How Stephen King Helped Save The Ghostbusters – Twice

already five evil Dead Films and three-season series shot over the past forty years, popular with Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and death faction spread from one generation to the next.Campbell starred in the first three movies with Starz Ash vs The Evil Dead TV series before handing over rights to a new cast in 2013 evil Dead reboot and this year’s evil death rises.

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this evil Dead The series is one of the most beloved horror films, with hero Ash on par with other icons like the villainous Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.However, none of this might have happened without the help of another horror icon, the real-life horror icon known as stephen a director Sam Raimi The company needs not one miracle, but two, Kim to save the world. If he wasn’t so willing to help, this team might not even exist.

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The Place of the Ghostbusters Series in Horror History

Ash Williams Arms Shotgun and Chainsaw in 'Evil Dead'
Picture from New Line Cinema

Into the 1980s, due to the upsurge of horror movies, horror movies gradually occupied the cinema. john carpenterof halloween In 1978, there was a craze for burly men in masks chasing teenagers in the woods or elsewhere.michael myers and Friday the 13thJason Voorhees is king.Then, in 1984, they were joined by Freddy Krueger a nightmare on elm street. While horror has so many popular villains, it lacks a hero who became a pop culture hit.of course someone likes Jamie Lee Curtis was a great final girl as laurie strode halloweenbut Michael Myers remains our focus. sigourney weaver Be a badass, like Ellen Ripley alien and alienbut we are still drawn to those aliens.

Then, in 1981, came a new breed of horror movie that felt similar to, but very different from, what was playing in movie theaters. evil dead There may be a group of friends being stalked and killed at a cabin in the woods, but some masked Silent Hulk isn’t the culprit. Instead, a demonic force has awakened.this means evil dead Can go further. They didn’t limit themselves to certain stalk-and-slash movie tropes. They could go crazy and make the evil Death Molecule do anything crazy they could think of. Fighting them was a man named Ash Williams. Ash, played by Bruce Williams, is full of wild charm. Ash is a badass who doesn’t want to be, but he’s still cool with his crazy demeanor and one-liners. In addition to the horror and gore, Ash Williams also becomes the story. Horror films of the eighties featured him as the main character.This popularity will lead to Evil Dead 2 1987 and Dark Legion 1992.

Stephen King’s ‘Devil’ review helped the film gain traction

Dead man in The Evil Dead with blood in his mouth peeking from the floor
Picture from New Line Cinema

this evil Dead The Franchise Could Be Mainstream Now, and Sam Raimi Could Be the Man Behind the Blockbuster spider man and doctor strangeBut forty years ago, no one knew who he was. evil dead Actually his first movie. So did Bruce Campbell. In 1981, he was Remy’s friend. The only credit to Campbell’s name is the short film he made with him. Their first feature film was born out of one of the shorts.

remy is a hard worker evil dead noticed. When he was done, he took it around and distributed it to others.He was lucky enough to meet a man named Owen Shapiro.Shapiro, founder of the beloved Cannes film festival, allowed Remy to screen evil dead There. The night of the screening, the presence of a very famous personality changed forever the fate of Remy and Campbell, and the project they loved.

Stephen King is a household name now, but even 40 years ago almost everyone knew who he was, thanks to stories like Carrie and The Shining, and their critically acclaimed film adaptations.He was in the audience that night evil dead Screened in Cannes. The purpose of any film showing at Cannes is to find potential buyers. Now, that’s not where Kim can help. He’s a writer, not a movie executive. However, he can help through his immense popularity.

As Raimi told IGN in 2015, “At a marketing screening at Cannes where different distributors watched the film, trying to make a judgment call about what they would buy that year, Stephen King was in the audience, We heard, ‘Oh, he’s literally screaming and yelling in the movie.'” Raimi liked Stephen King, so Shapiro asked him to ask him for an offer. Raimi called him, and since King was also represented by Owen Shapiro, he did. But Stephen King doesn’t want to cite. “He said, ‘I’m not going to do that, but I’m going to write a review. If you want to quote something from the review, you can.'” Kim wrote a review, which was then published on twilight magazine. “He was very generous and we were able to use the very aggressive offer he gave us. The film would have failed without him, but with Stephen King’s endorsement we were able to achieve our first sale.”

Stephen King Steps In To Secure The Production Of Ghostbusters 2

Bruce Campbell as Evil Ash in Ghostbusters 2 (1987)
Image via Renaissance Pictures

evil dead While not a blockbuster, it did well enough and found more fans on home video. A few years later, Raimi and Campbell were ready to make a sequel. Evil Dead 2 Pretty much follows the same plot as the first film. It’s sort of a reboot, with Ash and his friends in the woods, and the Death faction attacking after someone accidentally summoned them with the Necronomicon. The first film was a hit, but the second could have been better with enhanced effects and production values, and a far more comical plot.

Sam Raimi made a fantastic follow-up, but before all this, there are still the same problems as before.who wants to buy Evil Dead 2? How are they releasing it to the public? They found their horror hero again in Stephen King.

In 1986, King decided to become a film director himself, making his only film, maximum overload.On the set of the film, he makes a fateful interaction that saves evil dead the second time. In an interview with Consequence, Bruce Campbell said of Stephen King: “He was responsible for two of those events. evil dead A movie, not just a movie. “A crew member Evil Dead 2 Must be fired so she goes to work in North Carolina maximum overloadproduced by Hollywood heavyweights Dino De Laurentiis. It was there that she had a conversation with Kim. “Stephen said, ‘What are you doing?’ And she said, ‘I’ve just been working with these people trying to raise money for them “Evil Dead 2”. he goes, ‘Evil Dead 2? Can’t they get the money? She said “no”. He called Dino De Laurentiis and said, “You should do this movie.” I think we had a deal…we met with Dino and I think we had a deal in about half an hour, And have a basic understanding. “

Stephen King is a horror icon not only in his novels, but also in the movies based on his work.To this day, he remains as popular as ever thanks to it and sleep doctor. He’s not only responsible for creating horror masterpieces, he’s also responsible for rescuing some of them.

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