‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4: John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly Talk Final Season and Biggest Character Challenge

The highly anticipated fourth and final season Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan May end this Friday, but it’s a “bittersweet affair” for the show’s stars and executive producers, John Krasinski.Exclusive interview with Collider on Prime Video’s flagship series carlton coos and Graham RowlandThe political espionage thriller returns in full drama for a strong conclusion, with Krasinski’s eponymous character at a crossroads. When talking to his co-star about Jack’s turn this season, Wendell Pierce and michael kellythe trio talked candidly about the finale, while talking about the biggest challenges their characters faced in the final six episodes.

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With the first two episodes now available on Prime Video, Jake embarks on his most dangerous mission yet, as the former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer is tasked with exposing the internal corruption of enemies at home and abroad. Through his investigations, he encounters one of the CIA’s deadliest operatives in Clancy’s original character, Domingo Chavez (Michael Pena), Jack found that a worse reality was surfacing. With the help of Greer (Pierce), Mike (Kelly), and CIA Director Wright (Betty Gabriel), the danger to their country was much nearer than any of them imagined. Krasinski told Collider in our exclusive Q&A that this arc has given his character a “feeling of betrayal” this season, while his co-stars reveal their biggest character challenges, including Pierce making it through the season. One of the more permeable subjects is a kaleidoscopic glimpse of Greer.

COLLIDER: I’m so excited to be talking to you guys!congrats on the final season jack ryan. Right now, this is the final season and I watched all of them myself – they were such explosive episodes that I was on the edge of my seat every time – and there was a real sense of closure. What are your thoughts on how Season 4 will round out the Jack Ryan story?

John Krasinski: I’m personally very proud of that. I think the end of the show is a bittersweet thing, because at the end of the show, we hope that the last season was exciting and exciting for the audience, but we also hope that, for what has been with us since then For those who were together in the first season, acknowledging those relationships and the culmination of these characters in a very sincere way, it meant a lot to them, so they also participated in the farewell. I think we succeeded. It’s really, really exciting and clearly mirrors how we interact in real life. I mean, say goodbye to these guys, luckily I don’t have to do that in real life – I don’t know, Michael, we’re still on the fence. But working with these people has truly been the greatest experience of my career and life.

So season 4 picks up from season 3, where Jack’s actions have consequences. So John, where does Jack go this season and what can we expect?

Krasinski: Well, I think Jack realized for the first time that the gray areas that Greer taught him were not always outside the institution, this time it was inside the institution, so I think there was a kind of betrayal to Jack’s wrestling feel and. Not only is he trying to save the world, but he’s trying to save his ideals of what he thinks he’s doing and which group he thinks he belongs to, and making sure there’s still hope for good guys to come out on top.

A scene with Betty Gabriel, John Krasinski and Wendell Pierce in Season 4 of 'Jack Ryan'
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Another interesting aspect of this season, Wendell, is the relationship between Jack and Greer. It’s evolved, but in terms of his relationship with his son, he’s kind of a tug of war, and I’ve always felt like he’s a bit of a father to Jack at times. So I’m curious, with that momentum, what’s the challenge for him this year, and what can fans expect?

Wendell Pierce: Well, through our research from the beginning, talking to real-life CIA officers, they said the job puts a real strain on family life. In particular, the counselor I was friends with told me his personal story about how two marriages fell apart, and I wanted to reflect on that, and how strained the relationship with the children was. So knowing that this is real, very real stuff, we want to make sure we bring that to another level that we’ve already achieved. The show’s trifecta of action, wit and humanity, combined with family conflict, is a new dynamic for James in the fourth and final season.

Michael, that’s funny because your character isn’t a Tom Clancy original, which means he could be anywhere, maybe even in a spinoff, I’m not sure. But how much fun would it be to create this personality from scratch, and then develop his relationship with Jack and Greer?

Michael Kelly: Oh, great. What a treat. To create it together, you know, I obviously didn’t have any say when I was hired, but the path the character took in the second season, the way the CIA guy by the rules ended up in the season he left, He quit his job because he knew what Jack wanted to do was the right thing to do and he would do it with him. And then we were able to, you know — we made him who he is at the end of season two, and I think that naturally[and]the relationship between the three of us helped shape the character. So he’s fun to play, and I can tell you a lot. (laughs) I will always do this!

A scene with Wendell Pierce and John Krasinski in Season 4 of 'Jack Ryan'
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I think it’s also a show where you guys have such a strong bromance, so I’m sure it’s going to be something you guys will miss. So much fun to see this!Before I let you guys go, John, I’m a huge fan of your writing and directing, and I personally can’t wait imaginary friend.

Krasinski: Thank you very much.

This sounds amazing and very interesting, so I was wondering if you could share something about it, and what follows if?

Krasinski: Oh man, I don’t know what’s going to happen after that! if It’s an idea I had about seven years ago that finally came to fruition, and it’s very personal.This is a movie I made for my kids because I don’t think they’re allowed to see it quiet place; Emily (Blount) called it PG-40, “you’ll see it when you’re 40.” So I had to make a movie that they could watch, and I was very, very excited about it. I mean, Ryan Reynolds is fantastic in every way, shape and form, and this incredibly talented actress, Carrie Fleming, is also in the movie. The question for me is whether we can tell a story about these time capsules. Imaginary friends are cute, and that sort of thing, but they’re also time capsules of your brain’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations when it was at its richest, and it never fades away. I think we’re told we’re adults, not what if you realize you never stopped being a kid.

final season Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Now on Prime Video, with new episodes every Friday.

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