Kim Kardashian already has North West’s Sweet 16 party planned

Kim KardashianThe eldest child of the children may be only 10 years old, but going through her iconic archive has made the reality star look forward to her daughter’s future. Northwest‘s sweet 16, said in the latest episode of The Kardashians That she will use the memory as “merchandise” for the party. Kardashian revealed a storage unit filled with items from throughout her life and career, including many pieces related to her ex-husband. Kanye WestBy Kim getting emotional as she reflected on their past together.

“I love the storage unit project. I love going through and organizing,” she said in the episode, which begins airing July 20. “I need to clean it out because I’m a stored memory like: good, bad, ugly. I’ll hold on to everything.” The unit has pieces like the Met Gala of all the stars, paintings that she received as gifts from the actors. Jennifer LawrenceAnd a pair of shoes that Kim joked she bought instead of paying rent, when she saw Spice Girls and fashion designers. Victoria Beckham Wear them. She admitted that many of the collection could be donated, while she offered memorabilia from her and Kanye’s work at her future daughter’s birthday party, saying “Can you imagine North’s 16 desserts and the table of goods she wants to give away?” The couple has four children together, two daughters in North, 10 years old and 5 years old in Chicago, and two sons in Saints, 7 years old, 7 years old and 4 years old Psalm.

As she went through the extensive collection, Kim explained, “When I started going through the collection, I thought Kanye had 32 units and I was down to three. There was a lot of random samples and Yeezy stuff.” Now looking to reduce the collection, she added “I finally got rid of some of it and needed to wash it and realize that even for me these pieces do not mean anything. But what is done, I love them and I will keep them.”

kim kardashian in the kardashians season 3
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As Kim looks back, she admits it’s time to look forward

However, it proved an emotional experience for the star, as she revealed that filming took place on the day of the couple’s final divorce. “I’ve kept every Yeezy (West’s shoe line),” added “For me, I think this is like me holding the Kanye I know.” She continued, “I’m at peace with it, there are many amazing things that happened from my marriage and divorce, this is my time capsule of the best times. The truth is that life is really different and when you know that it can’t go back, that’s hard, but my children will have the best memories and this will be the best tribute to them.”

The finale of season 3 of The Kardashians Stream live on Hulu next week, July 27.

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