‘Jaws’ isn’t the scariest Fourth of July movie, it’s

It seems like there’s a horror movie for every holiday. Halloween has, well, halloween, and many others.there is something strange about thanksgiving thanks for killing movie, soon, eli rossof grateful.christmas has black christmas, Christmas Eve, deadly night, gremlins, and more.There is still one new year evil, Valentine’s Dayand april fools day. The list goes on. But what about horror movies set on Fourth of July as we celebrate the birth of America?

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there is a little killer called uncle sam a few years ago, and independence Day Adjacent to horror movies, but of the horror movies to watch on the 4th of July, one stands out.of course it is jaw. We all know the story about a great white shark killer terrorizing a community over the US National Day holiday weekend. steven spielbergis a classic. It’s a perfect movie. Still, it’s not the scariest Fourth of July movie. The award went to a sickening horror film from 2012, bay.

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‘Jaws’ is a horror movie for the whole family

Roy Scheider fights sharks in 'Jaws'
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there is nothing wrong with thinking jaw is the scariest Fourth of July movie. It’s scary. It was an iconic film, the first-ever summer blockbuster, and it changed the way movies were made forever. It’s full of tense suspense and terrifying villains. It’s scary enough when we see the Jaws attack, but the creepier scenes, like the opening attack, are when we don’t see the shark at all.It exists only in our minds, as a conjured nightmare whose name is john williams” soundtrack, which is a terrible soundtrack, comparable to Harry Manfrediniwork Friday the 13th or john carpenterscored as halloween. jaw And two of the greatest jump scares in movie history. It’s not cheap either. The slow-growing dread builds so well that it elicits those jump scares of decapitated heads being ejected from under boats and sharks’ heads poking out of the water.

still, jaw is a safe horror film. It’s scary, but in a PG way. Enjoy the fun of adventure amidst the chaos. There is one more obstacle. Just stay out of the water and you’ll be fine.Additionally, with jaw’ pop, we know all the backstory about how the music was made or how the shark never worked. This is Hollywood. It doesn’t even have to be July 4th or the summer to watch it.we can watch jaw whenever we want. It’s a cozy movie we can play for nostalgia and proudly introduce to our kids.The kids can be terrified, the great white shark can give them nightmares, and even bath time can get a little stressful after a few days, but jaw Has become a fun memory for generations.

No kid should be allowed to watch ‘The Bay’

An infected woman during the
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no fun to be had Barry Levinsonof bay.Yep, that’s Barry Levinson, the man behind it. nature and good morning vietnamwho won the Oscar for Best Director rain Man, responsible for creating one of the most disgusting and chaotic horror films ever made.It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of it bay. Unless you’re a horror fan, chances are you’re not familiar with it.although jaw is an all-time classic, at one point becoming the highest-grossing film of all time, bay The film made little splash when it was released in 2012. It opened in just 23 theaters and grossed just $30,668 at the US box office. It found a life of its own on DVD, but even then it didn’t take off on DVD. But it’s worth it.

bay Tells the story of a Maryland seaside town dealing with a controversy over a chicken farm dumping animal waste into the Chesapeake Bay. Donna (Cather Donoghue), a young reporter, is in town covering the story and the local National Day celebrations. When everything is in disarray, we barely know the inhabitants. When an epidemic hits the town, chicken droppings in the bay spawn an astonishing growth of lice-like isopods. Why are these disgusting things becoming popular so quickly? We feed chickens from factory farms because of all the steroids. Isopods take over the town, first eating the victim’s tongue, then eating it from the inside out, causing lesions to form on the skin of the townsfolk before they go completely insane.

bay is a zombie movie where people get infected and it spreads quickly across town. in most cases, bay monster that doesn’t hide it jaw And it does, despite a gruesome scene in which a police dash cam lingers around the home while an officer walks inside. Then, on his broadcast, we heard people screaming as he yelled: “What’s crawling on those people?! They’re eating their own flesh! Meat is coming out of them. Omg it’s coming out of their Out of the body!” We can only imagine what happened in that house, but it’s not something that has to stay in our minds. Nope, Barry Levinson showed us every close-up of body horror imaginable. We see an infected police officer weeping as he emerges from a house covered in a mass of soldiers, just before he shoots himself. We see the skin of a man’s face ripped off and eaten to the bone, while the eyes are still rolling. We see isopods crawling out of human guts. A mechanical shark bites off a leg, which doesn’t really mean anything.

“The terror of the Gulf comes from its bleak, repulsive realism”

An infected person in a car in
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jaw Most have a happy ending. Yes, poor Quint (robert shaw) died, but he fell like a hero. The shark is dead and won’t kill any more. It’s now safe to get back in the water, at least until the sequel hits theaters. bay There is no final shot of the hero swimming into the sunset. The government eventually stepped in, poured chlorine into the bay to stop the outbreak, and then covered up the whole thing. Yet years later, people are seen on the bay, where forgotten horrors may still be lurking, waiting to happen again.

what makes bay What’s really scary about it is its realism. jaw With magnificent, stunning cinematography. bay Not Hollywood. It’s dark and gritty, filmed in all sorts of clever ways, from news cameras, police dash cam footage, hospital security cameras and cell phone cameras. bay It looks real, so it feels real. In a way, it is. Barry Levinson didn’t start out making horror movies. That’s not his style. As he told Yahoo in 2012,

“I was once asked if I was going to make a documentary about the Chesapeake Bay, which had been killed 40 percent of the time. I looked into it, gathered the facts, and thought, this is pretty scary. But in the end, a lot Stuff like this happened.” The facts fell on deaf ears. Facts are not permeable by themselves. So I was thinking, I’m a storyteller. Maybe if I apply a lot of this factual information to a story, I can end up with a story that’s suspenseful, scary, disturbing, and backed by 80% factual information. “

Levinson went on to say that one of the scenes where the isopod is held with tweezers is not computer-generated, but a real creature they fished out of the Atlantic Ocean.

bay Scary because of how depressingly real it can be. Chicken manure runoff exists on the farm. Isopods exist. Organisms that take over the body exist. After the real-life horrors of the recent pandemic, that reality has only become more tense.so although jaw It might be scary, but it’s safe. It’s a roller coaster ride. bay is something else. bay is an ecological nightmare on the edge of reality, waiting to grab you and eat you from the inside out, starting with your tongue. Happy Fourth of July!

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