If Jennifer Garner Returns to Play Erica, the Actress Needs to Do Too

deadpool 3 Comic book and movie fans were stunned by the news that Jennifer Garner will reprise her previous role as Elektra Natchios. Daredevil and Elektra, in the upcoming film. While the film previously made headlines for bringing Hugh Jackman back as the iconic Marvel character Logan/Wolverine, considering Garner’s previous films received negative reviews and her character’s involvement in the most famous mock Scenario, the news about Ghana is even more surprising. Given the self-aware humor the Deadpool franchise employs, Garner’s casting will likely be used to poke fun at these receptions, but as amusing as it may be, Erika is a character worthy of future comics too. Williams was taken seriously again in the film. cosmic plan.To accomplish this, the franchise would be wise to bring back an advanced live-action version of the character, played by Elodie Jung inside Daredevil Netflix series.

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Who is Erica?

Erica in Marvel Comics
Image from Marvel

made by Frank Millerthe manga version of Erica first appeared in Daredevil #168, 1981. While tracking down a criminal named Alarich Wallenquist, Matt Murdock/Daredevil has a surprise encounter with Elektra , she is using her ninja skills as a bounty hunter. Memories show that the two were lovers when they were students at Columbia University. When Erica and her Greek diplomat father are taken hostage by terrorists, Matt tries to rescue them while Erica uses his martial arts skills to help in the fight. However, a police sniper opened fire, killing Erica’s father by mistake. His death made her lose faith in the world, and she left Matt.

She briefly made peace with the ninja group known as the Chaste, but Stick, their leader, worried that her combination of anger and power made her a threat, and exiled her. To prove herself, Erika plans to infiltrate and defeat the Hand, the chaste enemies, but the Cult of Death manages to manipulate and corrupt her, though she eventually manages to leave them. Also, disillusioned with the world, she started working as a mercenary. Her criminal activities have often brought her into conflict with Matt, but it’s clear that the two still have strong feelings for each other, as evidenced by Erica who risked her life to save Matt when he was targeted by the Hand for assassination like that.

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Jennifer Garner as Erica in Daredevil

Erica waves her twins.
Image via 20th Century Fox

from start to finish Daredevil and enter start Elektra Garner’s version of the character’s story is relatively close to the manga’s story, although the timing of some events has changed. Erica did not meet Matt (ben affleck) until he was already a practicing lawyer and secretly operating as Daredevil. The two quickly fall in love, though Matt’s crime-fighting work makes it difficult for him to maintain their relationship. Erica’s father NikolasEric Avari), attempting to sever business ties with Wilson Fisk/Big Brother (michael clarke duncan) the latter has the Assassin Bullseye (Colin Farrell) kill him. When Erica tries to get revenge, Bullseye mortally wounds her with his own sai, just like in the comic books. However, after Matt defeats Bullseye and Fisk, he discovers a Braille necklace left behind on the apartment roof, recalling his conversation with Erica, suggesting she is still alive.

flashback Elektra revealed that she was resurrected by a stick (Terrence Stamp), and later began to instruct her in the mystical martial art of Kimagure. Just like in the comics, he ends up kicking Erica out. The movie’s storyline now begins to deviate dramatically from the source material. Erica is now a hired assassin hired to kill her father, Mark Miller (Goran Vesnich) and his daughter Abby (Kirsten Prout) but she befriends them instead and breaks the contract, going on the run with the pair to protect them from would-be killers who are eventually revealed to be the Hand. The Hand wants to capture Abby, the prophesied martial arts prodigy known as “The Treasure,” and claim her powers for themselves. After being rescued by Stick Erika, it is learned that he hired her in the hope that she would break her contract as part of an elaborate test of her character. She later killed the Hand agents who were after Abby, including Kiriki (Will Yoon Lee), who killed Erica’s mother.

