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Amazon’s Freevee has a hit on its hands with a new docu-comedy Jury duty (2023-). Anched by the hilarious action from James Marsden playing a fictional version of himself, Jury duty Follow a cast of actors and regulars as they are selected for – you guessed it – jury duty. The general public is the only one who comes out of the cast who does not know that the case that they are chosen to deliberate is in fact fake. The scene has led to some laugh-out-loud moments on the show, prompting viewers to sneer. Office. And with good reason, since the creators of the series Lee Eisenberg And Gene Stupnitsky A former writer for Office.

Whether it’s a reality show or a true satire remains to be determined, but audiences everywhere have fallen head over heels for the show. And while James Marsden has been a famous Hollywood star for the past few decades, Jury duty boasts a talented cast of newcomers (and one non-actor) as well. The hit series made a surprise appearance at the 2023 Emmys as well, receiving four nominations, including in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Read on to find out more about its features and performances The Truman Show-esque series below.

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Ronald Gladden in the Amazon Freevee series, Jury Duty.
Image via Freevee

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James Marsden is James Marsden

James Marsden on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

in Board duties, James Marsden plays an exaggerated version of himself. Critics have claimed that his performance in the show is one of the best of his career, and it earned Marsden a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In the show, James is self-involved and narcissistic, and at one point calls the paparazzi about himself in an attempt to get out of jury duty. James gets under the skin of most of the jurors in one way or another, but ends up learning a lot about himself, especially through his conversation with Ronald.

James Marsden has played many iconic roles throughout his career with a 00s performance as Cyclops in the movie. X-Men franchise and is Prince Edward in Enchanted. He plays an important role in HBO’s Westworld As Teddy the Cowboy, in-park love the attention of Evan Rachel WoodDolores’s. Recently, he ended his role in Netflix die with me On the contrary Linda Cardellini And Christina Applegate.

Ronald Gladden is Ronald Gladden

Ronald Gladden during the day in court on Jury Duty.
Image via Freevee

Cast is the only person who does not know that the whole proceedings are fake, the project manager Ronald Gladden Endeared himself to the audience everywhere and in the way, became the new golden boy of the Internet . Gladden was under the impression that the film crew was filming a documentary about the judicial process rather than a comedy. Thanks to the show that hit the jackpot with Ronald, who throughout the filming proved that he is one of the sweetest souls. He was selected from 4,000 applicants for a Craiglist advertisement looking for people to participate in the documentary.

Alan Barinholtz is Judge Alan Rosen

Alan Barinholtz is the judge on Jury duty
Image via Freevee

The judge of the trial, Judge Alan is played by Alan Barinholtz. Father and comedian Ike Barinholtz (Blocker, The Mindy Project) and Jon Barinholtz, it is clear that funny runs in the family. before Board duties, Alan had a long and successful career as a lawyer, which informed his approach to playing Judge Alan.

Barinholtz used to show on Hulu’s World History: Part II And Oath side by side Tiffany Haddish and his son Ike.

Susan Berger as Barbara Goldstein

Susan Berger on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

Barbara, aka Juror #5, is one of the jurors who can’t seem to stay through the proceedings. With a little gentleness from both Ronald and Jeannie, she was able to make it through the “experiment.”

Susan Berger Has many credits to her name as a character actress including parts in films such as: Kajillionaire, But most of Berger’s work has been on television. She got a guest role Criminal mind, Hunter, Mythic Quest, Ray Donovan, And Crazy Ex-GirlfriendAmong many, many other packages.

Cassandra Blair as Vanessa Jenkins

Cassandra Blair on jury duty
Image via Freevee

As Juror #8, Vanessa Jenkins is a self-proclaimed true criminal who refers to herself as a member of the “Reddit Bureau of Investigation.” This experiment is Vanessa’s bread and butter. She is the conspiracy theorist leader of this ragtag group.

Known for her previous television credits, Cassandra Blair cut her teeth on shows like NCIS: Hawaii, Side Hustle, Hack, 9-1-1, Better things, And The Rookieand so on.

