How to prepare for the second season of “Silo”

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the first season of The Silo.

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Season 1 of Top AppleTV+ Sci-Fi Shows the silo Closing with a gripping finale, there are still some storylines that are open-ended and set the stage for a second season, which has already been approved by the streaming service.show creator Graham Yostadaptation of Hugh C. Howey The first season of the trilogy of novels was excellent and provided the perfect avenue for a sequel. The heart-pounding, gripping finale is the stuff of sci-fi, setting up countless storylines and character arcs for the new season.So let’s explore how the ending sets up some wonderful and mysterious pivot points for the stars Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, Common, Ian Glenn, Harriet Walkerand Avi Nash in the show’s second season.

What’s beyond the silo?

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When our indefatigable protagonist, Juliet Nichols (Ferguson), is coerced by power-hungry Mayor Bernard Holland (Robins) and his lieutenant, Rob Sims (Corman), When she resigned as sheriff, she was forced to make a deal to exit the silo and come “clean,” which essentially amounted to a death sentence. None of the people who left the silo got very far. In fact, they all seemed to meet the same fate, which was to walk slowly towards a tree on top of a grassy knoll outside the silo hatch. People before her included Allison Becker and his wife (Rashida Jones) and Sheriff Halston Baker (David Oyelowo), who kicked things off by asking questions about the true nature of the silos in the first two episodes of the season. The ending bookend that the brave couple initiated at the beginning of the series was an appropriate way to go out and set up what would happen to Juliet, who was already farther from the hatch than any of her predecessors. Season two left us with a wide-ranging shot of a brave woman who may be on the cusp of truth in a silo.

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What do other craters mean for Silo season two?

Silo Rebecca Ferguson Apple TV
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When Juliet reaches the top of the mountain, she finds it to be nothing more than a composite image of lush greenery, birds flying in the sky, and a lone tree symbolizing life and death. It somehow represents life, where things are said to grow outside the silo, but also marks the place where Allison and Halston Becker died. So when she got past that point, Holland was taken aback, and he blurted out to his Lieutenant Sims, “She knows.” He rushed back to the silo control room, flipped a switch, and either disabled the delightfully The Electronic Canvas, or It’s Too Late, Juliette breaks through the program wall to glimpse the real world that exists outside the silo.It is very matrix-y like this. What she saw was the surface of a planet, riddled with craters similar to the ones she had just emerged from. This revelation will be another storyline that season two will undoubtedly address.

The city skyline on the distant horizon in “Silo”

Silo - Rebecca Ferguson - Social Feature
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You probably didn’t see it the first time, but if you watch the final scene again, you’ll see not only the craters scattered across the surface, but also the downtown skyline in the distance, hidden behind a hazy layer of dust Wire. Now, that’s expected to be something else the showrunners will explore in season two. Is this a post-apocalyptic city in ruins, or is there a thriving society above ground co-existing with hundreds of silos? The gripping final act sets up so many possibilities that it’s hard to comprehend the seemingly endless possibilities. Whether they’re actually inhabited will be a question, and another storyline worth examining in season two is whether humans are the only species on Earth. Is it the moon in 2500? Again, show creator Yost did leave plenty of interesting twists for the next season.

Key supporting actors still in silos

Harriet Walter in Silo
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Silo’s stellar supporting cast includes stars from some of the biggest hits in recent television history.Juliet’s father, Dr. Pete Nichols, is played by ian glen He made a splash on HBO playing Jorah Mormont game of Thrones 2010-2019.Her mentor and adoptive mother Martha Walker Harriet Walter She just finished her role as the idle mother of Roy’s kids on “Roy” succession. Both must answer to the Justice Department and Mayor Holland for their role in helping Juliet achieve such an achievement. One co-conspirator, systems analyst Lukas Kyle (Avi Nash) has been sentenced to 10 years in a purgatory in an iron ore mining cave, where people are not killed but left to die in the deepest part of a silo. Perhaps a fate worse than death. Both Nichols and Walker may have to answer to Holland and Sims.

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