James Cameron confirms he’s working on new movie ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

A few years later Alita: Battle Angel The sequel to the 2019 blockbuster debuted on the big screen, and it looks like development on its sequel is actually moving forward.in a recent interview Forbes, james cameron Confirmed that we will spend some time working on a sequel in the near future Alitaeven if he finds himself currently busy with Avatar sequel. Cameron discussed selling one of his properties in an interview, and it certainly came as a surprise for the filmmaker to talk about the future of the franchise. Here’s what James Cameron had to say about it: Alita sequel:

As for Avatar, I worked in Wellington and Los Angeles. On the new Alita: Battle Angel movie, I’ll be working in Austin, so[living there]doesn’t make sense for us anymore.

Alita: Battle Angel directed by Robert Rodriguezwhich follows the character of the same name, given by Rosa Salazar. As a resurrected robot with amnesia, Alita needs to find her place again in the world, which is easier said than done considering she lives in a place where everyone has to fight for themselves. What’s special about Alita is that she has a human brain, which is rare in her post-apocalyptic reality. Exhausted by the violence taking place in her community, she sings as a hunter-warrior to uncover the truth about the conspiracy behind the theft of robot parts.

While Alita is tough enough to save the world, the movie itself isn’t. While the movie did an impressive run at the box office when it opened in February, its hefty budget didn’t make it a fully profitable film. fox.In addition, the studio’s acquisition disney Any potential development of a sequel was delayed during the merger. But now, James Cameron appears to be ready to return to the world of Alita, as the long-awaited sequel may finally enter development in the near future.

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James Cameron will return to Pandora

before he’s completely immersed in it Alita In-universe, James Cameron is still busy with his story on Pandora. This past December, Avatar: The Way of Water dominated the box office as audiences fell for Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) and his quest to protect his family from the new evil forces of Colonel Miles Quaritch (stephen lang).The filmmaker has confirmed there are three more Avatar The movie is on its way, and Disney has scheduled a release.with the final Avatar The installment will take place in 2031, it is unclear when Alita Can make movies.

You can check out Collider’s interview with James Cameron below:

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