Maria Russell as Inez De Leon

Pramode Kumar, Maria Russell, and Ross Kimball in Jury Duty (2023)
Image via Freevee

Juror #10 Inez De Leon has high ambitions, in particular, to be the leader. Playing a character in the show is Maria RussellWho is best known for appearing as Officer Gomez in David F. Sandberg‘s Fire out. Russell has also acted in a number of roles, from comedy to drama, including appearances in two episode of The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window.

Ishmel Sahid as Lonnie Coleman

James Marsden and Ishmel Sahid on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

One of the most untroubled jurors in this motley crew, Lonnie was chosen as an alternate before he was selected as a full juror. That Lay Lay girl Star Ishmel Sahidwho played the role of Lonnie, also appeared in Brothers for life, Best friend ever, Kingdom, Is there anything Nick Lachey can’t do?And Women like us.

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David Brown as Todd Gregory

Cassandra Blair and David Brown on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

A social stranger who is often used, David Brown Play Todd with panache. Todd is passionate about cybernetics and his own inventions such as the “armchair pants” contraption he wears to court. Ronald took Todd under his wing and tried to show his support for his passion by introducing him to Pixar’s Life is a bug.

before Jury dutyDavid Brown Primarily acting in short and indie films, his biggest role to date has been a feature film. years between, co-show inherited‘s J. Smith-Cameron. He also forms one third of the Los Angeles-based sketch group The Shrimp Boys and is also a member of the Helltrap Nightmare comedy troupe, which includes SNL star, Sarah Sherman.

Kirk Fox as Pat McCurdy

Kirk Fox on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

As Juror #1, Pat McCurdy is just a regular dude who works as a driving instructor for the DMV. Californians Kirk Fox Previously had recurring roles on FX’s Dog reservations. He also plays roles in comedy such as Physically, Mick, Curb your enthusiasm, The Goldbergs, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is most easily recognized for his portrayal of Britta Blade’s ex-boyfriend communityAs well as for his role as “Sewage Joe” in Parks and Recreation.

Ross Kimball is Ross Kubiak

Ronald Gladden and Ross Kubiak on Jury Duty.

Knowledgeable school teacher Ross Kubiak serves as Juror #12, and his friendly demeanor makes him the polar opposite of James Marsden. Ross KimballLike his co-stars, has performed several single roles in various shows, including Superstoreand Netflix comedies love On the contrary Gillian Jacobs.

Pramode Kumar as Ravi Chattopadhyay

Pramode Kumar is on jury duty
Image via Freevee

One of the sweetest jurors in the group, Ravi steals the heart as Juror #3. Pramode Kumar Probably best recognized for his role as Roger Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Kumar has also played small roles in films such as Birds of prey and shows such as blushing.

Mekki Leeper as Noah Price

Mekki Leeper on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

Awkward, initially innocent Noah starts acting in a committed relationship, but when he catches wind that his girlfriend may be cheating on him via Instagram, he decides to follow Jeannie. Mekki Leeper Not only an actor in the series, but he also serves as one of the writers and editors of the story. He also stars on HBO Mindy Kaling– Comedy products Sex life of college girls A comic writer who wants to be Eric. Leeper also plays a role New girl A waiter.

Edy Modica as Jeannie Abruzzo

Mekki Leeper and Edy Modica on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

Actress in Brooklyn Edy Modica Play as fun-loving juror Jeannie, who does absolutely nothing to hide her big fat crush on Noah. before Board duties, Modica appeared in several short films, including Built for love, in the flesh, And Nicole.

Brandon Loeser as Tim Smith

Brandon Loeser on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

Tim Smith, who was surprisingly popular, got injured and was released from the trial. Although he worked mainly as a stuntman, Brandon Loeser Can be seen The Rookie, Westworld, SuperstoreAnd Silicon Valley.

Ron Song as Ken Hyun

Pramode Kumar, Ron Song, and David Brown on Jury Duty
Image via Freevee

Ken Hyun, aka Juror #9, is a self-employed business owner and manager of two gumball machines. Before his role as Ken on Jury dutyYou may have seen Song Ron on Netflix from Scatchor the miniseries Gaslit Contrary to the Hollywood icon Julia Roberts.

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