‘Horizon: An American Legend’: Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know About Kevin Costner’s Next Western

Throughout film history, genres have had their ups and downs in popularity, and perhaps no genre has fluctuated more dramatically than the Western. The Western genre has produced some of the most famous films of all time, however, as the 21st century began, aspirations for its style gradually faded from the public consciousness. Still, the 21st century has produced some amazing Westerns, and it all seems to culminate in this undeniably popular Western. yellowstone park, the show has come to be considered one of the greatest television shows of the Western genre.There are many factors that contributed to this victory yellowstone parkespecially its talented and experienced cast, which includes Western legends Kevin Costner (dances with wolves).However, after starring taylor sheridanAfter five years in the making of the series, Kevin Costner announced he was stepping down from the show, leading to the show’s eventual end in the fifth season finale.

While there’s no official reason for the show’s end, many see Costner’s departure as at least the catalyst, and his exit was soon announced for his next project. Since the film was first commissioned in 1988, horizon It was a project Costner was passionate about, and despite his best efforts, never got off the ground.If not for the success and his subsequent departure yellowstone parkCostner’s dream may no longer be possible.So, with many yellowstone park With fans’ attention turned to the next Western blockbuster and with confirmation that three sequels are also on the way, here’s everything we know Horizon: American Legends so far.

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When is the release date for Horizon: American Legends?

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Unfortunately, Kevin Costner’s upcoming film doesn’t have an official release date yet. However, the man himself did say in May 2023 that he wanted a fall 2023 release date. This has not been confirmed, but it is possible that the film will premiere at the prestigious Venice Film Festival.For those of you who have followed the film since its release in 1988, the wait for this movie has been longer than most projects, and even after Costner’s 2003 film Disney began to touch open range Ended in rejection.So, with that in mind, it finally doesn’t take long to wait horizon Come to yourself.

Where can I watch Horizon: American Legends?

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As a product of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, Horizon: American Legends will be released exclusively in theaters.Once the film’s theatrical window wraps up, it will finally be available on Warner Bros.’ streaming service Max, which also hosts a host of other recent releases from the studio, including evil death rises and Shazam!wrath of the gods.

Is there a trailer for Horizon: American Legends?

As the film is still in post-production, there is no trailer yet Horizon: American Legends. However, with Costner’s projected release date of fall 2023, fans are sure to expect some sort of promotional material soon.Most importantly, we do know that filming for the sequel has begun horizonCostner said in June 2022 that he plans to make four films. horizon Movies back to back.With production on the second chapter of this new series set to begin in spring 2023, it’s further indication that the trailer Horizon: American Legends Definitely going to land soon. Stay tuned to Collider for any updates on the film and its sequel.

Who will star in Horizon: American Legends?

Sam Worthington, Blood Transfusion (2023)
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For a project with such a massive franchise planned, it’s understandable the need to assemble a talented cast.starring alongside kevin costner Jena Malone (touch), sienna miller (american sniper), Sam Worthington (Avatar), abby lee (Mad Max: Fury Road), Giovanni Ribisi (Ted), will barton (doomsday), Katherine Quinlan (Apollo 13), luke wilson (vacancy), Isabelle Foreman (orphan), Thomas Haden Church (sideways), Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things), Alejandro Edda (Narcos: Mexico), Danjia means (Killer of the Flower Moon), michael rooker (guardians of the galaxy), Ella Hunt (Dickinson), Jeff Fay (Wyatt Earp), tom payne (walking dead), Chief Gas, Tim Genney (walking dead), Michael Angarano (high altitude), Colin Cunningham (falling sky), Scott Haze (old henry), Angus Macfadyen (brave heart), douglas smith (big and small lies), jon beavers (animal kingdom), irving crow shoes (Joe Pickett), danny houston (yellowstone park), larry bagby (trick), Dale Dickey (winter’s bone), Hayes Costner, James Landry Herbert (1883), dalton baker (yellowstone park), Georgia McPhail (terrorist 2), naomi winders (Studio C), and austin archer (night shift attendant).

So not only are fans confirming that the first movie will pack some star-studded firepower, but that the sequel will too.

What is Horizon: American Legends about?

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Spanning a 15-year period, including the American West before and after the Civil War, horizon Aiming to gain a deeper understanding of that fascinating period of history, the friction between those trying to find solace in the expanding settlement is a key part of the film. While there’s no official synopsis for the movie yet, Kevin Costner did have this to say:

“America’s westward expansion is fraught with danger and intrigue, from the elements of nature to its interactions with the indigenous peoples who inhabited the land, and the determination and, often times, ruthlessness of those who seek to resolve it.” Horizon, with its honesty tells the story of this journey in a candid, candid manner, emphasizing the perspective and consequences of the characters’ life and death decisions.”

Although we can’t be sure what will happen Horizon: American Legendswe can expect an epic feel to the narrative, whose work Costner himself likened to dances with wolves.

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Who’s Behind the Horizon: American Legends?

Kevin Costner

As his passion project, Kevin Costner is not only the star and lead creator of the film, but also the director, producer and writer Jon Baird (National Park).There’s also a cinematographer on the set J. Michael Murrow (collision), product designer Derek R. Hill (three kings),edit Miklos Wright (luke cage) and costume designers Lisa Lovas (Transformers), and all four of them have been confirmed to be working on sequels as well.

Where was Horizon: American Legend filmed?

Wyatt Earp takes aim with his gun, looking intently off camera.
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In the Western genre, location is critical to a film’s success, and the expansive Western landscape is critical to immersing the audience in the world.So with that in mind, fans will be happy to learn Horizon: American Legends Shot primarily in beautiful southern Utah, specifically in the Moab and St. George areas.

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