didn’t reveal was that he gave the video to his girlfriend Arione. In a recorded audio clip, Arione admitted that Martell asked her to post a video online of Melody performing a sexual act. Arione went on to say she refused to do so and was verbally assaulted when she tried to warn Melodie.

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Melody Shari Tells Arionne Curry to ‘Stop’

Melody Holt Ram
Image from OWN

When Melody addressed the issue live on Instagram, she didn’t mince words. She’s essentially saying that Arione is stupid for holding on to the words of a man who is constantly lying. She went on to mention that Arione raised her children with Martell during the spat. Melody threatens to open a can of whooping cough on Arioni, noting that she’s done it once before and she’d be happy to do it again, and encourages Arioni to come to her. Shortly after quitting Instagram Live, Melody posted a meme singing “You’re going to jail” over and over again. She also began to focus on Lisa Bloom, the prominent attorney for representing Janice Dickinson in the Bill Cosby case and Mischa Barton’s handling of Notorious revenge porn case. Other high-profile cases Lisa has worked on include Blake Chyner v. Rob Kardashian and representing R. Kelly victims. The actions Melody took were necessary, and it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more in the future.

The real villain in this whole scene is Martell.Melody is doing everything in her power to protect herself, while Arionne seems to be living happily in the shadows, considering Martell’s public relationship with Cherie Whitfield. The war of words is about Martell wanting to humiliate Melodie, but at the same time keep himself clean. But they’re not clean, Martell. Actions speak louder than words, and he spread a lot of lies on Beyoncé’s internet.

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