‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4: Michael Pena and Luis Ozawa on Joining Final Season and Their Biggest Stunts

fourth and final season Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan With two very important characters entering the “Ryanverse”, the swan song of “Ryanverse” will be further improved.as carlton coos and Graham Rowland spy thriller series starring John Krasinski With just six episodes left of the eponymous character, Prime Video’s flagship series returns in full drama, with a happy ending featuring two of its newest stars, Michael Pena and Louis Ozawa. In an exclusive interview with Collider, the cast members discuss the pressure to fit into a world they’ve already set, as well as their stunning stunts in the heart-pounding action-adventure that continue to keep fans on edge.

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While the fourth season follows the fallout from Jack’s decisions aboard the USS Roosevelt the previous season, mixed with the mysterious U.S. black ops mission that discovered the Nigerian president’s death, in the eyes of the U.S. government, the CIA is acting on its own terms. way of operating. But as Jack investigates further with the help of a team including Greer (Wendell Pierce), Mike (michael kelly) and CIA Director Wright (Betty Gabriel), who found corruption far beyond the CIA. Realizing that what is going on is not what it seems, including the fusion of drug cartels and terrorist groups, Jack meets Domingo Chavez of Peña, the CIA’s most hired One of the “Deadliest Agents”. As the two become dependent on each other, they meet Zhao Fa, played by Ozawa, an ambitious Southeast Asian businessman seeking a better life for his wife and children at all costs.

While chatting with Collider during our Q&A, Pena also spoke about his thoughts on the rumored spin-off, and the two had an interesting warm-up if they received a “red notice” (an international arrest for an individual) order pending), they will ask for help in the arrest) issued against them, throw it back jack ryan Season 3.

COLLIDER: Just to start a fun little warm up, maybe to the detriment of some stressful situations: If you ever get a red notice incident against you, who do you call first?

Michael Pena: Wow, I really had no idea! I think if someone tried to do — I don’t know, what would you do?

Louis Ozawa: Me as a person or my character Chao Fah?


Ozawa: (pointing to Peña) This guy. Domingo Chavez, absolutely. I want him on my side.

Pena: I might remind myself to protect myself.

(laughs) Yes, of course. So, this season has been extraordinary. I’ve loved the show from the beginning and it’s been great to see the two of you on this season – you both flesh out these characters. You are all new to the Jack Ryan series, and for the final season as well. So, did you feel that extra pressure or challenge to have these characters fit into the universe of these seasoned veterans, so to speak?

Pena: Yes, there is. First of all, it’s obviously exciting because you want to be a part of a cool show. And then, of course, it’s nerve-wracking, because you don’t want to screw things up, and you don’t want to be someone who doesn’t fit in with everyone else. You don’t want to be someone who likes to do something different, but you just want to be part of a team that tells a story.

Ozawa: Yeah, it’s a murderous cast, even the smallest guest star, so you don’t want to be that guy… (laughs) Yeah, you have to bring your best to this show. So yes, there is a little pressure.

A scene with Michael Pena and John Krasinski in Season 4 of 'Jack Ryan'
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A lot has happened this season, Michael, you’re a brand new (Tom) Clancy character in the Ryan universe, and I’m curious how you create a balance when you have such a beloved character in the book What did you bring to the role and what did it mean to the fanbase as a whole?

Pena: Well, he’s a secretive quiet guy, and I think you have to stick to that in a way, of course, it has to be your version of yourself, right? So I try to be true to that and then add something here that doesn’t deviate too much from the actual character. Because sometimes I want to make a joke, but I’m like, “Oh, that’s not the character. He’s not going to be like this.” So, you have to overcome some of the performer’s instincts and really focus on telling the story.

Yeah, I think there are times when I watch it, I think there’s an ad-lib, like you’ve added a little bit of humor.

Pena: Just a little bit!

A little bit, yes. But it really complements the whole scene really well, so I think it really hits the mark.

Pena: It’s funny, though, because it’s not just about telling jokes for joke’s sake. The character thinks it’s funny. That’s how you got away with it a little bit.

A scene with Louis Ozawa in Season 4 of
Image via Prime Video

Yes Luis, you’re on another Amazon show, hunter, so I’m curious, what’s the most surprising thing you realize about these levels of production that Amazon has captured so well, especially with a show as global as Jack Ryan? They’ve been to a lot of different countries, which makes it all very fascinating, but also relatable to the fans.

Ozawa: My God, what luck.I stand on one pillar and jump on another…I actually finished season 2 in Prague hunter When I got the call about Jack Ryan I went home for two weeks and flew straight to Budapest to start. So yeah, it’s very lucky and very cool! I feel like I’m being spoiled for choice and that’s a pretty high standard. This is a very high standard. Let’s just say that.

The stunts in this show really elevate the action into a theatrical experience. Everything is done so well. Knowing that John (Clasing West) was thrown out of a helicopter in season three, what was the hardest stunt for you guys last season?

Pena: Well, I mean, being thrown out of two helicopters. No, no, for me, I’m nowhere near that. I literally jumped into a puddle of water. No, since I can’t swim, I swam about 10 yards, which was a big deal for me. So this is a big deal for me.

Ozawa: Yeah, for me it was jumping into a moving car and the rear windshield was blown out (laughs). This is the first time for me. I’ve done a few things.i jumped off the building The Bourne Legacy Riding a motorcycle in front of the camera, but it must be the first time.

Louis Ozawa Met Michael Kelly In A Scene In Season 4 Of 'Jack Ryan'
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What’s the most important thing you two want out of the series? You can be with Wendell (Pierce) and Michael (Kelly) on the show, and you can be with John. What is the most important thing to both of you?

Pena: I mean, for me, it had to be an experience with Louis and Mike Kelly and Wendell and the rest of the cast. This is a special team, they work well together and you can see why. At first I felt like I was a bit of an outsider, then I was able to break through a bit so I could imagine what it would be like to be together for four years. Then I was able to witness the last scene of John, he gave a great speech and everyone else came in, and it was something I will never forget.

Before I let you go – Michael, I know there’s been talk of a Chavez spinoff, and I’m curious what that’s like, especially since the final season did bring some new dynamics, like Chavez’s brother Camaraderie, I would say, with Mike Nov. Can you talk about some of that, or at least shed some light on what fans can expect?

Pena: I don’t know. I mean, it’s romantic, but it’s up to fans and Amazon. There’s a lot of people who have to do certain things, but if people like it, maybe they’ll chime in and say, “Hey, we want more!” So, you know, we give it to them.

final season Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Now on Prime Video, with new episodes every Friday.

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