How to Watch Fargo Seasons in Order (Chronological Order and Release Date)

based on coen brothersThe 1996 film of the same name, fargoThis comedy series proves that the original formula still works season after season.back noah hawley After writing the script for the spinoff, the Coen Brothers were so impressed that they signed on to executive produce the show. The show and movie boast a star-studded cast and a frenzied narrative that weaves multiple storylines into a chaotic sequence of events.

Hawley continued to use the “true story” disclaimer at the beginning of the original film, deciding to superimpose the “this is a true story. The described event occurred in (year) at (location). The name has been changed at the request of survivors.Out of respect for the deceased, the rest of the content is told according to what actually happened“The opening scenes of each season.” Throughout the series, there are also multiple “easter eggs” that subtly reference the original film, as well as other Coen films.

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Of the 226 award nominations, fargo To date, the show has won 51 awards in categories including Outstanding Miniseries, Best Casting and Best Actor/Actress. The show was renewed for a fifth season in February 2022 despite a fourth season with a low Rotten Tomatoes score of 84%.

Since each season takes place in a different location and at a different time, the seasons of this anthology show can technically be watched in any order. However, there is some overlap between the plot of certain seasons and a handful of recurring characters across multiple seasons. If you want to watch the current season in chronological order before the new season (which takes place in 2019), this article will tell you how to do it!

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Fargo Season Release Order

Below is the order in which the seasons of Fargo will be released. This is the easiest way to start the series; however, as it spans different points in time, you might miss some key details.

fargo Season 1 (2014)

fargo Season 2 (2015)

fargo Season 3 (2017)

fargo Season 4 (2019)

fargo Season 5 (TBD)

Season 4

Chris Rock as Roy Cannon in Season 4 of Fargo
Image via FX

This season takes place in 1950 in Kansas City, Missouri, and is the chronological first season of the episodes.This season’s lead actor is Chris Rock (amsterdam), Jason Schwartzman (asteroid city), jesse buckley (man), Ben Whishaw (woman talking), jack huston (mayfair witch), Emily Crutchfield (tell me your secret) and Salvador Esposito (Gomorrah).

This season, a criminal organization led by Roy Cannon (Chris Rock) seeks to overthrow their rival Fada family in an ongoing turf war in Kansas City. The Fada family is led by Josto (Jason Schwartzman), who agrees to a truce with Roy, trading each family’s youngest son as a gesture of goodwill and preventing further collateral damage. Things start off well until Josto’s brother, the hot-tempered Gaetano Fada (Salvatore Esposito), returns and starts inciting violence.

Things take a turn for the worse when a deranged nurse, Orita Plum (Jesse Buckley), becomes involved in an Italian crime syndicate. The season also introduces three characters that recurred in the second season.The first and most notable was Mike Milligan, whose adult role was played by Bokeem Woodbine And by rodney jones iii as a child.The other two characters are Joe Bulo, played by brad garrett (and Evan Moroney as a child) and Gale Kitchen, sponsored by Brad Mann (Legion).

Season 2

Kristen Dunst as Peggy Bloomquist in Season 2 of Fargo
Image via FX

the second season fargo The story is set in 1979 and takes place in fargo, North Dakota.The main cast of this season include Patrick Wilson (insidious), Kirsten Dunst (depression), Jesse Plemons (game night), Gene Smart (Babylon), Ted Danson (Good place), and Jeffrey Donovan (burn notice).

When crime family patriarch Gerhardt suffers a stroke, he sends his two eldest sons, Dodd (Jeffrey Donovan) and bear (Angus Sampson), taking his place as leader of the organization in a power struggle. Meanwhile, the Kansas City organization sends Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) to invade the Gerhardt family’s territory. Gerhardt’s youngest brother, Ray (Kieran Culkin), shoots and kills three people in a diner, then walks into the street and is hit by Peggy Bloomquist’s (Dunst) car. Panicked, she takes his body home, where she and her husband Ed (Plemons) hide it in the meat freezer.

Minnesota trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) investigates a restaurant shooting with the help of his father-in-law Hank Larson (Ted Danson). What they found led them to suspect Ray Gerhardt, but believed that the Gerhardt family was harboring him. Floyd Gerhardt (Gene Smart) stayed on to run the organization as her sons created chaos and the Kansas City team moved in. Three characters from this season appeared in another season: Molly Solverson (Raven Stewart), Lou’s daughter, and the elder Lou Solverson (by Keith Carradine). The third character is “Mr.” wrench”(Corwin Groot-Andrew), a deaf killer who appears in a childhood flashback.

