Here’s Why Matt Preston Suddenly Quit ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Being on a reality TV show is not easy at first, and some people leave for different reasons. dancing with the starsWhile it often highlights the glitz and glamor of ballroom dancing, it’s one of those shows where some contestants leave for legitimate health reasons. The competition show invites celebrities to train with professional dancers and compete in front of a panel of experts.However, as has been the case in previous seasons, it seems that each Distributed WTS The season came with yet another injury. Tamar Braxton, Nancy Odell, romeoand Billy Dee Williams These are just a few of the celebrities who have left the show for a few reasons.More recently, the food critic and television personality Matt Preston Announced his withdrawal from the dance competition series, citing injury as the main reason.

preston, known as the judge Australian Master ChefHe previously announced he was quitting the show after ranking last with his dance partner Jessica Rafa Performed “Let’s Stick Together” by the British singer Brian Ferry.Although they are about to Gavin Wanganen and Megan RugerThe 61-year-old star ultimately decided to sit out following an injury that reportedly affected his first day of training. “I love it all, but my ankles are ripe,” Preston said on the show, adding: “I can’t dance anymore tonight. So all I want to do is throw in the towel and give the victory to Gaga. Wen and Meghan did a great job today.”

DWTS long-term host Darryl Summers The judge’s comments were asked in light of Preston’s circumstances. But given that Preston has previously revealed in an interview with TV Weekly that he has suffered a hamstring injury in his ankle, it would be best for him to leave the show and put his health first, even if it means leaving game, he thought “something was completely new” and stepped out of his comfort zone.

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Matt Preston has a close relationship with ‘DWTS’ co-star Jessica Raffa

Matt Preston and Jessica Rafa of 'DWTS Australia'
Image via “DWTS Australia”

Despite his fairly short time on DWTS, Preston revealed that filming the show allowed him to properly mourn his mother who passed away from bone cancer. On the other hand, his dance partner, whose husband has blood cancer, helps him deal with his grief. “We have the same story. For the past seven months, Jessie has been caring for her husband who has blood cancer, one of the diseases that took my mom’s life a few months ago,” he told me. 7life.

also, Australian Master Chef His best friend – the person who started him eating in the first place – also died of blood cancer, the judge revealed.

“So it’s a weird thing when I’m suddenly dancing with someone who understands what I’m going through and I understand what she’s going through,” he also told 7life, adding: “I think when we’re going through bereavement Pain. We do the funeral, we do the planning. (We think about) what you’re going to do with their collection of china and all the handling material you have to do. When you’re so focused on it, it tends to suppress the sadness and the grief. “

While Preston is officially out of the game, you can recap the star’s stellar performance with his co-stars below.

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