I’m a Virgo Cast and Character Guide: Who Stars in the Boots Riley Series?

It’s been five years since the writer/director boots riley blockbuster movie scene Sorry to bother youthe visionary filmmaker will soon conquer new territory with his ambitious new Amazon Prime series, i am a virgo. Like the seminal social commentary film before it, the upcoming series begins with a surreal but simple concept, centered around a 13-foot-tall young man who just wants to be treated like an ordinary human. It doesn’t take long before the plot takes an even weirder left turn, becoming a full-fledged superhero satire in which the main character, Cutie (Jarrell Jerome) to go head-to-head with a sinister vigilante known as “The Hero” (walton goggins).

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Boots Riley’s involvement already makes Amazon Prime’s upcoming series a must-see, but the characters in the saga (and whoever plays them) make this one of the most exciting projects of the year.To learn more about Jarrell Jerome’s Coolty, Walton Goggins’ hero, and all the other major characters and actors appearing in the show’s upcoming first season, here’s a A comprehensive cast and character guide i am a virgo.

Jarrell Jerome as Cootie

Jharrel Jerome as Cutie in 'I'm a Virgo'
Image via Amazon Prime Video

portray the main character i am a virgoAt the center of “Kurti” is Jharrel Jerome, played by the actor as the 13-foot-tall, innocent, lovable man.If Jerome looks familiar, it’s because he’s best known for playing the teenage version of Kevin in Act Two of the Oscar-winning film moonlight.Jerome recently posted Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versethough we dare not spoil the blockbuster character for those who haven’t seen the new Spider-Man movie.

The origin of Cutie’s enormous size is a mystery, but Cutie spent most of his life trapped indoors as his parents went to great lengths to keep their unique son isolated from the outside world. It was a temporary solution as Cutie began to outgrow the demands of his humble abode and finally decided he wanted to experience all that the world had to offer. As a virtual giant, Cutie’s meteoric rise to popularity is understandable, as he’s developed a loyal group of friends and even fallen in love with his local burger joint. However, Cutie’s size also attracts those who want him harmed, including an incompetent cult leader and a narcissistic superhero.

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Walton Goggins as Hero

Walton Goggins Plays Hero in 'I'm a Virgo'
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Walton Goggins is a character actor who is no stranger to playing villains in many shows and movies. django unchained, The Hateful Eightand Ant-Man and the Wasp These are just a few examples of the villains Goggins has played over the years, but his villains i am a virgo Respected as a hero by the world i am a virgo. This adds yet another villainous superhero to Amazon Prime’s growing pantheon, which includes Homelander (anthony starr) from boys and Almighty (JK Simmons) from invincible.

Whereas “Homelander” and “Almighty” are clearly satires on Superman, “Heroes” is closer to an absurd interpretation of Batman. Rather than being endowed with superhuman abilities, the heroes utilize various technologies, such as ultra-advanced supersuits and exotic vehicles with self-propelled helicopter packs. Although the hero is often seen as selfless and selfless, the hero is clearly a self-absorbed narcissist who cares more about his own appearance than being a great heroic figure. How he came into conflict with Coolty (his admirer) we don’t know, but the hero probably wouldn’t be thrilled that someone with superpowers would steal his spotlight.

Olivia Washington as Flora

Olivia Washington as Flora in 'I'm a Virgo'
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Take on the role of Flora, a very important figure in Cutie’s journey who will be played by olivia washington. Washington has previously played a major role in: housekeeper, little thingsand Macbeth’s tragedy.She also recently co-starred in John Boyega horror film break in.

Flora is a dedicated employee at Bing-Bang Burger, a fictional fast food restaurant chain that appears in i am a virgo The show is likely to be the equivalent of McDonald’s or Burger King. When Cutie stops by the restaurant to buy food (for just a wad of pennies), he meets Flora, and the two seem to take an immediate liking to each other. She seemed completely unfazed by Cutie’s enormous stature, and was one of the few people Cutie came into contact with who didn’t immediately misunderstand his height.

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Kara Young as Jones

Kara Young as Jones in 'I'm a Virgo'
Image via Amazon Prime Video

play jones best friend character is Kara Youngwhose previous TV credits include Punisher and stairs.

Of all of Cutie’s new friends, Kara is the most mature. Felix’s other friends (Brett Gray) and Scat (Alius Barnes) attracted by the novelty of a 13-foot best friend, Jones seems to genuinely care about Cutie and wants to show him what life is really about. She is also a community organizer looking to take care of the Oakland community. Cutie even confides in Jones about his crush on Flora, and Jones offers some heartfelt advice on how to proceed.

Brett Gray as Felix, Arius Barnes as Scat

Scat and Felix in
Image via Prime Video

Cutie also has Felix in her circle of friends, sponsored by on my block stars Brett Gray and Scat as pen 15 Star Allus Barnes.

Felix is ​​fascinated by cars and soon becomes Cutie’s best friend, and Felix initially tries to pee on Cutie while Cutie is disguised as a bush. Skater is the more easygoing of the two, but has a crucial arc in the second half of the series.

Carmen Ejogo as La Francine, Mike Epps as Matisse

Lafrancine and Matisse in
Image via Prime Video

Cutie’s aunt and uncle also have some serious star power, selma Star Carmen Ejogo as Aunt Lafrancine, and the Hangover Star Mike Epps As Uncle Matisse.

In the first scene of the first trailer, Mattis calls Cutie a “big bastard,” saying his size has caused a dent in the house. After Cutie’s mother passed away in childbirth, Mattis and Francine acted as Cutie’s guardians and parents. Mattis mentioned that he and LaFrancine were very careful to protect Cutie from outside influences because they knew people might try to take advantage of him. That said, even though they know they can’t keep their nephew locked up forever, all they can do right now is hope he’s ready for the highs and lows of everyday life.

Robert Longstreet as Cult Leader

Robert Longstreet to play cult leader in 'I'm Virgo'
Image via Amazon Prime Video

hill house hauntedOwn Mr Dudley, Robert Longstreetwill play a more comically satirical role in the play i am a virgo.

Known only as the “cult leader,” the character is followed by a group of cultists, each dressed in warm-looking black turtlenecks. This man was exactly the man that Cutie’s parents were worried about. More concerned with Cutie’s character as a 13-foot prop than a living human being with ideas and ambitions.

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