Like ‘Oppenheimer,’ Christopher Nolan has created pure magic with action effects in this Sci-Fi Thriller

Movies and magic shows have a lot in common. They are meant to entertain the audience and require immediate suspension of disbelief. Comparisons between movies and magic can be found in Christopher NolanMovie of 2005 HonorIn that Hugh Jackman And Christian Bell Play rival magicians whose show series has become increasingly dangerous as they let their revenge consume them. a Michael Caine Quote, “Every great trick consists of three parts or acts,” just like the movie. So while Honor is more about the magic show, it is also about the movie magic. and is inherently a film about filmmaking, Honor Also captures Christopher Nolan’s approach to film. Before the launch of Oppenheimerwhich has zero CGI and relies only on special effects and visuals to show the creation of the atomic bomb, let’s review. Honor And why it perfectly demonstrates Nolan’s commitment to practical effects.

The man transported in ‘dignity’ is a performance display

David Bowie in The Prestige - 2006
Image via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

The main conflict between magicians Alfred Borden (Bale) and Robert Angier (Jackman) is in the secret of the tricked Man trick. Although Borden was the originator of the act, Angier was determined to steal it after witnessing it for himself. During the practice, Borden introduced a regular rubber ball, but the ball had nothing to do with the delivery man. The real trick, as Borden continues to demonstrate, is the way he moves from one door to another, seemingly teleporting himself from one side of the stage to the opposite end. While Borden’s previous scam was warmly received, the delivery man surprised everyone. “It’s the greatest hoax I’ve ever seen,” Angier admitted.

John Cutter (Caine), the actor and engineer behind it, declared, “The trick is too good, it’s too simple.” But Angier refuses to call it simple. While Cutter concluded that the man being transported was only possible by using body doubles—that is, one man entered one door while a different man exited the other—Angier thought there was more to the trick. “This is a complicated illusion,” he argued. Olivia (Scarlett Johansson), his assistant, still believed it was the same man, because she found Borden had the same injured finger going into one door as coming out of the other. But with no other way, Angier decided to use a body double when he carried out his own man transport operation.

Angier, consumed by his revenge and cruelty, refused to accept the truth right before his eyes. At the end of the film, Borden reveals to Angier that he has been using a body double all along. His assistant Fallon wore prosthetic legs and makeup to hide his real face, the one he shares with twin brother Borden. Fallon was so willing to cheat that he cut off the same finger on his own hand that Borden had lost. Of course, Angier found it too late. After he stole the Law of Transport Man, Angier enlisted the help of Nikola Tesla (David Bowie) to create a machine that will repeat itself during every execution. The twist, however, is that the Angier who passed through the first door will be drowned in a tank under the stage while the new, duplicated Angier gets clapped out of the other doors. It’s a dark twist that would weigh heavily on anyone, but for someone like Angier who aspires to defeat his rivals, it’s a small price to pay.

In the end, Angier’s actions finally caught up with him. Although Borden is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, Fallon (his twin brother) exacts his own revenge, shooting Angier after the final performance of Transported Man. As Angier finally bled to death, the bodies of the other Angiers – duplicates made by Tesla’s machines – were burned. Cutter was right all along, the delivery man was a simple trick. But Angier was so full of revenge that he refused to see the trick for its simplicity. Instead, his search for a more spectacular approach leads him down a dark path that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Why is Christopher Nolan’s practical impact so important?

Michael Caine in The Prestige - 2006
Image via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

The lesson of HonorThe action of the transport man is that even the simplest look, the most action can impress the audience. If someone believes that bigger is better or that the shiniest new technology is what will please the audience, they are in trouble. As Borden told Angier, “You’ve been halfway around the world, you’ve spent a fortune, you’ve done terrible things—real terrible things, Robert, and for nothing.” Maybe studios and filmmakers can learn from Honor.

This summer in particular has shown how movies with the biggest budgets don’t necessarily get the most attention from audiences. A long-in-development DC movie is set to reboot the franchise universe The Flash was praised by many, such as DC Studious co-chairman James Gunn, is one of the best comic movies of all time. But even there Tom Cruisecertification of, The Flash Will go down as a financial failure for Warner Bros. Return of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Still disappointing for Disney and Lucasfilm. Both of these films rely heavily on CGI and special effects, driven by enormous budgets. But even though the thought of not being able to attract moviegoers enough to watch these movies This is in the theater.

On the other hand, Christopher Nolan has had a successful career in his blockbusters. See his trilogy of Batman movies. Batman begins, The Dark Knight And The Dark Knight got up is a production that emphasizes location shooting, useful costumes and technology, and live shooting rather than post-production or on green screen. in The Dark Knight, Nolan flipped over a truck in the middle of Chicago. and in The Dark Knight got up, a real plane thousands of feet in the air was filmed for the opening scene involving the introduction of Bane. Nolan continued to use as many action effects in his films as possible, including another plane crash Tenet. It is worth noting that while Tenet Not compared to the box office of Nolan’s other films, it was released during the pandemic when theaters were not open or very limited.

With his latest film hitting theaters soon, Christopher Nolan continues to stick by his commitment to action effects. Oppenheimer No CGI shots, opt for real life explosions and coordination. Explosions can easily be created using CGI, but with viewers recently shown that computer-generated effects are not enough now, practical effects may be more attractive. Mission: Impossible – Partial Death Rethink Definitely better than previous blockbusters, The Flash And Indiana Jones 5, In terms of opening week numbers, that has a lot to do with Tom Cruise’s real death-defying stunts. Nolan and Cruise are magicians in their own right, achieving impressive spectacles without an overabundance of CGI. Just like Honor‘s Alfred Borden, they know that sometimes simple and practical as well, or better, the flashiest special effects.

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