Just like that… Review: This drama is having a hard time fitting into new shoes

“Fuck the new me,” Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) snarls in one of the angst-ridden existential moments of season two. that’s all… Elsewhere, our beloved laptop/fashion queen Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) muses: “I’m still trying to save sex and the city, And I’m not sure if it works for me either. “Wow. That’s too much.”

Welcome to 2023, here like that… It seems difficult to comprehend its own existence. The second season of HBO’s reboot is a big step up from the first sex and the city series, but it never really fit the occasion. Still, like a relationship you’ve been committed to for decades, you tend to forgive its doubts, then crawl back into bed with it and enjoy the ride. However, this time it appeared.the funniest thing is like that… This season may surprise viewers, but it has nothing to do with the show’s protagonists.it’s not really a show only Not about Carrie anymore.

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Everything is everywhere, just like that…

like that cast

To be sure, the addition of an all-new cast looked good on paper when the show’s first season was in development. After the 2016 election, things got crazy politically and culturally. Diversity and inclusion became an urgent topic of discussion, and taking action to expand the world we experience on TV became a major agenda item. all good.

Adding variety to any program is welcome (see Connors FYI), but it still feels far-fetched here. It’s great to see Nicole Ali Parker as Lisa, Karen Pittman as Nia and Sarita Choudhury as Seema.if like that… Will give these great actresses and their characters plenty of time to do it. So we’re going to delve into more and a half of the story beyond Kelly, Miranda, and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). Not a bad idea. It’s just that the stories don’t necessarily land well, nor are they fully executed. The result feels like we’re watching a bunch of different shows in one show, but don’t really know what it wants. Season 2 has no coherent lines. That said, it’s possible that any of the three new characters could lead a new series featuring Parker, Pittman, and Choudhury. They are just that good.

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There are a few exceptions to the “new character” here, most notably Che (gray anatomySara Ramirez, who was in great shape, became Miranda’s love interest at the end of the first season. If you recall, Miranda had her big break and left with the podcast/comic/New Huancut. Season two begins with Miranda in Los Angeles while Carrie and Charlotte stay in New York. One of the show’s most refreshing twists is the carefully handled evolution of Miranda and Che’s relationship. and credibility. Sometimes, this critic will stop and say, “Wow. Miranda has really evolved as a character. So has Che. Good for them.”

That sentiment doesn’t always carry over to some of the other characters, and the fact that we’re three quarters of the way through the article without mentioning what happened to Carrie gives you a hint: influential The thing is. Oh, and it’s not all bad, really. We’re just expecting more from series creators Michael Patrick King (who’s a juggernaut in his own right) and Parker (who, of course, is an executive producer here). Have we got Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Aidan (John Corbett) yet? Pour yourself another universe because…

Surprises await in the second half of the season

like that cast

It might be a little difficult to ask viewers to be patient for four or more episodes, but don’t worry. By the time episodes five and six roll out, some lighthearted moments and rewarding scripting will leave you craving more. As many reports have stated, Kim Cattrall did return for season two. But fans will have to wait until the final episode airs later this summer to see that. Cattrall reportedly made a cameo appearance at the end of the season, and her appearance was related to the events that were happening at the time. stay tuned. Samantha is missing in this version. Sure, she was mentioned, but Cator’s unique take on the character still left a huge creative hole in the series.

Meanwhile, John Corbett’s return to play Carrie’s ex-boyfriend Aidan also attracted a lot of attention. This plot point shows the most promising, and if you’re patient, you get the sense that there’s something wonderful lurking after episode six. After all, Carrie and Aidan have a passionate, if not ill-fated history. It’ll be interesting to see how the series gets through this. With all the critics have seen so far, all we can say is: Thank you John Corbett for coming back to this story.

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Meanwhile, early in season two, we find out that Carrie is promoting her new book, which chronicles the death of husband John/Big Man (Chris Noth). While Carrie is still trying to find her new footing, Parker infuses her with vulnerability and awkwardness. Nice to see Candice Bergen here again. She’s delighted to play outspoken Vogue editor Enid Frick, who’s also in the midst of a major life transition. If you’re wondering how the show traced last season’s unexpected connection with Carrie’s podcast producer Franklin (Evan Hernandez), don’t worry. There’s a lot of “play” in it, and the way “Carrie” is handled is par for the course — for both “Carrie” and this version of the show.

wit…and payoff

Witty one-liners and jaw-dropping one-liners abound. For at least the first few episodes of the show, the core team’s good dialogue at cocktail parties is missing. When Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte connect in this way, the whole show instantly escalates. The same goes for Mario Cantone’s Anthony. Excited to see more of this actor and character. Canton’s fire-breathing performance is so spot on, it seems like a missed opportunity why the character isn’t explored more here. The hopeful storyline of Charlotte’s children (Kathy Ang, Alex Swinton) is fascinating. There’s also some drama involving Miranda’s son Brady (Neil Cunningham) that could also be on the way. Please let us make this happen.

Other points of note: The series goes out of its way to create crowd scenes — like the Met Gala — but don’t necessarily go anywhere. Like those ellipses at the end of the show’s title, “bigger things are coming” is always mocked. better. After all, many viewers love getting out of their cars, as do the show’s adventurous characters.

like that… The first two episodes premiere on Max on June 22. New episodes air every Thursday.

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