Indiana Jones’ craziest adventure isn’t in a movie

We all remember our favorite novels from the 1990s – the protagonist recruits friends and overcomes obstacles to guard the famous Philosopher’s Stone. Wait, are you thinking of Harry Potter?no it’s actually Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s Stone. After receiving the same treatment as franchises like Star Wars, the Indiana Jones intellectual property was used in the 1990s to create spinoff material, including a surprisingly prolific number of novels.

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After the release of the first film, it was adapted into a novel Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Released in 1981.The next two entries in the series continued this trend, but after Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAfter the premiere, spin-off books entered different publishing outlets. In 1984, goosebumps Author RL Stine publishes Indiana Jones’ first “Find Your Destiny” book in a style similar to “Choose Your Own Adventure” where readers control the action with Indy. There are 11 parts in the series, not all of which are written by Stine. In 1990, another book about the adventures of a young Indiana Jones began to chronicle the archaeologist’s formative years.some directly with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series, but many of them are original concepts.

Finally, after finishing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Fiction, Indy Creator george lucas ask the author Rob McGregor Continue to create original stories that are more consistent with the character of Indiana Jones in the film, all based on existing world mythology. The first of these stories was originally published by Bantam in 1991. Different writers were subsequently hired, and the last issue was published in 2009.

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Indiana Jones Books Are Wild, Wacky…and Sometimes Don’t Make Much Sense

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Something to keep in mind when discussing the scores of the Indy books: Most of the books take place before the events Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. This means that, if you think of these novels as canons of the series, Indiana faced plenty of hilariously supernatural forces before going through the character arc in the first film, which somehow still keeps him from skeptical Theorists became humble believers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of Indy’s wackiest adventures that never made it to the silver screen.

While exploring the ancient cave complex at McGregor Indiana Jones and the Legacy of the Unicorn, Indy has found evidence of a creature widely considered to be mythical: the unicorn. Go ahead and update the species’ status from fictional to extinct because apparently unicorns were once real…but wiped out in the biblical flood. Five years after first seeing evidence of unicorns, readers follow Indiana’s adventures across the American Southwest in a race to recover the unicorn horn, an artifact with magical properties. The book has a lackluster love interest, a sequence where Indiana drinks psychedelic tea, and some unusual lore, including giving Indiana a supposedly classic spirit animal. (It’s an eagle, for anyone wondering.) While this is an easily forgettable book, it’s a real shame that at no point does an actual unicorn appear. Guys, go big or go home.

and Andrew Hefnerof Indiana Jones and the Vampire Cupwe are officially entering the fanfiction zone, as this story is a “choose your own adventure” story you As Indy’s own personal assistant. One of Indiana Jones’ many “Find Your Destiny” novels, this story follows you on a journey with Indiana Jones in pursuit of the mysterious Jamshed Cup. You control the quest to find the goblet that grants immortality to the drinker, racing against a group of mystics who are trying to bring the artifact to their leader: Prince Vlad Dracula, and put a curse on all of Europe. Yes, this truly wacky inclusion makes Dracula, vampires, and werewolves canon of the Indiana Jones universe. Truth be told, though, looking for a cup of immortality is exhausting enough.back last crusade and Vampire Cuphope Indy doesn’t have to catch up other One of them was something later in his career.

At first glance, you might think this is a book Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx This seems to be the most educated expectation for an Indiana Jones adventure. The wealth of Egyptian mythology drawn from the study of art history easily provides a fascinating round-the-world exploration.But if that’s what readers expect Max McCoyIn the 1999 novel, they were dead wrong. Indy sets out first to find the magician husband of a curious woman, following a trail from China to Iraq to Egypt. Indy is constantly pursued by villainous Japanese spy chiefs, and then caught up in the pursuit of Aaron’s biblical scepter and the Book of Omega: a mysterious tome that contains humanity’s past, present and future. Unlike other Indiana Jones stories that follow relatively established mythologies, The Book of Omega is a truly insanely original take on the novel that takes the scope of the story to truly bizarre heights.

exist Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur EggsIn the play, the mysterious artifact that all the characters are pursuing is the Triceratops. It’s not just a well-preserved fossil—perhaps an egg that hatched a dinosaur, as McCoy’s title suggests—but an actual Triceratops. Common complaints about the poor performance of the Crystal Skulls in the fourth Indy film are often overlooked, but viewers can at least take solace in the fact that they aren’t living dinosaurs. The book also draws directly from numerous scenes from the film, including: Indy boards a traveling submarine, searches for a missing archaeologist, and fights a crime boss in a Shanghai nightclub. It turns out that the missing historian joined a secret tribe in the Gobi Desert that hatched and raised dinosaurs, and luckily for Indy and the reader, they were able to witness this.Indiana is expected to leave empty-handed, but won’t leave empty-handed, begging why he doesn’t scream from the rooftops at anyone who will listen Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” There are still living dinosaurs in the desert.

Indiana Jones novels can be good and fun

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The Raiders of the Lost Ark series has always been based on Spielberg and Lucas, rooted in the origins of the pulp adventure series, there is no doubt that Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune director James Mangold Hopefully that inspiration continues into the latest film.In a way, the novels, despite their quirks, are sometimes more faithful to the source than some of the films (as evidenced by other Indy novel titles such as Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead and Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates). In an era of entertainment where strict adherence to canon is paramount, it’s nice to look back at a lighter period of silly fun. Forget plot inconsistencies, explosive lore drops, and an incredible range of paranormal activity. Sometimes it’s amusing to hear that Indy finds the Scroll of Merlin, hatches a Triceratops, or gets Dracula punched in the jaw. If the real banana adventure had a name…it would be an Indiana Jones novel.

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