Who is Elektra on Netflix’s Marvel TV show?

elodie-yung-daredevil-social features
Marvel’s Daredevil

as shown in the netflix series Daredevil The Yung version of Elektra in the MCU was proposed and trained by Stick (Scott Glenn) since childhood. Her ferocious and violent tendencies lead Stick to believe that she is Kuroda, a human weapon prophesied to lead the Hand. When another member of the Chastity found out, he wanted to kill her, but Stick killed him and left Erica in the care of a wealthy Greek couple. When she was a young adult, he sent her to seduce Matt (charlie cox) hoped her influence would lead him to join the sticks in the struggle against the Hand. Although she developed genuine affection for Matt, she left him after he refused to kill Roscoe Sweeney (Kevin Nagel), who ordered the assassination of his father. Ten years later, in the new Hand event, she reunites with Matt, who now protects New York City as Daredevil, and the two team up to fight the cult. Although Matt was initially outraged upon learning of Erica’s relationship with Stick, the two planned to rekindle their relationship before Erica was killed by Hand leader Shin Yoshioka (Peter Sinkoda), and Matt drops a building.

in the miniseries defiant teamErica was resurrected by Alexandra, another Hand leader (sigourney weaver) is a fanatical believer in the legend of Krishna. She returned without her memory and superhuman abilities, and was rigged to become the Hand’s chief assassin. But meeting Matt seemed to jog her memory, and Erika ended up killing Alexandra, taking control of the Hand for herself. Erica, who has experienced death and is now horrified by it, seeks to achieve immortality using a “matter” extracted from a dead dragon buried beneath the city, but when her plans threaten to destroy New York, she is confronted Opposition from the Defenders, including Tate.

Garner’s version of Erika’s portrayal is similar to the manga version’s original characterization. She was a relatively happy, normal person until her father died, but the tragedy left her hardened and caring for no one but Matt for a long time.Later comics, including some created by Miller, such as Daredevil: The FearlessHowever, this is revisited, portraying Erica as someone who is constantly battling her own dark, violent urges. They also show that she influenced Matt to embrace his wild, warrior side, which he usually struggles to repress in order to obey his father’s memory. The Netflix series fits perfectly into this dynamic, with Erica’s return allowing Matt to embrace his Daredevil persona, which he calls “the devil inside me,” while ignoring his professional obligations as a lawyer and his relationship with Fudge Nelson Relationship (Eldon Hanson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll).

Charlie Cox and Elodie Ong in Daredevil
Image via ABC Signature

Rong’s sadistic Elektra, happy to use deadly force on her enemies, much to Matt’s dismay, recaptures the ideological tension between the characters that made their initially comedic interaction so riveting and tragic. sex. Since Erica’s mercenary career doesn’t begin until after her death, the movie version excludes this crucial part of the character’s dynamic. Rong’s performance is also more in line with her material, delicately capturing the character’s ruthlessness and her perverted enjoyment of violence. While Garner makes for an imposing heroine, she comes across as too regal to lend credence to scenes that focus on the character’s darker qualities. For example, the audience would never believe that Erica would actually kill Mark and Abby.

Given Daredevil and Elektra Produced by 20th Century Fox and predating the MCU, Garner is likely involved in deadpool 3 Will be facilitated by story points involving the multiverse. It would be much simpler to bring back Erica in Rong. While there are some questions about the canon status of Marvel’s Netflix shows, they’re generally considered part of the Marvel Universe.cox has reprised his role Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Lawyer and will do so again with other partners Daredevil crew members Vincent D’Onofrio and Joe Bernthal In a new series, Daredevil: Rebirth, in the near future. The series could simply pick up where it left off and continue exploring the relationship between Matt and Erica. The character is presumed to have died during the building collapse at the end. defiant teambut Matt survived the same incident, and Erica had superhuman strength at the time, so it’s easy to explain why she did too.

although rebirth Erica’s presence will be the most visible of the upcoming projects, and she could be involved in other projects as well. Currently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is exploring anti-heroes more often than in the past in projects such as upcoming films. thunderbolt The movie and Erica fit easily into one of these stories. Wherever she appears, it would be a shame for Marvel Studios to let a strong cast like Rong go to waste, especially when it’s already in the process of reviving the character.

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