Iconic statue of Delia Deetz stolen from ‘Beetlejuice 2’ set

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  • Honey 2 Production hit by theft A 150-pound statue and lamp post with vegetable decorations were stolen from the set.
  • Filming was halted due to the protest, giving police more time to search for the stolen items, but it is unclear when the theft took place.
  • Specific plot details for Honey 2 is under wraps, but set photos show Winona Ryder and new cast member Jenna Ortega filming together.

One of the most anticipated releases for next year is Honey 2. The long awaited sequel Tim BurtonThe beloved 1988 horror comedy was deep into filming when production was shut down due to SAG-AFTRA joining the WGA on picket lines earlier this month. Filming won’t resume until the protest is over, but it looks like Honey 2 There’s another problem on the hands of the undead as costumes are reported to have been stolen from the set.

The news comes from the Vermont State Police, who tweeted, “We’ve tried to get the name of this stolen statue three times, but we haven’t heard back! We are investigating the theft of this 150 pound sculpture from ‘Beetlejuice 2’ located in E. Corinth, along with a lamp decorated with pumpkin decorations. Call 802-748-3111 with any information.” The police have added a bit of humor to their notifications for fans of the franchise, but even Beetlejuice doesn’t seem to be feeling very useful. Since the series is almost closed for two weeks, it is difficult to say when these thefts could happen. However, this blockade also gives the police more time to search for stolen items.

what Honey 2 About?

Specific plot details for Honey 2 At the moment, it’s being kept strictly under wraps, as the film is still more than a year away from its release. Again, the series was still in production before the strike stopped everything. However, the photos of the set that were released earlier gave fans a glimpse Winona Ryder’s Returning is Lydia Deetz and new members Jenna Ortega, a modern horror icon in its own right, filmed together. Yes Scream The star is rumored to be playing Lydia’s daughter in the film. Michael Keaton Still rerising his role as the title ghoul of the film.

Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice
Image via Warner Bros.

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Even before he picked up Batman’s cape and cowl for Burton, Honey quickly became one of the most iconic roles of the actor. When talking about Honey 2 while promoting The Flash Last month, Keaton called the project, “the most fun you can work on. It’s a lot of fun, it’s great.” Honey Fan. When first Honey Released, it put Burton, Keaton, and Ryder on the map thanks to its strange world, unique style of dark humor, and endlessly entertaining horror. Although the film is 35 years old, it’s a rare 80s adventure that ages like fine wine.

when Honey 2 release?

Honey 2 It is scheduled to hit theaters on September 6, 2024. It’s almost time for Halloween. Along with Keaton, Ryder, and Ortega, the sequel also stars Willem Dafoe, Monica BellucciAnd Justin Theroux. If you have any information about Honey 2Stolen package items make sure to contact the number provided below.

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