Johnny and Clyde review: A mindless stream of bloody violence

Psychopathic serial killer lovers meet their match in a domineering casino owner, a demon on a rope.this is the hook Johnny and Clyde, which lulls the senses with mindless gore violence and cartoonish execution. New wave synths pound your eardrums, dastardly protagonists lick each other like eternal gobstoppers, and their grotesque coterie gather new sadism under a neon red lighting scheme. It’s all style and zero substance in a woefully fragmented narrative. Megan Fox’s sexy shenanigans offer the only redeeming quality. She gets a slight laugh as a ruthless control freak.

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Alana Hart (Fox) entertains an intrepid reporter (Vanessa Angel) in her office as manager of the Four Horse Casino. Rumor has it that she has an evil henchman to settle grudges. She scoffed at the ridiculous accusation. Meanwhile, the notorious Johnny (Avan Jogia) and Clyde (Ajani Russell) pull up at a highway gas station. A deranged killer and robber swiftly tackles a hapless waiter, a slightly different diversion from their usual motel room adultery for stolen cash.

Their latest murder has caught the attention of the notorious Sheriff Randall Locke (Armen Garo). He wanted revenge on Johnny and Clyde for dividing up his daughter. The massacre couple learned of an even bigger score when they tried to rob an armored vehicle. The Four Seasons Casino has a huge fortune in a relatively unprotected secret location.

ambitious intentions

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Johnny decides to take on some old friends for the heist of his life. Suicidal Butcher (Nick Principe), Mad Bomber Baker (Charles W. Harris III), and Sadist Candlestick (Robert LaSardo) jump at the chance. Who can say no to money and mass casualties? Alana heard of their ambitious intentions and decided to bring her heavyweight into the fray. She summons the Elder (Fred Sullivan) to awaken the demonic Bacwas (also Principe).

There are plenty of criticisms, but let’s start with the most egregious. Clyde is scantily clad. She likes to shoot innocent people and rarely talks. Johnny controlled her like a puppet. He barks non-stop while she adores his insane bloodlust. Johnny uses her as a distraction before he starts killing people. She doesn’t contribute anything to an already flimsy plot. Her portrayal is cheap and offensive. It’s bad enough that she’s an unrepentant monster. Clyde needs to actually talk, not just outrageous arm candy.

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This premise has Johnny and Clyde on the run. Law enforcement can’t catch them. They are the most wanted men in the country. Inexplicably, Lock, Heart, and various other thugs always know their location for impromptu shootouts. This keeps happening throughout the movie. Everyone just randomly pops up to bicker. There has to be some explanation for these showdowns, no matter how hollow. There’s no fact that the filmmakers weren’t interested in connecting any dots logically.

Unique Interests of Megan Fox

Megan Fox has a running gag that saves the movie from being a tragic disaster. She has two submissive slaves in bondage suits, Honey (Brett Azar) and Pot (Sydney Jenkins), who serve her like obedient pugs. Let’s just say she has unique interests and is not for the faint of heart. Johnny and Clyde Otherwise it’s a mess.

Johnny and Clyde A production of Hyperborea Films, LaSalle Productions and Verdi Productions. It will be released simultaneously and on demand from Screen Media Films on May 5.

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