Season 1

Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in season one of Fargo
Image via FX

This season’s story takes place between 2006 and 2007 in Bemidji, Minnesota.main cast includes Billy Bob Thornton (Goliath), martin freeman (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), Colin Hanks (quotation), and Alison Tolman (why women kill).Nevertheless, this season still has a lot of Famous names and faces as recurring characters and cameos. The season kicks off when sociopathic killer Lorne Malvoy (Billy Bob Thornton) gets into a car accident while driving through the small town of Bemidji. A nearly naked man jumps out of a suitcase and flees through thick snow into nearby woods, where he freezes to death and is captured by (adult) Deputy Molly Solverson Lison Tolman) and her leader Bill Oswalt.Bob Odenkirk). As the two try to track down Malvo, Molly consults with her father (Keith Carradine), who is now retired and runs a diner.

Meanwhile, Lester Nygard (martin freeman) went through his miserable life. His wife belittles him, his boss is rude and dismissive, and he’s bullied on the street by a former high school classmate, Sam Hess (Kevin O’Grady). Malvo observes this and confronts Lester to stand up for himself, and soon Lester is drawn into Malvo’s violent and murderous world. As the body count mounts, Lestat begins to panic and Molly Solverson begins to see him as a suspect.Duluth police officer Gus Grimley (Colin Hanks) interacts with Malvo at a Malvo traffic stop heavily Insinuating that if he doesn’t walk away, he will kill him. Unsure of how to respond to the incident, Gus eventually teams up with Molly to try and end Malvo’s path of destruction.Mr. Wrench made his adult debut this season, played by Russell Harvard (Causeway Bay).

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Season 3

Ewan McGregor as Ray in Season 3 of Fargo
Image via FX

the third season fargo The story takes place between 2010 and 2011 in three different towns in Minnesota: St. Cloud, Eden Valley, and Eden Prairie. This is the first season of the show that did not feature the show of the same name. fargo.The main cast of the third season is Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Kelly Coon (lost lover), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), Goran Bogdan (Father), and david thewlis (human Resources).

Season 3 fargo It revolves around twin brothers Emmett and Raymond “Ray” Stussey (played by Ewan McGregor). Emmett is wealthy and happily married, while Ray is struggling financially as a parole officer. Feeling his father’s estate isn’t being shared equally, Ray hatches a plan to steal a priceless collectible stamp. The thief they hired went to the wrong address (Eden Valley and Eden Prairie), resulting in the death of an old man with the same surname. his stepdaughter Gloria BurgleKelly Coon), the police chief of Eden Valley, begins an investigation into his murder.

Meanwhile, we learn that Ennis Stussy is not as secure financially as he appears after being contacted by VM Varga (David Thewlis), from whom he borrows A lot of money. Varga pressured Ennis into an uncomfortable partnership with him and hatched sinister plans of his own. This was Mr. Wrench’s final appearance in the series, and he last had a brief encounter with Thornton’s Malvo.

Season 5

Jon Hamm's Fargo Season 5
Image via FX

If you haven’t already guessed, the latest season of fargo will be the last to watch in chronological order, as it’s supposed to take place in 2019. Jon Hamm (mad Men) will lead the season as Sheriff Roy Tillman and will join Joe Keery (Stranger Things) plays his son Gator Tillman.Also in the main cast jennifer jason lee (hunter) as a character named Lorraine Lyon, and the appearing character will be her daughter or sister, Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, by Juneau Temple (Ted Russo).

Also joining the cast are Lamorne Morris (new girl), playing a character named Witt Farr, and david foley (young sheldon) as a character named Dane Graves. Richard Muljani (i never) and Lucas Graves (white lotus) will play the characters Indira and Lars Olmstead respectively. The official plot has yet to be revealed, but has been teased as “When is kidnapping not kidnapping, what if your wife isn’t yours?”

A release date for season five hasn’t been announced yet, but in an announcement tweet from FX, Jon Hamm made his debut wearing a cowboy hat, a strong hint that we might be considering a release later this year. Stay tuned for updates on the trailer and official release date!

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