Indiana Jones Introduces New “Fate Dial” Hit Toy Figures

Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Disk of Fate is now in theaters.

He is back! Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune In theaters this weekend, fans can’t wait to see history-loving archaeologist Indiana Jones on the big screen again.played by harrison ford His iconic performance as Henry Jones Jr. has meant a lot to fans since 1981 Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Appeared in theaters. Now you can bring the magic of the franchise home with new collectibles!

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popular toys There are new characters constantly, perfect for all of us nerds who like to collect our favorite characters! With the new Indy figure, fans get an amazing new figure of Ford, our favorite professor who just wants to protect the history he loves. It includes movable eyes and interchangeable hands, a leather jacket, Indy’s signature whip as well as his school bag, backpack, tools, a usable flashlight, the fate dial itself, and more. 1/6th scale figure looks an awful lot like Ford dial of fate This is a great example of how incredible the work of Sideshow and Hot Toys is.

What would Hot Toys’ Indiana Jones doll look like without his signature fedora? This is one doll you don’t want to miss because, as Indiana Jones himself said, it belongs in a museum!

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Indy returns feel good

When it comes to Ford’s rendition of Indiana Jones, it’s loved for a reason.We’ve longed for more stories with Henry Jones Jr. over the years, though there’s a big gap between Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull We didn’t have Indy on the big screen in nearly two decades, and we’re back after 15 Go for one last ride with our favorite professor. This character is just a reminder of how many of us love this man, and why he makes one of the best fictional characters. You know who it is when you see a leather jacket and a fedora, and having something like this in your home is the perfect way to express the love we share.

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune With Indy in theaters June 30, what better way than to head to the theater knowing you’ll see your very own Indy at the door? Side Show’s new Indiana Jones figure is up for pre-order, but you can join the waitlist now.

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