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Sarcasm exploits everyday life in a unique way, making us laugh at how ridiculous it is to be human.that’s the case Ernst De Geerof hypnosis (hypnotic forest), a comedy about the performative nature of relationships and the need to own our desires. It’s an honest and hilarious look at the human condition, even if it makes a few mistakes along the way.

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Humans are complex creatures, born out of a conflict between primal impulses and the social rules that ensure our collective survival. As a result, we are constantly battling our own instincts while presenting a show for those who might watch. Yes, acting is a part of everyone’s life, but if we don’t set clear boundaries of when to give in and when to hold on, we risk losing what makes us unique. This is exactly what happened to Vera (Asta Karma August). Thanks to her abusive mother, Vera learns that she should always make decisions based on what others expect of her. This is the toxic pattern that Vera and her boyfriend Andre are recreating (Herbert Nordrum). To make matters worse, Vera and Andre are launching an app together, which means there isn’t a single area of ​​Vera’s life where she can listen to herself and stop acting.

As Vera tries to quit smoking, she decides to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist. Vera just wanted to get off her drug addiction, but the therapist soon realized that what was causing her patient’s distress was her constant attempts to please others. So during the session, the hypnotherapist suggested helping Vera release her true desires, which went very well. That’s because, after being appointed, Villa became super-confident and could do whatever he wanted without thinking about the consequences.

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by De Geer and Mads Steiger, the script hypnosis Use Vera’s newfound freedom to imagine all kinds of hilarious scenarios. While her behavior may come as a shock to those around her, it’s enjoyable to see August play a female character free from social pressures. Vera is happy with her body and doesn’t hold back her opinions, and whenever something or someone bothers her, she speaks up.It was a powerful change, allowing Villa to place himself above others for the first time in his life, and for two thirds of the time hypnosis, as we celebrate Vera’s hard-won freedom, we find ourselves laughing at the comedic situations that ensue. Unfortunately, hypnosisThe exploration of gender dynamics doesn’t always work, resulting in a final stage that’s mostly hit-or-miss.

The exploration of gender dynamics in ‘Hypnosis’ didn’t always work

In The Hypnotist, Asta Karma August plays Vera and Herbert Nordrum plays Andre.
Image from MUBI

Although this does not seem to be the main concern hypnosis, it’s impossible not to view the film through the lens of gender dynamics. Andre was not actively trying to make himself dominant in the relationship. Still, we cannot deny that Vera’s submissive behavior is conducive to the harmony of her romantic relationship. Also, since Vera always puts Andre first, there aren’t any major conflicts in the couple’s lives. However, this apparent stability can only come at the expense of Vera’s mental health. The fact that Andre no longer recognizes his girlfriend once she starts expressing her wishes says a lot about heterosexual couples in a patriarchal society. Because even if Andre isn’t exactly sexist, he still enjoys the power that Vera has given him to act according to other people’s expectations of how women should behave.

Criticism of conservative gender roles given hypnosis Another welcome emotional layer. Sadly, as Vera’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, hypnosis Echoing misinformation about women’s freedom. For more than a century, psychology has wrongly identified hysteria as a mental illness unique to women, due to the female brain’s inability to process repressed desires and rational thoughts. It’s bullshit as we know it, but modern sexism still thrives on the belief that liberated women can’t take care of themselves. In Vera’s case, this is exactly what happened, as she began to engage in self-destructive behavior that damaged her career.

hypnosis Sabotaging Vera’s journey to healing in order to make the public laugh. It’s an unfortunate turn of events, especially as it manages to balance good jokes with Vera’s empowerment for most of its runtime. While things improve before the end credits, it’s still a serious blemish on an otherwise clever script.There should be a way to give Vera the freedom she deserves without completely taking away her ingenuity for the future, which unfortunately doesn’t always happen in hypnosis. In the most incredible moments of her journey through chaos, the film prioritizes comedy over coherence.Nevertheless, although hypnosis While it doesn’t always handle Vera’s character well, the film is still a great piece of social satire. Most of all, it deserves credit for supporting a life that is less about acting and more about personal desires.

score: Second

hypnosis The film had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023.

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